Chase Luxury Hotel Collection limiting access to fewer cards


The Chase Luxury Hotel collection is Chase’s luxury hotel booking arm that’s cut from a similar thread as Amex’s Fine Hotels & Resorts. It has long been available on quite an assortment of Chase cards (and cardholders gained access to shop prices with just the first few digits of an eligible card). Unfortunately, a member of our Frequent Miler Insiders group noticed last night that Chase has made a negative change: they are now only allowing Sapphire Reserve, JP Morgan Reserve, and United cardholders access to search results and you now need to log in to see prices, benefits, and availability.

We published a post a few years ago comparing Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts with the Chase Luxury Hotel Collection and the bottom line was that both programs had different strengths. Chase Luxury Hotel Collection doesn’t guarantee 4pm late checkout, but they do offer a greater variety of properties and they offered varying amounts of property credit (whereas Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts always offers a $100 credit of some sort or similarly-valued local amenity, Chase has some properties that offer a $50 credit or even some that offer odd amounts like $40.

The biggest strength of the Chase Luxury Hotel Collection though was that it was available on a wider array of credit cards — even cards like the Sapphire Preferred could access the Luxury Hotel Collection.

Unfortunately, it seems that Chase has made a change on that front and they are now limiting access to just the Chase Sapphire Reserve, JP Morgan Reserve, and Chase United cards. Whereas in the past you could access the search tool with just the first 6 digits of a qualifying card (and many/most Chase cards worked), you now need to log in to an account with one of the qualifying cards.

While I think it’s fair enough if they want to limit this benefit to ultra-premium cards, I’m kind of surprised that they have cut Ritz cardholders out of this when they are giving access to United cardholders (presumably even those with lower-tier United cards (I did try logging in, but couldn’t choose my Ritz card as a qualifying card and choosing one of my Ultimate Rewards cards brought me to the Chase Travel portal). My wife’s Sapphire Reserve login has full access.

It’s too bad that access to this program is being limited, though I’ve never gotten the sense that this program is wildly popular, so I imagine many Chase cardholders may not notice the loss.

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This used to even work on the no annual fee chase freedom. Used successfully back in 2019 for LHR stays in Vegas.

Alan Smithee

Ritz working fine here as well, suspect Nick is hitting the BigNoobFilter™ which would explain it.


I put in first 6 digits of my RC card and it worked.

Lukas This is the site, right? I just typed it under the United card which I do have but if it didn’t work for RC, it shouldn’t have taken me further, right?


I don’t think that’s what happening. I see the same three card selection option as you have in your screenshot, but it then asks me to enter first 6 digits of the card. I can’t attach screenshots here, so you’ll have to take my word that I am doing this all on LHRcollection website. Perhaps this is specific to your location or account based on the cookies?


The greater availability on LHR is real. But, putting that to the side, I find the 3X earn rate on LHR to be too much of a compromise in comparison to other booking platforms.


They excluded my Ritz card but good news is my legacy, no-fee Chase MileagePlus card worked


Edit: Ritz card works as well

Deborah Belcore

Does United Quest card work? More expensive than the ‘basic’ card in photo.


No Fee United card works, so does the United Business Card


Try logging in and report back.