earn 4 Hilton points per dollar!


NOTE: Since this post was originally written, US Airways no longer offers miles for shopping at Amazon.  Also, Hawaiian airline miles have droppe to 1 mile per dollar.

Others have previously posted this, but I think this is worth a reminder.  Both US Airways and Hawaiian Airlines have shopping portals that award miles for purchases that are initiated through their portal.  US Airways gives 1 mile per dollar spent at Amazon, whereas Hawaiian Airlines offers 2 miles per dollar.  These bonuses are over and above any miles earned from using a reward credit card for the purchases.

The Hawaiian Airlines deal has a few benefits worth noting beyond the double miles:

  1. Hawaiian Airlines miles can be used for booking award flights on other airlines: Delta, Continental, Virgin Atlantic, and Korean Air
  2. Hawaiian Airlines miles can be transferred from person to person for free if you have a Hawaiian Airlines credit card.  This can be a huge benefit if you have multiple family members or friends with small account balances.  Combine them together for an award flight!
  3. Hawaiian Airlines miles can be transferred to Hilton points: two Hilton points per mile! So, since you get two miles per dollar from shopping at, you will essentially get 4 Hilton points per dollar if you choose to use your miles this way.

So, before shopping at Amazon, remember to go through one of these portals to earn extra points!

Hawaiian Airlines portal link:

US Airways link:

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