(EXPIRED) Get 15% Off eBay Sitewide – Today Only

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eBay’s back with another coupon offering 15% off sitewide for purchases this afternoon and evening.

eBay 15% off

The Deal

  • Use promo code PREPSPRING to get 15% off sitewide.

Key Terms

  • Pay for your item by 8:00pm Pacific Time on March 27, 2018.
  • Minimum $25 purchase.
  • Maximum $50 discount.
  • Discount applies to the purchase price (excluding shipping, handling, and taxes) of an eligible item(s) of $25 or more on eBay.com, eBay.ca, and cafr.eBay.ca and will be capped at a maximum value of $50.
  • Eligible items exclude items from the Coins & Paper Money, Gift Cards & Coupons, and Real Estate categories.

Quick Thoughts

It’s coming to the end of Q1 which is presumably why we’ve seen a few of these discount codes recently.

With a maximum discount of $50, you’ll be able to save on up to $333.33 worth of products today.

h/t Miles To Memories

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might be a deal for those who still use e-bay….for me? screw e-bay, haven’t used them in many years. I won’t have anything to do with PayPal or any company that panders to them…it’s another Ticketmaster.


Better idea.

Go to Kroger, buy an eBay gift card, get 4x fuel points. Buy an iPad mini, 128gb or something else with low fees and easy to ship.

Resell the mini (should break even or make $18 if you have an eBay store) profit with fuel points ($35 in gas) plus whatever you get for buying the gift card and however you value that.

H/t me


Liquidate eBay gift cards, get portal cash, get ebay bucks, and still make money: Sell a food item with no sales taxes for $333.33 to your wife. Mark as shipped. Rinse and repeat: have your wife sell it back to you!


That would most definitely get you shut down and a loss of Fees on a “food item” 12% ?? Plus 2% portal cash, nets you a loss of $33 minus any eBay bucks and an imminent eBay shut down…


It is no loss. Pay $283.33 for a $333.33 item with free shipping. We were paid $323.36 for each transaction after Paypal fees. We will owe eBay $33.33 in fees for each transaction. That is a net return of $290.03, an increase of $6.70. We will get $3.33 eBay Bucks for each transaction. Credit card points like (AMEX Blue Preferred), discount eBay gift cards (some held as far back as Black Friday at Kroger), fuel points (4X Kroger), portal cash, etc., YMMV. Why get shut down? eBay wants to pay money to generate Q1 sales stats; we give them sales stats, they pay. Everyone is happy. It matters not who is buying and selling, eBay is paying up all the same. Why my wife and I cannot sell to each other? Caviar is a very suitable and expensive enough food item for the purpose. Tax liabilities are taken into account. All above board, there is nothing falsely represented, shady or inappropriate.