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Great ways to save money or miles on flights

With airfare prices going sky high these days, it was high time for me to update this post. This post is intended to be a quick lookup guide.  Before you book a flight, skim...

Workationing the Pacific Coast Highway

My wife and I spent most of February on the California coast.  This wasn't vacation.  We took vacation in January when we visited Loews Ventana Canyon and Miraval Arizona in Tucson, the Hyatt Residence...

Is the Maldives really overrated? The myth of one-size-fits-all.

Greg and Nick wrote two great posts earlier this week about which credit cards are currently in their wallet and why they have them there.  That was followed by an in-depth discussion on the...
How to get to Alila Ventana Big Sur and how long to stay

How to get to Alila Ventana Big Sur, and how long to stay… |...

Greg is out galavanting in beautiful places again, so episode 42 of our "Ask Us Anything, Live" brought a plethora of questions about Alila Ventana Big Sur, and plenty of questions about Award Booking...

Ultra-Premium Credit Card Travel Protections

With the introduction of their Venture X card, Capital One became the latest major card issuer to offer an ultra-premium card.  So, it was time to update this post comparing ultra-premium credit card travel...

Tips for booking “just in case” flights

When booking travel, there are times when it makes sense to have backup plans.  Maybe, for example, you absolutely have to make it to the departure city for that expensive cruise you bought.  Or,...
CLEAR kiosks airport

Here’s How Easy & Quick It Is To Set Up CLEAR

CLEAR membership isn't something I'd been too worried about getting in the past, but with Amex handing it out for free to all Platinum personal and business cardholders and some other targeted cardholders with...

What’s the Best Hotel Card for Newbies? | Ask Us Anything | EP 32

What's the best hotel credit card for newbies (15:01), and should a newbie bother going for Hyatt Globalist status (53:34​)? This week Greg and Nick think about the newbies in episode 32 of Frequent Miler Ask...

Hawaii opening to tourism October 15th!

Hawaii's governor David Ige announced that Hawaii will open to tourism on October 15th, 2020.  I know we've heard it before, but this time, there's a chart (see above).  The plan is pretty simple:...

Miles, credits, and certs orphaned by COVID-19 (on my mind)

Yesterday I cancelled the last of my pre-pandemic travel bookings.  I had used Cathay Pacific miles to book a January 2021 flight: Japan Airlines first class to Sydney.  Maybe Cathay would have refunded my...

My experience traveling during COVID-19 (Delta, SkyClub, rental car, hotels)

My wife and I just returned from our second vacation since COVID-19 seemingly made travel a thing of the past.  On our first vacation, in June, we stayed in our home state of Michigan. ...

By Deal or Destination? How do you travel?

When planning a vacation, do you decide your destination and then look for travel deals? Or, does the travel deal determine your destination?  This question has been on my mind lately as I've been...

West Palm Beach quietly becomes cool

For my sister-in-law's birthday, I booked four of us with the West Palm Beach Food Tour.  Despite positive reviews, I wasn't expecting much.  My perception of the area, from past visits, was not great. ...

What’s in Greg’s #40KFarAway Backpack? Version 2 (Guest starring a dog and a cat)

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my 40K to Far Away practice run.  I was going to Denali National Park with Rapid Travel Chai and I used it to test out my...

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