How to get the $15 off $60+ Amex Offer on any Amex Account


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amazon amex offer direct link

Earlier this week I covered a new Amex Offer giving a $15 credit with a $60+ purchase at That offer showed up on all of my accounts on the American Express website, but not everyone was able to add it to theirs. Now fortunately there is a direct link to add the offer.

Amazon Amex Offer Direct Link

Multiple Accounts?

Update: JEM in the comments has said the link automatically adds the offer to all of the accounts under that login. I haven’t been able to personally test this, but it should work.

You may still have to open multiple tabs to add the offer to multiple accounts linked to the same login as is described in the Complete Guide to Amex Offers. Unofrtunately this link only works for American Express issued cards and won’t work to add this offer to third party or Bluebird/Serve cards.

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[…] interesting twist is being reported in the comments on Frequentmiler that this link actually adds the offer to all your cards in the login and saves you the time from […]


Great tip, Shawn! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the quick reply Shawn. Good to know that merchant gift cards are covered.

Mark Larsen

In the terms it states “Also excludes Corporate gift Cards”. Would that exclude purchasing a Lowe’s gift card on Amazon? Basically my question is “What is a Corporate gift card”?


So, I noticed I had done the multi-tab ‘trick’ to get the $10 off a small biz on all my personal cards….I went back to verify before I headed out to collect my 10 buckeroos…well, only ONE of my 3 cards now had it…granted it was a week later…but disconcerting none-the-less.

I went and checked my offers to see if I could add it again and it was neither on offer or saved in my list….

That sucks!!


It works, thanks.

I create a new online account for the card without this offer, then i can add it.

Kent C

That’s a bit smarter than having to remove all the other cards first as everyone else is suggesting. Thanks.


if you already added it to one account and it says you are not eligible since already added to another account. simply remove that credit card account service and card management. use that direct link again and it will populate for each card.


Works for me. Thanks for the tip!


Sweet! Thanks for the tip. I already had redeemed it on my Delta amex, so it was giving me an error when I tried adding the offer on my Costco card. I simply removed my Delta amex from online card management, re-clicked on the link above and viola! It worked. Thanks!


This is awesome! I was scared of losing all my existing offers but they all pop right back up! It also worked to get a lot of other offers (airbnb, newegg) that weren’t available on my other cards for the same reason.


Eric B

Does not work to add to my card, I can get the offer (as I can any direct link to any other offer), but it just errors when attempting to add. Standard AmEx card.

Eric B

… i even got a confirmation email, after receiving the error.. but it doesn’t show up in the “Loaded Offers” tab. Assuming I probably didn’t really get it.


Does anyone know have a direct link to the ShopRite offer?


Thanks. I was able to add it to my Costco Amex which never gets any of these offers anymore. Do all offers have a “Direct Link”? It would have been nice for the Staples offer I missed.


I tried the link and it took me to Slickdeals. Clicked around quite a bit and all of the references to the Amazon deal seem to link to the $5 off $25 Toys R Us deal instead.


Worked! Thanks man!


Using the link and signing in automatically added the offer to all the cards in my account. No browser trick required.


I tried this earlier today (unregistered my Costco personal and biz cards and created a separate login for them). After I clicked on the link it appeared to have added the offer to both of my Costco cards. However, when I logged back in later tonight I noticed the offer had disappeared from both cards. I clicked on the link again and this time it would only let me add the offer to the first card, so after adding the offer I unregistered the first card so I could add it to the other card. Then I unregistered that card so I could add both of them back to my original login. Note: AMEX won’t let you have cards registered to more than one login. Wow, what a PITA, but it seems to have worked.


Told me I had already enrolled on another card and wasn’t eligible.