AutoSlash launches HotelSlash: Free lifetime membership and $10-$20 off first booking


Update 4/18/24: HotelSlash is now offering a free lifetime membership when signing up for the service and using the promo code FREE4LIFE. In addition, when you use the code HSWELCOME, you’ll get $20 off a prepaid booking of $300+ or $10 off of a booking of $150-$300.

If you ever use rental cars, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of AutoSlash. if you’re not familiar with it, AutoSlash is a service where you input details of your car rental reservation and they search for cheaper options all the way up to your day of rental. This can provide significant savings without you having to manually check the price yourself every day.

AutoSlash has recently launched a paid service for hotel bookings called HotelSlash. It looks like it’s a promising service that can provide some decent savings, but there are some very important aspects of the service that are worth bearing in mind, which we’ll discuss below.

AutoSlash and HotelSlash Save Money on Travel

The Deal

  • The membership-based hotel booking service HotelSlash is offering a complimentary lifetime membership when using the code FREE4LIFE.
  • In addition, get $20 off of a prepaid booking of $300+ or $10 off of a booking of $150+ when using the promo code HSWELCOME
    • Must book by June 30th

Direct Link to Offer

How HotelSlash Works

There are two options for booking and tracking hotels via HotelSlash. First, you can book through them directly. The search function is almost exactly the same as AutoSlash: you enter your destination, dates and the number of people in your party. Then HotelSlash will send you an e-mail letting you know the results are ready (usually within a minute or less) and you click through the link on that e-mail to see your results with hotels, room types, etc. You’re then able to book the hotel directly through the site. If the reservation is refundable, HotelSlash will then monitor it, not only with exact room matches at lower prices but also by looking for upgraded rooms or rooms with additional benefits at the same price.

Alternatively, if you’ve already made a reservation, you can forward the confirmation email to They’ll then track the room rates at the hotel and notify you if your specific room type drops in price, or if a better room becomes available at the same price.

In both cases, HotelSlash won’t automatically rebook your reservation if they find something cheaper. Instead, they’ll email you with the cheaper options. Once you’ve made a new reservation, you’ll have to cancel the original reservation yourself and rebook it with HotelSlash (or directly).

You can find a full list of FAQs here.

a room with a view of water and city
Club lounge at Delta Hotel Toronto, one of the auxiliary benefits that HotelSlash will monitor for

Using HotelSlash

I spent a little bit of time tooling around HotelSlash today and found it be very similar to using AutoSlash. I looked at hotels domestically, in Europe, Asia and Australia. Like AutoSlash, it’s a bit of a pain to have to go through the process of waiting for the e-mail and then clicking through to see results, but it was a fairly speedy process.

Comparing the results to other free third-party services like, Expedia and Kayak, I never found HotelSlash to be more expensive for the same hotel, room-type and booking conditions. I also never found it to be more than ~10-15% below, sometimes 0-5%. They also were never better than booking direct with the corporate codes that I use.

Potential downsides of HotelSlash

For some people HotelSlash could be a good service, especially those that normally use 3rd-party booking services. Based on what limited searching I found, it seems to always be at least a break-even proposition, but was often slightly cheaper…and it has the benefit of keeping an eye on the reservation for you in the event of a price-drop. However, there’s a few key considerations:

  •  It won’t work on non-refundable reservations
    • Like many third-party services, the cheapest rates are all non-refundable. If you book that rate, even if HotelSlash finds something better, you won’t be able to rebook.
  • You most likely won’t get points or elite benefits
    • When booking directly with a hotel chain, you’re eligible for earning points and elite night credits and will also receive benefits from whatever kind of status you hold. If you book through HotelSlash, it’s unlikely that you’ll be eligible for any of these. Occasionally, folks are able to get some benefits by adding their number at the hotel desk, but don’t count on it.
  • You won’t get cash back for booking through a shopping portal
    • With most hotel chains, you can click through from shopping portals to earn cashback on paid stays. It’s common to find discounts of 3-10%, and you’re still booking directly with the chain, so you also get elite benefits and points from the stay.
  • You can’t use special rates or corporate codes.
    • Many people have access to corporate or association codes (like AAA, AARP, etc) that give them discounted rates when booking directly with a hotel chain. While AutoSlash is able to search using some of those options, HotelSlash isn’t.

