(Update: Offer Still Available) Wow! Chase Sapphire Preferred 100K Offer!


Update 10/8/21: Most 100K public offers have ended, but the refer-a-friend offer for the Sapphire Preferred card is still good for 100,000 points!  We’ve updated our card page to link to a refer-a-friend offer: Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Update 10/5/21: All good things must come to an end and it looks like that includes the 100,000 welcome offer on the Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

There have been online ads in recent days suggesting that it was due to end shortly and Dan’s Deals has received confirmation that it’s ending October 6. I’d taken that to mean that it’s ending the night of October 6, but his post says there’s less than 24 hours left which suggests it’s ending tonight (October 5). If you’re interested in this 100,000 bonus points offer and are under 5/24, it’d therefore be best to apply ASAP.

There’s a chance that refer-a-friend links for 100,000 points will still work after affiliate links die. If that’s the case, we’ll update the link on our Best Offers page as we always ensure you can sign up for the best possible deal regardless of whether there’s commission available for it or not.

Chase has increased the welcome bonus for the $95 Sapphire Preferred card to 100,000 points after $4K spend in 3 months.  This is the best offer ever for this card!  100,000 points can be used to pay for $1,250 worth of travel booked through Chase, or redeemed against certain types of charges at that same value via Pay Yourself Back.  Even better, you can transfer points 1 to 1 to valuable transfer partners like Hyatt, United, Virgin Atlantic, etc in order to book even more valuable awards.  Alternatively, keep the points for a year and then upgrade to the Sapphire Reserve in order to get $1,500 of value from the same points.

This is a seriously awesome offer!


Please see: Sapphire Preferred 100K Q&A: Everything you need to know

For even more information, please click to our Chase Sapphire Preferred Card page.  On that page, you’ll find both the link to the offer as well as a Sapphire Preferred Guide which includes all of the following information:


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Hey Nick, Greg and team! I just clicked on you CSP link at the top of this article to complete the refer-a-friend offer, and it was showing the new (lower) 60k offer instead of 100k. Am I looking at the right page or are you still seeing 100k on your website? Thanks a bunch!!


I’ve had this card for about 4 years now. If I cancel the account, do I have to wait 48 months to re-apply to get the points? or would I be able to apply within a few months after I close the account since it has been more than 48 months since I received the award points? so to simplify the question. 48 months after account closed or 48 months after the the you received the award points?

Mark W

I had a working 100k referral link yesterday morning. At some point yesterday that link died, and now I can only refer for 60k. Is Chase killing the 100k referrals now?


Do we know or can we guess how long the refer link 100K bonus will last ? I am still waiting for Chase system to clear my Sapphire status.


I spaced on this and just downgraded today. Rep told me I had to wait 30 days to apply for CSP. Has anyone had luck applying a day or two after downgrading and getting approved? I know… I should have jumped on this earlier as I have had the CSR since 2016.

Andy C

2 business days seems to be the number now. I PC’d to Freedom Ultimate from CSR (Tuesday 10/5) and tried to apply on 10/6 (instant denial without credit pull). On 10/7 I reapplied, and Chase did the hard pull on my credit and gave me the “we need more time to review” message. Called Recon, and I was approved after moving credit limits around.


Thanks, thought I missed out, but just nabbed the 100k offer for my player 2


It’s still alive for 100,000 points – as long as it’s through a referral. Just checked it.
I am happy to offer my referral code …


My renewal fee for this card just came up and I’m planning to cancel it. Then I guess I can wait a year or two and reapply if I want it again. It is a nice offer for those that can get it.

Biggie F

A few stray thoughts here …

  • that “wait a year or two” needs more focus: unless things change, one has to wait 48 months after receipt of last bonus
  • then, whenever that date is, you’re going to need to be under 5/24, so be planning ahead
  • canceling? I’m assuming you have access to some other Chase card that lets you transfer points, but if not, that’s all the more reason to downgrade to a no-fee Freedom or Freedom Unlimited. You can’t use them to transfer, but you can use them to upgrade back to the Preferred if at some point you want to transfer points

I’ve been working through reconsideration for 3.5 weeks and I hope they honor it and it gets approved since I can’t reapply before 10/6.


Is it possible to know up front without going through hoops of 48 months to see if one is eligible for 100k points ? If one applies and gets approved, does that mean you will get points. Not sure how long ago my spouse had Sapphire reserve.


FYI. My wife signed up for the card 2 days before the upgrade to 100K. I called up and the rep said call back when we reach the required spending $$ and they will add the extra 20K. We’ll see.


Don’t worry they will and done that for me a couple of times. Their hoping u forget to call.


