[Expired] American Express Premier Rewards Gold: 50k Signup Bonus W/ No Lifetime Language (Targeted)

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Some American Express cardholders are reporting targeted offers on their accounts for the Premier Rewards Gold credit card. The best part about it is that there’s no lifetime language, meaning you can get the bonus again even if you’ve had the card before.


There are apparently two different types of offer:

  1. Earn 50,000 Membership Rewards when you spend $2,000 in the first three months.
  2. Earn 25,000 Membership Rewards when you spend $1,000 in the first three months.

To see if you’re targeted for one of these offers, log in to your American Express account and scroll down until you reach the ‘Amex Offers & Benefits’ section. If you’ve been targeted, the offer will appear in there.

Premier Rewards Gold American Express Upgrade

A 50,000 Membership Rewards signup bonus for the Premier Rewards Gold is as high as it gets. (Edit: There has been a 75,000 signup bonus in the past – see Scott’s comment below). If you’re targeted for this offer and have had the card before then it’s worth seriously considering. Unfortunately both my wife and I already have the Premier Rewards Gold credit card, so neither of us were targeted.

If you do see the offer on your account, be sure to double check the wording first to make sure there’s nothing in there about only being able to earn the bonus once per lifetime.

h/t Milenomics

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What if AmEx says you don’t qualify for the bonus because you had the card before? I’ve read scattered reports of that happening in other “No Lifetime Language” offers in the past.

[…] card offers are given out though it so you always want to check those out. I’ve seen the Premier Rewards Gold Card in Amex Offers before but not sure if Platinum Card offers have been offered but it’s not a bad idea to check it […]

[…] American Express Premier Rewards Gold: 50k Signup Bonus W/ No Lifetime Language (Targeted) […]


I am an authorized user on my husband’s card, so I have my own a/c number. I don’t see the offer on my a/c page. Anything I can do to “make it happen”?


Ugh, I am working on $5k for 50k on the biz version. Which I would have gotten this instead. Why are biz min spends so much higher?


2 weeks BEFORE 3 months per pay ur TAXES 2% fee on ??? no big deal even on $5K ($100) for all the points..



I didn’t have this card before, should I apply or wait for better offer? I am targeted.


Maybe ONCE a Lifetime wait Life is Long offers going Down..



I noticed this today in my offers and searched the T&C for the lifetime language. Not finding it, I downloaded the T&C, applied and was immediately approved. Your post makes me breath a little easier!


I got this offer via email last month (50K MRs after $2K spend, AF waived the first year) and jumped on it. I have had this card in the past. I met the minimum spend quickly and my bonus posted when the statement closed.


Great for you 4 months ago I got this card from this websites link ($$) . I have had like 50 cards since 2011 So I Called and told them my story they said Yes u never had this card before u will get the points . Well I called 2 months AFTER my min posted no points u had the card before , The Sup stated WE DON”T CARE WHAT WE SAID ON THE CALL NO POINTS SORRY ..
First time I ever got Burned SOooo Great For U !!!!!



50k “Is as high as it gets”

That’s a false statement. It’s been up to 75k on several occasions.


I can see posts on flyertalk from 2012 and 2013 that reference a targeted 75,000 point signup bonus on the personal card. I myself was fortunate to pick it up back in 2013 by calling and getting the rep to “see if they could do anything”….which led to the 75k offer. If you look at DoC spreadsheet and hover over the black corner of the 65,000 bonus, he also references a limited availability 75k bonus that is also targeted after $1000 spend.

Not trying to be a pain…I just know the bonus has been higher. It irks me when people settle for what they are told is the best offer out there, instead of the best offer “right now.”



But the 75k was FIVE years ago. If there hasn’t been a 75k within the past few years, then it’s safe to say that 50k is the best offer you will get.