Quick Thoughts

I rarely use 3rd-party services for hotel bookings (for many of the reasons listed above). So, for me, the drawbacks of booking with HotelSlash negate much of the savings that it offers. If you do book via a 3rd party, it seems like it could be a competitive service, it’s just not one that I would use a lot to actually book hotels (in comparison to AutoSlash, which I do use to rent cars).

However, in my case, the tracking service could prove to be valuable in its own right. I could still forward all my hotel reservations on in case they can find a cheaper rate. If that rate can be booked directly with the hotel chain, I could click through from a shopping portal again (where applicable) and still receive points, elite night benefits, status benefits, etc. I could then forward my new reservation to HotelSlash for them to track (this isn’t needed if rebooking with HotelSlash directly). That alone could be worth using the service.

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Nick will be the first to tell you to check out whether a property has a AAA rate. Oftentimes, it is the hands down winner (and you still get points). And, for those with T-Mobile, AAA membership is a benefit of certain plans.

I found no meaningful benefit from my Hotel Slash searches. Doesn’t mean someone else won’t. But, I sense that Oren’s suggestion (below) about using it for a price guarantee is the ticket. Especially if points / no points are in play. I’ve used the AA Hotels Portal for the same purpose.

Last edited 2 months ago by Lee

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Oren S

This could be a useful tool for Marriott hotels taking advantage of their “price guarantee”.

I have had success searching directly vs Expedia which frequently has sales. Sometimes I specifically look for a hotel in an area where Expedia is cheaper than direct. Quickly fill out the Marriott form online. Then wait less than 24 hours for a response.. even if you’re booking non refundable with Marriott usually it’s enough time to see if they approve the request.

This website might make the search process easier.

You get the price matches to the Lower price. Then an extra 25% off or 5k points. Your choice

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It seems like this is super helpful for price matching for refundable rates.

[…] Do this now: Register for free HotelSlash membership using promo code FREE4LIFE. Incidentally, you can mention the same promo code to get into the employee restroom at the back of the Waste Pro Garbage Truck Museum in Florida. In case you’re wondering, yes, that’s a real place and no, I didn’t make it up. (Thanks to FM) […]


Great tip, Tim. Love AutoSlash and will sign up for HotelSlash!


If I got a lifetime membership, I will apparently die on Sept 3rd 2051, as that’s when it expires. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Greg The Frequent Miler

LOL. Mark your calendar and make sure you’ve got your will in order by then.


So how do those of us that are already members of hotelslash get in on this lifetime offer?


Use the referral link.

Dave Hanson

Email support. The upgraded me to free for life within 10 minutes.


Thanks Dave. Yeah I did the same thing. Been meaning to come back and update my comment.


I use a company contact code for my car rentals so I haven’t used Auto Slash in nearly 10 years. I won’t use Hotel Slash though a free lifetime membership might at least get me to sign up…

Jeff Jackson

Thanks! A very helpful post.


CAVEAT EMPTOR: My first experience using HotelSlash was so disappointing it will be my last. Generally speaking the ‘savings’ were extremely minor. However, one occasion a four night stay appeared to be reduced from about $1,100 CDN to $871 so I booked it. Only later, when the credit card bill arrived, did I discover the $871 was in USD! So, again, the savings were small and, in fact, I lost money because the original booking had been made with which offers a 10% discount after ten nights. Repeated attempts to settle the matter with HotelSlash were unsuccessful beyond them offering a $50 credit toward future bookings I will never use.


but did it say it was in CAD and then they charged you in USD or it was your error?


Dear Tim,
After trying HotelSlash recently, I wanted to let you know that I don’t believe they are a quality company and they do not honor their commitments. The service is supposed to save you money, but in my case, and probably for many others, it is going to cost more than you think because of their unfair/unclear business practices. I am going back to a more established company for hotel reservations.