7 free nights in AC, Emirates First w/o fuel surcharges, the best food in town and more


My favorite price is free. If we have that in common, you’ll want to read on to find out about free nights in Atlantic City, a great free tip on finding the best restaurants, how to get money back on your purchases (hey, they won’t be free, but closer counts), and how to book Emirates First Class nearly fee-free. Read on for this Frequent Miler week in review around the web.

M Life Gold Status Gets You At Least 7 Free Nights in Atlantic City This Summer

It’s a safe bet that many readers of this blog have M Life Gold or better status as a result of matching shenanigans. If you do, and you’d like to lay some riskier wagers, you could score yourself a bunch of free nights in Atlantic City this year (and 4 more in the Bahamas along with some other nice benefits along the way). Angelina Travels has the details.

The [New] Best Use of Wyndham Rewards Points

If free nights are your thing, you’ll also want to check out this new post from Drew at Travel is Free. He covers the best uses of your Wyndham Rewards points: from the swankiest proprties to the multi-room suites you can book with 15,000 points per night.

JAL Adds The Ability To Book Emirates Awards Online; Flying Shower Class Without Fuel Surcharges

Emirates A380 First Class

I took a lot of heat for saying that the Barclays Arrival Premier was kind of interesting thanks to the fact that you can accumulate more Japan Airlines cards with less spend compared to the only other JAL-earning option, the SPG cards. Unfortunately, JAL has announced a devaluation. The good news is that they have now added the ability to book Emirates awards online — and Dan’s Deals shows you how to avoid those pesky surcharges if you’re interested in flying in A380 first class. If you’re earning JAL miles, this is a good way to burn them before the deval.

How the Earny App Saved Me $162 Last Week

I’m not really a fan of giving access to all of my email to a random app. That said, if you have a dedicated shopping email address or two, it might make…cents. TJ at The Art of Travel hacking has the details on how one such app saved him a nice chunk of change with no effort on his end — easy money indeed.

Anthony Bourdain’s Genius Trick for Finding the Best Food in Town

I’m not much of a TV watcher. As such, I’ve never seen a full episode of one of Anthony Bourdain’s shows. Still, I join in the saddness over his passing and in the hope that those who need help can get it. In memory of a man who earned the love of those who love travel, enjoy the best meal in town with a tip that’s brilliant in its simplicity via Johnny Jet. And while you’re there, put down your phone and connect with someone you love.

That’s it for this week around the web. Check back soon for this week’s last chance deals.

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IDK how I feel about that Earny review. With a purchase that large (and infrequent) it would be pretty easy to set reminders to check back a month or two. Relying on the app should then be seen as having cost this guy $41.


Drew’s got a new post?! That is news