[Update] Chase Ink Cards: 40K points per referral up to 200K max

Update 3/11/23: We have received multiple reports from readers who recently applied through a referral for the 75K offers successfully getting matched to the 90K offers. Readers have reported success via both phone and secure message. This would make the referral offer very attractive if you are referring another player within your household. Again, the way that would work is that, in a two-player household, Player 1, who has an Ink card, refers Player 2 to an Ink card. When Player 2 is approved, Player 1 would earn 40,000 points and Player 2 would be set to earn 75,000 points with the Ink Business Cash or Ink Business Unlimited offers. Then Player 2 should reach out to Chase to ask whether they will match the current 90K offers. That could be a great deal.

Chase has updated the referral offer for the Chase Ink Business Preferred and Ink Business Cash Cards: you can now earn 40K Ultimate Rewards points per referral up to 200k total points.

Unfortunately, the referral offer doesn’t match the best public offer on the card of 90K points for spending $6,000 in the first 3 months (that is due to end shortly). Instead, it refers to a lesser 75K offer, which I imagine is what the public offer will drop to once the 90K offer sunsets.

The Deal

  • Earn 40,000 Ultimate Rewards points for each business owner you refer who is approved
  • Earn up to a total of 200,000 bonus points per year from referrals
  • The person you refer gets 75K for $6K spend signup bonus offer
  • Check the Chase Refer-A-Friend site to find your referral link.

Quick Thoughts

This is a terrific offer by itself. The previous offer was for 20,000 points per referral up to a total of 100,000 total points, so this is a massive improvement. That old 20k referral can still be found and it strangely does refer to the 90k offer. Given that, it’s a shame that the increased referral links don’t currently refer to the best public offer. A 2-player household would still come out 5,000 points ahead (vs using the old 20K referral), but it’s not the total win that a 90K+40K offer would be.

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I just referred my family members for the 90k ink cards and they got approved. Wondering if there are DPs where I can match with the 40k referral bonus? (mine was 20k)


Called to match the bonus points. The rep immidiately grilled me about the type of business. took me by surprise, i got the impression that he is sick of all the calls of people calling about new ink card approval and offer match. After I told him about online business like ebay paypal, the rep asked me for ebay account detail to look up and told me you have very little to no transaction in the last 2 years and such is not a legit business and told me you will be mailed a letter soon and hung up. 2 hours later I found out that both the new and previous ink card are closed and my personal cards are closed as well. disaster! just redeemed all the points I have . terrible day!

Alex King

This is indeed terrible news. I feel bad for you and I hope others can take caution.

Paul B


Over the last three days I have sent my wife the 40,000 point link several times. She has tried to open the link at least a dozen times. Every time she gets the following message “Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, the system is unavailable at this time, and therefore, we’re unable to complete your request. Please try again later.”

What am I doing wrong???

Paul B


she has to close all tabs that have this site open

Paul B

I have tried closing all tabs, but I still get the error message.

[…] and a 40,000 referral bonus for a total of 130,000 points? Apparently yes. There are data points at FM that show that Chase is in fact matching 75K bonuses to 90K. You just need to reach out by phone or […]

[…] the 75k/40k and get matched. We’ve now seen one other commenter have success with the match, and FM studies listening to quite a few studies that manner as properly. And so till the general public […]


@greg what are the chances that the person who got the 20k for referring, chase matching that to 40k? Been over a week now still waiting and nervous about it.

Greg The Frequent Miler

I don’t know. Sorry.


How do you find the 20k + 90k link?

Dick Bupkiss

You hop in your time machine and set the controls for a week ago.


It seems the Chase ink Business preferred SUB is the same, at 100k and does show up with the 40k referral link, netting a 140k UR points between P2 and myself.
However when I click on the 40k referral link, the CIBP has a “white veil” over it (the other cards do not), although you can still click on it and it opens the application window. Wonder if this is somehow going to invalidate the 40k referral bonus?

Last edited 19 days ago by Kayexalate

Does anyone know if the referral 1099s are per card or per SSN? For instance, if I referred 40k from 1 card and 40k from a second card, would I get a 1099 for $800, or would I not get any since the referral amounts per card are below the threshold of $600?

Last edited 19 days ago by Brandon
Greg The Frequent Miler

I’m pretty sure its by SSN


I would think Chase will send you a 1099 for $400 in the case of just a single referral.
After all, they will send you a 1099 if you earn more than $10 in interest.

In 2-player mode the total for one of these 90K point cards would be 90,000 points if no referral and 115,000 points including the referral (75K + 40K). So you would be “buying” the extra 25K points on the tax you’d pay on $400 – depends on your marginal tax rate. So the referral bonus is not as great as it sounds. .


Can I get the referral bonus if my corporation with an EIN refers me and I apply as a sole proprietor using my SS#?


Basically, can I refer myself if the cards are for completely separate companies?


I would doubt that would work. I would not try it either as Chase specifically says you cannot. Not worth potentially damaging your relationship.


Trying to decide if it is better to apply with a 20k + 90k link and ask for a bump on the referral bonus, or go with 40k + 75k and see if I can get a match to the public offer on the card bonus. Did a $900 checking / savings bonus in January, so pretty sure I am getting a 1099 from Chase in 2023. That would likely negate the extra 5k in the new referral.

[…] Chase’s Ink Unlimited and Cash cards have a 40,000 Ultimate Rewards referral bonus, and Chase’s annual referral earning limit limit has increased to 200,000 Ultimate Rewards per account.Make sure this referral is P1 to P2 or similar if you’re doing it — the sign-up bonus for the referee is 15,000 points lower than than the best public offer, but the two of you together will still come out ahead by 25,000 points with the referral. (Thanks to FM). […]


I don’t quite agree with “A 2-player household would still come out 5,000 points ahead”

Referral bonuses are taxable while signup bonuses are not. The extra 5k on the referral bonus side will be eaten by income tax: assuming a 24% marginal tax rate, the extra 20k in referral bonus will result in additional $48 worth of income tax, making this more like buying UR at 1cpp. Not bad, but not really extra 5k UR for free.

The 40k referral bonus will push many over the 1099 reporting limit (60k/$600). Even if you were not reporting income for less than 60k worth of referrals, most likely you’ll be forced to do it with 40k referral bonuses.

Last edited 21 days ago by satellite

Please explain this to me: “A 2-player household would still come out 5,000 points ahead, but it’s not the total win that the 90K offer would be.”

Would it not be 75K + 40K = 105K. Thus 15K ahead?


I actually signed up on Fri for the ink unlimited after being referred from my wife. I was approved. However I called chase today regarding the referral that it increased and asked if they would match it for my wife. They said they will escalate it. (They said a good chance My wife would get the 40,000 bonus increase) what are the chances that I luck out and get both the 90,000 points plus the 40,000 referral? Or do you think they’ll drop my bonus to 75,000?


Will do. Yeah right when I saw the offer for $40,000 points I called up and said my wife never got that offer. The agent said she would try to help match it. She didn’t even know about the increase referral offer.

Jeff H

My referral page shows these two cards as getting cash back (not points) after meeting the minimum spend requirement? Is there a way to change that?


You are awarded UR points, which can be converted to cash back. It’s stated in the T&Cs.


“The person you refer gets 75K for $5K spend signup bonus offer”

It is $6K.