Ammo for the secret weapon: Up to 45K annually


This morning, Greg announced the addition of a new resource page: Starwood Transfers: Best, Rest, and the Secret Weapon. Spoiler alert! The Secret Weapon is Marriott and Beyond – which heralds the strength of SPG points with regard to booking Marriott stays and the strength of Marriott Rewards points when used towards Marriott Travel Packages. If you’re building towards either, you may be interested in the latest from Marriott’s social media team: the chance to earn up to 45,000 Marriott Rewards points annually by linking and using social media.

The Deal

  • Connect your Marriott Rewards with social media via #RewardsPoints (link)
  • Earn 750 Marriott Rewards for connecting your Marriott rewards to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (250 for each platform)
  • Earn 250 Marriott Rewards for following Marriott Rewards on Twitter and Instagram (125 for each platform)
  • Potential point-earning potential increasing from 2.5K per year to 45,000 points per year

Quick Thoughts

Marriott Rewards is re-branding what was previously known as #MRPoints and making a huge increase in the number of points you can earn each year. They report that they will be running 3-4 campaigns per month with total potential earnings of up to 45K per year. It remains to be seen how involved these campaigns will be, but 3-4 per month will mean somewhere between 36-48 campaigns — in other words, around 1K points per campaign. As points transfer back and forth from Marriott to Starwood (3 Marriott Rewards = 1 Starpoint), these 45K free points could either get you a top-tier Marriott night or 15K Starpoints. They would also be helpful in building towards an aforementioned travel package. Furthermore, I only skimmed the Terms and Conditions, but I didn’t notice a household limit — meaning that I’ll certainly have my wife sign up for this as well for the chance to potentially earn up to 90K per year combined. That’s great since Marriott will allow Gold members to combine points for an award for free (and we both have Gold status thanks to SPG Gold from the Business Platinum card). Assuming the future campaigns don’t require much more effort than today’s chance to get 1K points by simply linking accounts, this could turn out to be a very good deal. I’ll be linking up (and finally creating an Instagram account) as 45K Marriott points for free is a valuable incentive.

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Assuming the errors I’m getting are because I was previously registered with #MRPoints, but there’s really no way to tell since nothing posts immediately … and the “contact us” least to Marriott’s customer service, who will be clueless about this promotion being run by a third party. Anyone know when the promotions will begin? I’d love to test this.


I’ve tried and tried like commenters up above with no luck. It appears we’re screwed because we were previously registered.


They are not asking for my Marriott info so how do they know which Marriott account to link to? I guess they do it by email which is a big flaw. Some people use different email address for different accounts so this linking will not work correctly.


I don’t get how they’ll allow you to get points for linking/unlinking/linking over and over for 45k.


ah, I see. That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification!

Deb T

I was able to get all but “Follow on twitter” to sync.

Deb T

Just checked, got 625 points added to my account.


On the link page to connect the accounts it says: “Don’t worry, we keep your data private and will never post on your behalf.” So I feel okay about it. It does say that you earn instantly however, but I do not show any extra points in my account after connecting my social media accounts.


Am I the only one that is having trouble getting this to work? I already had these accounts linked in the past to the #MRpoints stuff and now, even if I go in and unfollow stuff it still errors out after asking for name and membership number, etc.

Marilyn B

Having the same issue. Won’t work not matter if I unlink/unfollow Marriott Rewards and try again. Keeps putting in some very long string of characters for my Marriott Rewards number and when I change it, it says not valid.
Cannot link Twitter (even after doing an unfollow), FB, or Instagram.
Something is a problem, but I cannot figure it out.


I know it’s weird. Surely we aren’t the only ones having this same exact problem.


I don’t want to be a technophobe, but is anybody else concerned about these terms required for signing up?

“This application will be able to:
Read Tweets from your timeline.
See who you follow, and follow new people.
Update your profile.
****Post Tweets for you.****
See your email address.”

I mean – are my Twitter, FB, and Instagram going to start blasting out Marriott advertising 24/7? I don’t have a lot of experience letting outside companies take over my account so maybe I’m over-thinking this, just a little concerned and would like others’ feedback before I pull the trigger. Seems a little aggressive/entitled for them to expect me to just hand over virtually total control of my accounts – and a little surprised none of the blogs I’ve read about this “opportunity” have called it out?


Curious too, though I’ve never noticed any app posting on my behalf that have had that language before.


yeah this makes me nervous.. I just came here to ask about this.. has anyone given Chirpify these permission before ?