AARP: 5 years of membership for $25 (or free with referral)


AARP is currently offering a 5-year membership for $45 (anyone can join, you don’t need to be elderly like me). At the same time, the shopping portal Rakuten is offering an increased return for AARP memberships right now of $20, so you can pay a net $25 by clicking through that before buying.

Rakuten also has a referral promotion going on, where both sides get $30 (or 3,000 Membership Rewards) after the referee signs up and spends $30 through the portal. That bonus would automatically be triggered by this purchase, so it turns the deal into a net $5 profit.

Update: Reader Alex shares that there is also an AARP Chase Offer that gives $8 back on a membership purchase of $15 or more. His expires on 8/29, so check your cards as that would make this deal even better.

The Deal

If you’re not a Rakuten Member and would like to use one of our referral links, you’ll find them below (each side will get $30 after you buy your AARP membership or make $30 in purchases within 90 days):

Greg’s Referral Link

Nick’s Referral Link

Tim’s Referral Link

Stephen’s Referral Link

Key Terms

  • Membership may set to auto-renew, but you can change this in account settings

Quick Thoughts

I’ve been a card-carrying AARP member for years, primarily because of the various travel benefits it provides, as well as the opportunity to buy discounted gift cards through AARP Rewards. Anyone can join AARP — you don’t need to actually be retired. I got my membership in some sort of similar deal and, while I don’t use the benefits often, they do come in handy from time to time.

Probably the most popular perk among frequent flyers is a discount on paid premium cabin flights on British Airways. There are also hotel discounts with Wyndham and Choice and restaurant discounts that include places like Denny’s, Outback Steakhouse, and Carrabba’s.

Rakuten is offering $20 back / 2,000 Membership Rewards points on purchases of 5-year AARP memberships, which would cut your net cost to $25 total or $5/year. For me, that’s a no-brainer, even without using the referral promotion.

(h/t: Monkey Miles)

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Thanks for the details, I did sign up


Can you send me your AARP referral link ?


I’ve got a Capital One Offer for $23 statement credit for AARP purchases.


When I click on that, it is for $12/year with autorenewal.


The 5 year membership through the Rakuten link is $63, not $45.


I cleared my Firefox cache for Rakuten and AARP and the offer is now $45.


Even though I added the offer in Rakuten, it didn’t register. AARP says they don’t give a receipt or an order number, so it’s going to be interesting to see how that works. If anyone got the rakuten to work let me know how!


do we know when this offer end?


Also, potential money maker if using a chase card with chase offer to spend $15 on AARP membership and get $8 back.


Shows used by Aug 29. Might be targeted offer then.


I concur. $8 back on my OG Freedom, and 2,000 MR made this an absolute no brainer. Took advantage within 5 minutes of reading the article. H/T to Tim & Alex.