Albertsons / Safeway memo: no more Blackhawk cards for money services over $100


A long time friend of Frequent Miler shared a memo that went out to Albertsons store managers, bookkeepers, and those who operate their money services machines indicating that certain types of transactions at the customer service desk will be declined when made for $100 or more in a transaction. This looks like bad news for those who engage in MS at stores under the Albertsons Companies.

a paper with text on it

As you can see in the memo above, it sounds like Blackhawk Network cards will auto-decline for debit transactions of more than $100 made at the customer service desk. This change is being made specifically to prevent those cards from being used for money order or transfer services. Unfortunately, it sounds like the terminals themselves will be set to auto-decline debit transactions and only allow credit transactions for amounts greater than $100 (and it says that the system is already set up to decline credit purchases for money services transactions). It unfortunately looks like this will apply to both Visa and Mastercard gift cards that run on Blackhawk Network (like those sold at office supply stores and via Simon Malls).

The memo looks like it was dated earlier this month, though the changes are clearly written in future language. It isn’t clear when they will take place or if they already have. I expect this will apply to all of the various store brands (Safeway/Albertsons/Vons/ACME/etc) pictured at the bottom of the page. Furthermore, as it has become clear over recent months that Blackhawk is the one initiating this change, the days may be numbered at other chains still accepting these cards.

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Looks like this hit Las Vegas today. Bummed.


Apparently this has been implemented now. Transactions of this type are getting declined now.

[…] week or so ago Safeway sent out a memo (see the full memo on FM here) stating that Blackhawk cards will no longer be accepted for money center transactions of $100+. […]

[…] Albertsons / Safeway memo: No more Blackhawk cards for money services over $100 […]

Richard Mello

Consider carefully before using Kiva to liquidate, as I have in the past. Lots of turmoil in the third world where they loan 🙁

[…] The hits keep coming from all directions, sad! And there goes Albertsons and Safeways… […]


My local Shaw’s stores have been cash-only for MOs for a while now.

Frequently Smiling

The *as*a*ds! 🙂


BAU getting a couple $399 MO’s at Albertson’s with Staples $200 MCGC this morning


Thoughts and prayers…


So this will impact making MO with meta cards sold at Safeway/Albertsons/Staples at Safeway/Albertsons, correct? We can still do a MO at Safeway with a Walmart visa and fry’s US bank visa. Then it should not have much impact except end of liquidation method for staples $200 vgc. Even now, no one would be buying $500 metas like before and BHN numbers will show a sharp decline


the WM cancer is spreading


Doesn’t matter, their MO capped at $500, rather go WM.


Each individual MO is max $500, but at Albertsons and Safeway I ask for MO for $998.62 and with 2 fees, comes to $1k. 1 swipe gives me a 500 and 498.62 MO. At least until the new changes start.


Many Albertsons in SoCal have a cap of $1000, not that it matters much when this change takes place, same with WM.


I can still do WM at east coast. Safeway can get as many $500 as I want but fee is the thing.

That’s why people moving out of CA more than NY.

Last edited 2 years ago by Creditian

What flavor prepaid cards are still working for you at WM???


Green Dot sold by WM…………



Dick Bupkiss

End of an era.