Buying a hotel in paradise on a whim, positive Southwest change, Disney cruise with a baby, and more


Have you ever had a moment where you’ve thought it wise to take your savings and go buy a hotel in a faraway land, leaving behind the “real world” in favor of living the dream? In this Frequent Miler week in review around the web, read about a couple who did just that, Southwest’s latest customer-friendly move, tips for a Disney cruise with a baby, and more. Read on for this week around the net.

Mom suffers horrific injuries while shielding her baby during freak hailstorm

Hail stones in Melbourne

A while back, Stephen Pepper wrote about his experience using the Chase Sapphire Reserve rental car insurance coverage. The incident that led him to that post was a freak hailstorm in Australia. If that post wasn’t enough proof that you want to be sure you use a card with CDW for your rental Down Under, this news story should tip the scales. Thank goodness they escaped without major injury — that looks painful. Apparently, Australian hail storms are no laughing matter.

Drunk couple buy Sri Lankan hotel while on honeymoon

Years ago, I spent about 9 months living & traveling in Ecuador. I remember being at a hostel on the beach (with a room overlooking the ocean for about $15/nt) in a small town called Canoa. The hostel was owned by a an ex-pat woman who spent long nights telling stories of having been an Alaska King Crab fisherwoman (before Deadliest Catch) while pouring more free rounds than paid ones at the hostel’s bar. She had told me how they were just backpacking down the coast and landed on this town with a hostel for sale, so they bought it and stayed. Apparently, that sort of thing happens – as a tipsy British couple did the same. I’m not sure it’ll work out financially, but the memories will likely be priceless.

Some Amex Offer Deals can be Done on Multiple Cards


You have likely noticed that in Amex Offer quick deals, we have been noting when an offer can be synced to multiple cards. Despite the dust up over the Staples offer recently, some offers still appear to be able to be synced and used multiple times. There is of course the potential for Staples-esque claw-backs, though the fact that some offers can and others can’t be synced to multiple cards would indicate that they have the technology to turn off the ability to sync…but haven’t. Doctor of Credit points to language you might look for to figure out the difference.

7 Tips For Taking A Disney Cruise With A Baby

I don’t like boats. I get seasick, and while I love snorkeling and scuba diving, I’m much more about being in the water than on the water. But marriage is all about compromise, right? I know I’ll eventually have to cave in and take a Disney cruise — and this post from As the Joe Flies has some key info about doing it with a baby that makes me think it would be easier than I’d expect with a little one.

Big Change! Changing a Southwest Flight Will Keep Your Fare Refundable!

Lately, we’ve seen the major carriers increase checked baggage fees, expand the prevalence of basic economy, and generally make decisions that aren’t customer-friendly. Is anyone surprised that Southwest is taking the opposite approach and making things more customer-friendly? Deals We Like has the scoop and why this is a terrific change for those who ordinarily purchase Early Bird Check-in,

That’s it for this week around the ‘net. Check back soon for this week’s last chance deals.

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