Chase Offers Not Available On All Chase Credit Cards (Visa vs Mastercard)


When Chase rolled out Chase Offers in November 2018, they advised that it would be available on all their personal credit cards.

A couple of months later, this doesn’t seem to be true. When logging in to the Chase app, all of my credit cards have Chase Offers available with the exception of one card – the IHG Premier credit card.

Chase Offers expiry dates 12.04.18

Now, I don’t use the IHG Premier card for anything other than paid IHG stays, but I still would have liked having offers on the card to take advantage of low hanging fruit like the 30% Staples offer. Sending a secured message to Chase simply resulted in a request that I call them to resolve the issue.

My first phone call yielded nothing, with the representative not being aware of Chase Offers and saying that I needed to speak to IHG Rewards Club instead.

My second call was more successful – sort of. I was able to find out why my card wasn’t receiving Chase Offers, but there was sadly no way of getting the offers on this particular type of card.

The second representative had gone off to check why the IHG Premier card wasn’t receiving the offers and she returned to advise that only Visa cards receive Chase Offers, not Mastercards like the IHG Premier.

On the one hand this make sense. When Chase was trialing offers on their Hyatt cards, the URL was That suggests the offers were being run in conjunction with Visa, similar to Uber’s Visa Local Offers program.

On the other hand, it doesn’t entirely make sense. For starters, Chase’s initial announcement regarding Chase Offers made it seem like they’d be rolled out on all personal cards, not Visa cards only. Having said that, their FAQs state the following:

Certain consumer credit and debit cards are eligible for Chase Offers. To see if Chase Offers is available for you, check your Chase Mobile app for the Chase Offers hub at the bottom of the page.

The Chase Offers program is also using the same Cardlytics backend that many other banks use, like Bank of America. Bank of America Mastercards have access to BankAmeriDeals, so I’m not entirely sure why Chase Mastercards don’t have access to the same offers.

Edit: Based on some comments below, the second Chase rep was incorrect as Chase Offers have been showing up on some of their Mastercards. Looks like another phone call might be in order.


I’m curious though as to whether or not the second phone rep was incorrect and that there’s a different reason my IHG Premier card isn’t getting targeted for Chase Offers. Have any of you with the IHG Premier card received Chase Offers on your card? Or is it purely because it’s a Mastercard rather than a Visa card like they advised?

Also, do you have any other Chase credit cards that don’t show up in the dropdown box on the Chase app when trying to view offers? If so, are they Mastercards? Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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