Wyndham Rewards Visa issued by Barclays

Card Details and Application Link
Wyndham Rewards Visa issued by Barclays

FM Mini Review: This card is great for its signup bonus (when the 45K bonus is available). For some, the card is worth keeping for its 6,000 bonus points per year + status w/ Wyndham & Caesar's.

Card Type: Visa Signature or Platinum


Earning rate: ⚬ 5X Wyndham ⚬ 2X gas, utility, & grocery ⚬ 1X everywhere else

Noteworthy perks: 6,000 bonus points every account anniversary ⚬ Platinum status (matches to Caesar's Total Rewards Platinum)

Application Tips

Barclays Application Tips

  • Get Same Card Again: Must wait at least 6 months after cancelling previous card (with some accounts Barclays requires waiting 24 months).

  • Hard inquiries are combined into 1 when approved same day. Most inquiries issued through TransUnion.

Consumer: Click here to check your application status
Business cards: Click here
If denied, call reconsideration here: 866-710-2688

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The 45k offer is back, per DoC: https://www.doctorofcredit.com/ymmv-barclays-wyndham-45000-point-offer/

Just wondering where you’d rank this new offer.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Thanks but unfortunately the link DoC posted is now dead.


Needs some clarity. The Wyndham Rewards Visa card 30k offer on your site states: “Noteworthy perks: ⚬ 6,000 bonus points every account anniversary + 3,000 points for Platinum elites”. It also states: “Perks Automatic Wyndham Platinum Status: Annual 3,000 point bonus”.

I have the Wyndham rewards 30k Visa card that gives me automatic Platinum status. I just had my 1 year anniversary and received 6,000 Wyndham rewards points. When I called Wyndham rewards CS they stated I only get 6k and not 3k for Platnium status and they have never heard of 3k for platinum status. In reviewing the terms and conditions I see no mention of the 3k annual bonus points for Platinum status can you clarify if I am missing something?


…. the post also states in the Keep or Cancel section at the bottom “I think this card is a keeper. By keeping this card, you get 9,000 bonus points per year (6,000 from the credit card and 3,000 from Platinum status).” To my knowledge you do not receive 3,000 points for platinum status according to Wyndhan rewards CS dept.

Greg The Frequent Miler

I’m really sorry about that. Wyndham used to offer 3,000 bonus points each year to Platinum elites, but they dropped that benefit last year and we didn’t think to update the information on this card. We wrote about the changes here: https://frequentmiler.com/the-new-wyndham-rewards-everything-we-know-so-far-and-what-you-need-to-do/

Specifically, in that post, Stephen wrote: “on April 3… the awarding of annual bonus points will be eliminated…”

I know it doesn’t help you now, but we will update this page ASAP. Again, we’re very sorry for the misinformation.


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Looks like this offer is gone/expired?


I see it now, thanks! Even tried to read the full T&C before, but missed it.

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