New Amex Offers for meat & seafood delivery (Rastelli’s / D’ARTAGNAN)


Amex is out with a couple of new Amex Offers out today for meat & seafood delivery — with one offer good for and the other for D’ARTAGNAN. Both outlets appear kind of overpriced to me, but if you stack the offer with a cash back portal it makes it less overpriced (though still probably more expensive than your local grocery store). We have added them to our Current Amex Offers database.

The Deal

  • A couple of new Amex Offers are out today that are good for meat / seafood delivery, including:
    • Spend $150 or more, get $40 back (Expires 7/15/20)
    • Spend $150 or more, get $30 back (Expires 6/30/20)

Key Terms

  • Rastelli’s offer excludes Rastelli’s Fresh Market and third party payment processors
  • Both offers valid online only
  • See each offer for full terms

Quick Thoughts

I decided to write this up because I know that some grocery stores may have limits and shortages on meat right now, so some readers may be happy to stock up on more than the max quantity at their local store. On the other hand, the prices aren’t terrific here, so I probably won’t be buying.

As an example of the type of tepid deal you can expect, the Rostelli’s Amex Offer is good for $40 back on $150 or more. Rostelli’s sells a package of six 8oz sirloin steaks for $59. Rather than try to juice the deal to the perfect $150 total, let’s just imagine you bought 3 of those. You could go through a cash back portal for $20 back (via TopCashBack or ShopatHome at the time of writing). Your total for three $59 packages of six steaks would be:

  • $59 x 3 = $177
  • $177 – $40 Amex Offer = $137
  • $137 – $20 cash back = $117
  • Shipping = $10 (free on orders of $200 or more, so maybe it’d be better to add a filler)
  • Final total: $127 for 18 steaks that are 8oz each (three packages of 6)
  • Cost per steak: $$7.06
  • Cost per pound: $14.12

I honestly don’t shop steaks at the supermarket often as I rarely ever have steak at home, but that seems likely quite high to me. The Internet tells me that is indeed pricey, though stores around me won’t let you buy 18 steaks at a time right now, so this may appeal more to the newly-minted preppers among us.

That said, I see that D’Artagnan has beef brisket. I just fired up my Big Green Egg for the first time this season last week and I haven’t seen brisket available locally. I’m probably not tempted enough to buy it, but close.

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