What I learned watching Greg book Flying Blue awards on the Air France website


One thing I’ve learned about watching the fellas search for awards is that it is almost never as simple as just going to an airline’s website and searching for a flight. Although having said that, it’s also not necessarily much more complicated than that. In the case of Flying Blue awards for example, it’s just a matter of knowing a few tips to search the Air France website proficiently.

After watching Greg’s “How to find Flying Blue awards on the Air France website” tutorial, I made a short list of tips to summarize what I learned. You can watch the full tutorial below, or click on the timestamps below to navigate directly to a specific part within YouTube.

00:00 – Start from the beginning

00:17 – For the English version of the website, go to airfrance.us.

01:07 – To see a full calendar of search results, remove the date in the departure date field and leave the departure date field empty.

01:57 – Keep in mind that the calendar view on the Air France site does not include partner prices in their summaries, so make sure to click through on a specific date to see the full options. (So for example if you’re just clicking on the dates with the cheapest highlighted prices, don’t forget that you may see other options by clicking through. If you have an ideal date you’re looking at, go ahead and click on it just in case it’s not featuring the partner prices on that calendar view.) 

03:25 – To go back to the calendar result view, simply edit the url in your navigation bar, replacing the word “offers” with “open-dates”, then hit enter.

These few tips should give you a leg up as you search for Flying Blue awards on the Air France website!

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The calendar view doesn’t show the miles any more.

Jeffy Jeff

Kvs tool shows me partners that flying blue doesn’t appear to show. Kvs is scraping flying blue, so the information must be reported, but I cannot find it. Any thoughts?


I had no idea KVS was still around!!

Greg The Frequent Miler

Maybe logging into KLM shows different results than through Airfrance (just guessing)


you can’t be bothered to type, I can’t be bothered to transcribe it for you