(EXPIRED) Nice stack at Staples: 30% back + 10% back

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Chase has released a new Chase Offer for Staples good for 30% back (up to $19). The good news is that this offer should stack with the previous Chase Offer for 10% back (up to $6) for a total of up to $25 back if you were to spend $63.33 or more, though we do not yet have data points definitively confirm this. I’ll be testing it out this weekend, though I expect they will stack. That should make for an easy win, whether you’re looking to buy merchandise or gift cards at Staples.

The Deal

  • Get 30% back at Staples (up to $19 back) with a new Chase Offer
  • This offer should stack with a soon-expiring offer for 10% back (up to $6 back) if you have that offer available on the same card

Key Terms

  • Expires 1/24/18
  • Offer valid one time only (not on cumulative purchases)
  • Not valid on third party purchases (see quick thoughts below for more on this)

Quick Thoughts

If you have this available on one of your Chase cards, you can essentially pick up some free points at Staples. I suppose the ideal play on this is probably using Apple Pay or Google Pay for an extra point per dollar with the Sapphire or Freedom cards. However, I’m not positive that a Google Pay transaction will trigger these Chase offers – perhaps that is what they mean when they say it is not valid on third party purchases? I actually expect it likely would work, but if anyone tries and can provide a data point, let us know.

As noted at the top of the post, we don’t yet have definitive confirmation that this stacks. Chase Offers are relatively new and stacking opportunities are thus far untested to my knowledge. I’ll personally give this a shot with a $200 Visa Gift Card or a Happy Gift Card this weekend. I think that in the worst case scenario, I’ll only get $6 back (from the 10% offer), which will almost totally wipe out the activation fee on a Visa Gift Card, so it’s not really a loss. If it stacks, I’ll come out $18 ahead. If it doesn’t, I’ll make a second trip before January 24th and still come out ahead — should be an easy win either way.

Note that the 10% back offer expires soon (that one expires on 12/31 — see the details below).

H/T: Miles to Memories

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