Cardless Simon Mall American Express credit card launches


Today Cardless has announced a new credit card, the Simon® American Express® Credit Card from Cardless. This card will have increased earnings at Simon Malls, Mills, and Premium Outlets locations. While I imagine there will be limits to its use and we don’t yet know exactly what the earnings will be (rather just that they will be “up to” either 3% or 5% back), this could nonetheless be interesting for those who do a lot of shopping at Simon Malls.

The Offer & Key Card Details

Card Offer and Details
Simon® American Express® Credit Card from Cardless

FM Mini Review: Points are worth $0.01 each toward a statement credi

Card Type: American Express


Earning rate: Up to 5% back on eligible purchases at participating Simon destination retailers, along with select
online purchases. ⚬ Up to 3% back on all eligible purchases made at Simon
destinations ⚬ Up to 1.5 percent back on all other purchases.

Quick Thoughts

As noted above, the earnings on this card are a bit vague. The press release notes that cardholders will earn “up to 3 percent back” on all eligible purchases made at Simon
destinations and “up to 5 percent back” on eligible purchases at participating Simon destination retailers, along with select online purchases. I’m not entirely sure which purchases will qualify for 3% back or 5% back and/or what other lesser earn rates may apply to purchases that don’t receive the full 3% or 5% back rates.

Still, this could work out to be a good deal for whichever purchases qualify for 3% or 5% back for those who shop at Simon Malls often. Particularly in instances where you may be able to stack card-linked offers, it could make in-store purchases nicely rewarding in some cases.

I highly doubt that this card will offer a bonus on gift card purchased at guest services, particularly since this card is an Amex and Amex has prevented earnings on gift card purchases at Simon for a few years already. I would love to be wrong, but I wouldn’t expect this card to earn a bonus (and wouldn’t be surprised if it earns no rewards on such purchases).

Overall, this card could be interesting for shopaholics who prefer shopping in-person.

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Another Jeff

The earnings will depend on how much you buy in VGC/day. 😉

Last edited 7 months ago by Another Jeff

“Up to” 5% back on “eligible” purchases at “participating” Simon destination retailers, along with “select” online purchases.

I suspect the heavy use of qualifiers tells us everything we need to know.

Gary Leff

Cardless tells me that gift cards are excluded from accelerator category earn. We’ll see whether that is true in practice.


AMEX isn’t issuing the card, Cardless is. It’s run on the AMEX network.

Gary Leff

Actually Cardless isn’t an issuer as such. Past cards were issued by First Electronic bank, I haven’t confirmed that this remains the case.