Best Buy Amex Offer: Spend $250 & Get $25 Back (Ends 12/15/22)


A new Best Buy Amex Offer appeared yesterday which gives $25 back when spending $250. Even if you don’t have any need to do any holiday shopping at Best Buy in the next 1.5 months, you can use this to save money on gift cards.

The Deal

  • Spend $250 at Best Buy in one or more transactions & get $25 back with an Amex Offer.

Key Terms

  • Expires December 15, 2022.
  • Offer valid in-store and online at only.
  • Valid at any participating location in the US and US Territories.
  • Not valid for e-gift card purchases.
  • Excludes corporate gift card purchases.
  • Not valid at outlet locations.
  • Excludes Best Buy Express, Geek Squad services not purchased through Best Buy, Best Buy Parts Store, Best Buy Direct, Best Buy Education, Best Buy Ignite, Best Buy Secondary Markets, Best Buy Private Store & Auction, any Best Buy retail location not open for business and standalone Pacific Sales stores.

Quick Thoughts

For many people, spending $250 at Best Buy by mid-December won’t be a struggle thanks to Black Friday deals and other holiday spending and so they’ll be able to use this offer organically.

Even if you don’t need to do any shopping at Best Buy, this offer could still be useful. Best Buy sells a wide range of gift cards online and in-store, so you can buy $250 of those to save 10%. The only exception is Best Buy eGift cards because payment for those is processed by CashStar and so won’t trigger the statement credit for this Amex Offer. eGift cards for other brands will work though, as will physical gift card purchases for both Best Buy and third party brands online and in-store.

Make sure you load this offer to any eligible cards ASAP; enrollment is limited and so it could disappear at any time once it’s been maxed out.


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none for me either


3 Amex cards, none targeted for this offer 🙁


No targeted 🙁


will buying physical BB gift cards trigger the credit? this would allow me to pool multiple cards together for 1 order.

Last edited 1 month ago by Stevenson

Last time I tried this online (2x $100 Uber GCs), as part of the same order, the charges posted separately rather than as a sum.


received the credit?


I think it was a Chase offer I was going for at the time, and I did not receive it since it required a $200+ charge, not 2x $100 charges.