Amex Business Platinum benefits scheduled to end 12/31/24


Andy at Deals Points reported an astute observation several days ago: a number of the Amex Business Platinum card benefits now show an end date of 12/31/24. That’s interesting since Amex has not yet announced any change in benefits, though it certainly seems reasonable to expect a change is in the air at some point if the Dell, Indeed, and Adobe credits are going to end on 12/31.

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The Business Platinum card currently offers up to $200 in statement credits for purchases at Dell up to two times per year (once from January to June and once from July to December). However, as noted above, the language on the Amex landing page for the Business Platinum card now indicates that the benefit will only be available through 12/31/24, with the following language recently added:

Only the Basic Card Member or Authorized Account Manager(s) on a Business Platinum Card® Account can enroll the Card Account in the benefit. Eligible purchases must be charged to the enrolled Card Account for the benefit to apply. Purchases by both the enrolled Basic Card Member and Employee Card Members on the enrolled Card Account are eligible for statement credits through 12/31/24.

Similar language exists for the Indeed benefit (up to $90 in statement credits per quarter) and the Adobe benefit (up to $150 in statement credits per calendar year for purchases of annual prepaid business subscriptions of Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps or Single Apps for teams or Adobe Acrobat Pro for teams, and on additional licenses added to an eligible annual prepaid subscription during an existing subscription term). All three benefits are now slated to be available through 12/31/24.

That’s notable because it means that those who apply today will only receive the benefits above in 2024. We don’t yet know if these benefits will be replaced or what will replace them if anything, which adds an element of uncertainty. If you were to apply now, you wouldn’t know what benefits will exist in January 2025.

If I were making predictions or taking bets, I’d probably gamble on changes that dole out benefits on either a quarterly or semi-annual basis. There has been no change to the language on the annual airline fee credit, but I imagine that Amex may be re-evaluating what type of credits should accompany that. I have to imagine that they will continue to offer something of value as the airline fee credits alone would not make a compelling value proposition given the annual fee, but we’ll have to wait and see what they intend to do.

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