Managing Points and Miles


App-No-Rama in action: Over 700K and counting

Earlier this year, I suggested an alternative to App-O-Ramas for earning huge credit card signup bonuses.  The alternative process, eventually named “App-No-Rama,” moves away from the idea of signing up for lots of cards...
ThankYou points expire

How to know if or when your ThankYou points expire

There are several situations in which you may have Citi ThankYou Rewards points that will expire: Points earned by a particular credit card account expire 60 days after cancelling that account.  See: Cancelling your...
JetBlue denying Points Match

Is JetBlue denying Points Match to those who transfer points? Here’s what to do…

UPDATE: View from the Wing reports that JetBlue has not changed the terms of the promotion and will fully honor the deal even for those who transfer points. Dan’s Deals has reported that JetBlue may...
JetBlue points match deal

Should you play the amazing JetBlue points match deal?

JetBlue is currently offering to more than match your Virgin America Elevate point balance, up to 75,000 points.  JetBlue points are best used to pay for JetBlue flights.  Virgin America points are valuable not...
Credit Inquiry towards 135,000 miles

My painful pursuit of 135,000 miles

Update: This post includes offers that were valid at the time of publication, but have since expired. Please click here to see the best offers currently available. My Business Platinum card has been open for a year now. ...
JetBlue points match deal

My strategy for tackling the amazing JetBlue points match deal

Given the current and awesome JetBlue point match deal, I’ve been trying to figure out my personal strategy.  Should I transfer points from SPG to Virgin America?  Should my wife and son participate too? ...
JetBlue’s points match deal

Yes, JetBlue’s points match deal requires booking a NEW flight

JetBlue is currently offering an amazing deal: they’ll match the number of points in your Virgin America Elevate account simply by registering and then booking and flying a JetBlue roundtrip flight by August 31. ...
JetBlue’s points match deal

The Ultimate Guide to JetBlue’s points match deal

Intro: JetBlue’s points match deal is arguably one of the best non-credit-card related deals we’ve seen in years.  While the deal itself is simple, figuring out the best way to “play the deal” is...

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