(EXPIRED) Air Canada Aeroplan Promo: Earn 2k-4k Bonus Points On Flights To/From Canada

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Air Canada Aeroplan has opened registration for a new promotion that’s giving 2,000-4,000 bonus points for every two one-way flights or one round trip flight between the US and Canada.

Air Canada Aeroplan promotion earn 4,000 bonus points

The Deal

  • Earn bonus Aeroplan points when taking two one-way flights or one round trip between the US & Canada on Air Canada:
    • 2,000 bonus points – economy
    • 4,000 bonus points – premium economy & business class
  • Direct link to registration.

Key Terms

  • “Eligible Fare” means those fares that are exclusively eligible for this Offer, being: Economy Standard, Economy Flex, comfort, Latitude, Premium Rouge (lowest), Premium Rouge (flexible), Premium Economy (lowest), Premium Economy (flexible), Business Class (lowest), and Business Class (flexible).
  • “Eligible Scheduled Flight” means valid on a one round-trip flight or two one‑way trip flights on an Eligible Fare, operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge and under the Air Canada Express banner, departing from the USA and traveling to an Eligible Destination.
  • “Eligible Destination” means any destination Air Canada flies to in Canada.
  • “Offer” means this Earn up to 4,000 Bonus Aeroplan points promotional offer.
  • “Offer Period” means April 18, 2023, starting at 00:01 NST through to May 2, 2023, inclusively, ending at 23:59 PST.
  • “Travel Period” means April 18, 2023, starting at 00:01 NST through to December 16 2023, inclusively, ending at 23:59 PST.
  • Should an Aeroplan Member wish to participate in the Offer, the Aeroplan Member must register for the Offer during the Offer Period by clicking on the “Register now” tab in the Offer e-mail received by the Aeroplan Member.
  • Economy Offer: Earn 2,000 bonus Aeroplan points for the purchase of the following Eligible Fare on an Eligible Scheduled Flight: Economy Standard, Economy Flex, comfort, Economy Latitude.
  • Premium Economy and Business Class Offer: Earn 4,000 bonus Aeroplan points for the purchase of the following Eligible Fares on an Eligible Scheduled Flight: Premium Economy Lowest, Premium Economy Flexible, Premium Rouge lowest, Premium Rouge Flexible, Business Class Lowest and Business Class Flexible.
  • To participate in this offer, a minimum of one round-trip or two one-way trips are required. For clarity, a one-way trip consists of one origin and one destination (one bound) between an airport in the USA and an airport in Canada. For example, an Eligible Scheduled Flight booked in Economy Flex from Boston (BOS) to Quebec City (YQB) that has a stopover in Toronto (YYZ), is considered as a one-way trip. Two one-way trips in Economy Flex will be awarded 2,000 bonus Aeroplan points. A round-trip booking in Economy Flex, in turn, consists of two bounds: One from the USA to a destination in Canada, and a second one from Canada back to the USA. One round-trip will be awarded 2,000 bonus Aeroplan points.
  • The departure of the first outbound trip must commence in the USA to be eligible for this Offer.
  • For two one‑way trips to be eligible, at least the first of the bounds must depart from the USA, although both one-way trips may originate in the USA. For example, the first eligible one-way trip can be from Boston (BOS) to Quebec City (YQB) via Toronto (YYZ), and the second eligible one-way trip can be from New York LaGuardia (LGA) to Vancouver (YVR) via Toronto (YYZ).
  • For flight segments not wholly travelled within the same fare option, members will earn a combination of the purchased fare option offers.
  • Flight redemption bookings and bookings made with a combination of points and cash are not eligible for this Offer.
  • Eligible Scheduled Flights must be the subject of a new booking, created for the first time during the Offer Period, with a new booking reference number. Any booking made prior to the start of the Offer Period that is subsequently changed to include travel dates within the Travel Period will not be considered a new booking that is eligible for the Offer.
  • Eligible Fares must be purchased during the Offer Period on Eligible Scheduled Flights for travel during the Travel Period.
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion, including for certainty, points earned in conjunction with the Aeroplan Elite Status bonus, which are expressly excluded from this Offer.
  • Bonus Aeroplan points awarded through this promotion will count towards Everyday Status Qualification.
  • Bonus Aeroplan points awarded are not Status Qualifying Miles (SQM).
  • Bonus Aeroplan points will be credited up to six weeks after the qualifying flights have been flown.

Quick Thoughts

While this promotion isn’t going to be worth mileage running for, it’s a decent bonus if you’re planning on flying Air Canada between the US and Canada anyway.

Be sure to read through the terms of the offer as there are some key things to note, particularly that the departure of the first outbound trip must commence in the US to be eligible for this offer. Seeing as two one-way flights are eligible, both those flights can be from the US to Canada, but two one-way flights from Canada to the US wouldn’t be eligible due to that requirement that the first flight departs the US.

Note that despite this promotion being valid on all flights through December 16, 2023, you have to make those reservations by May 2, 2023. Those flights also have to be booked after registering for this promotion – previously booked flights aren’t eligible.

Something I should also point out is that at the time of publishing this post, the landing page for the promotion is displaying conflicting information about the promo. The bulk of the landing page is displaying the correct information, but the dropdown section at the bottom of the page with the terms and conditions is showing some incorrect details. Most of it is fine, but the “Eligible Scheduled Flight” and “Eligible Destination” sections are wrong. They’re still showing the wording from the previous promotion where you earned bonus points when flying from the US to non-Canada destinations via Canada on Air Canada metal. I imagine that will get fixed, but wanted to highlight it now in case you’re as confused as I was when initially comparing those terms against those in the registration email that Aeroplan had sent.

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Adventure NML

I can’t get the terms to load at all, but I assume award flights are excluded / these have to be paid fares?

Adventure NML

Thanks Stephen!


I’ve tried registering for this promotion several times and the page just reloads with no confirmation indicated. Is this happening to anyone else? The last Air Canada promotion I tried to sign up for was bugging out too so I’m paranoid