BP & United Partnership To End On September 30


Following my updated post earlier today about the GetUpside app, Vaibhav mentioned in the comments that the partnership with BP and United would be coming to an end.

Sure enough, BP sent out an email to Driver Rewards members this afternoon confirming that the partnership will be ending in a few months.

United & BP Partnership Ending

The joint program didn’t last for long as it was only launched about 18 months ago. It was a mildly interesting program as it provided the opportunity to earn or redeem miles when filling up, but neither option offered much value.

On the earning front, you’d earn:

  • 1 mile for every gallon of fuel purchased
  • 2 miles for every gallon of fuel purchased with a linked debit or credit card
  • 3 miles for every gallon of premium-grade fuel purchased with a linked debit or credit card

The disappointing aspect was that you’d earn 1 mile per gallon rather than per dollar. That meant when filling up our Toyota Corolla at a BP gas station, we’d usually only earn 10 or 11 United miles. That’s better than nothing, but barely.

On the redemption front, you could redeem 60 United miles for savings of $0.50 per gallon, thereby getting less than 1cpp of value when redeeming that way. If you had miles that would otherwise expire then it could’ve been worth considering, but otherwise it was a poor use of miles.

The partnership will be ending on September 30, 2019, although BP Driver Rewards has stated they’ll be launching a new rewards experience soon. They’ve given no indication as to what that’ll entail though, so it remains to be seen as to whether there’ll be any kind of future value proposition.

You can find more details about the program ending here.

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Nearest bp station was always competitive in price and this was a great way to keep my United balance from expiring. RIP

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As with JRS’s experience, I used this once during a road trip with a linked card, but never saw the miles. But the BP stations in our area (South Florida) tend to be far pricier than Costco and other brands, so the limited miles were never a good value to begin for me.

Huy Tran

used to drive about 1.5 hrs to work daily…best thing was the BP i went to was the cheapest gas on the entire route…win win, earned tens of miles


I only used it one time and it didn’t work. Not sorry to see the program go.