My wife applied for the 80K card a few days ago and her application is pending (not auto approved). Any chance once it gets approved (I think they’ll just want to move credit limit over from other Chase cards), we can secure message them and have them match the current offer as technically the approval would come after that was public?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Not much chance, no. Instead, she should consider calling to withdraw the application. If she tells the rep why, maybe the rep can resubmit the application under the new terms. I don’t know. But if not, it’s easy enough to then apply again once the original was withdrawn.


Thanks for the feedback! Will give that a go. Which number should I call? The reconsideration line? Will a second app not get auto denied given how close it would be?

Last edited 1 year ago by Tyler
Greg The Frequent Miler

Frequent Miler’s affiliate link for this card is now live! Huge thanks to anyone who waited for it! You’ll find it here: https://frequentmiler.com/CSP/#Goto


Any workarounds to get this sub if I currently have a csp card that I signed up for only 11 mos ago? I presume no but thought I’d check


You need to wait 48 months since your last Sapphire bonus, so you are not qualified for the Sapphire bonus for at least another 37 months.


Thank you for reporting this when it first broke, rather than staying silent until the affiliate link was set up. This shows how FM acts in its readers interest when other don’t. Once my 48 month clock is up I will be clicking through your link.


any idea how long this offer will be around?


Good on ya for posting this offer before affiliate links are available. Truly a reader-first move. I’m surprised (but also not surprised) this “BEST EVER!%!!!&@!!!” offer hasn’t even hit the other blogger accounts.


I cannot help but laugh at how quickly so many bloggers are to post random articles just for clicks. Yet now that we have one of the best credit card bonuses in the last few years, most are silently waiting for their affiliate links before posting. Thanks for your willingness to provide the exciting news right away. When your link becomes available, that is the post I will be sharing with a number of friends and family.


Greg, if I have the Preferred Card rn, can I downgrade my Preferred Card to a freedom and then apply for a new Preferred and will it still qualified for the 100k?
FYI. Currently not under 5/24, and got my Preferred card back in 9/2018.


It is a 48-month wait after getting a CSP/CSR bonus. So if you got the bonus on CSP in 2018 you have to wait another year. Of course you could downgrade and sign up for the card again, but not much point without the bonus.




Any knowledge of how long a chase shutdown stays in the system? Wife and I got all our cards shutdown a month ago but will be under 5/24 in August.


If my wife has both CSR and CSP and I’m added as a authorized user as both – will I still be eligible for the bonus if I’ve never held either card myself as the primary?


P2 is beyond 48 months on her CSR. She can downgrade to a no fee card for sure. Two questions.
1. If she applies for CSP and isn’t approved can she convert back into a sapphire product?
2. What happens to all the travel we’ve booked recently on her CSR for the travel protections? Do we get to keep the travel insurance protections on them?


Would like to know the answer to #1 as well!


Greg, is the 48-month rule since any Sapphire bonus, or just from the Preferred bonus? I received a Preferred bonus in 2015, then downgraded to the Freedom Unlimited and received the Reserve bonus in 2018. If I downgrade my Reserve card now and apply for the Preferred again, am I eligible for the 100K bonus?


Any Sapphire bonus, we have this same issue, but we are now at 48 months on the preferred since the annual fee came due.


I think the universe was looking out for me the other day when I tried to apply for the 80k offer and got denied! I suspect it was because I had also applied for an Ink card on the same day. I knew it was a possibility that I’d get denied for the CSP because of the Ink application, but thought I’d give it a try anyway and wanted to do the biz application first. So my question is — since I got denied for CSP when I applied, if I were to call reconsideration and got approved that way, would it still only be for the 80k? Would the best bet just be to wait 30 days from when I got rejected and apply new for the 100k? Thanks!

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes, it would still be 80K if you call recon, so it’s better to wait a bit and re-apply.


Can I apply and get the bonus even if I currently have the Reserve Card? It looks like you can’t have any Sapphire card opened.

Greg The Frequent Miler

No. You would have to cancel or product change your Reserve card first.


Hi, will I be eligible for this bonus? I got a chase sapphire preferred in April 2016 and then downgrade to freedom 2 years later. Then I applied for chase sapphire reserved in feb 2017 and then canceled it a year after. Thanks!

Greg The Frequent Miler


Dave Waz

Any word if they will be waiving the annual fee in branch?

Greg The Frequent Miler

I haven’t heard, but it does seem likely


I currently have a no fee Sapphire card that I haven’t used in over a year. How long would I have to wait after canceling this card to be eligible for the Sapphire Preferred 100k bonus?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Just a few days should be enough or a week to be sure


4 days if applying online


So this happened to me. I had old Sapphire. The rep converted that card to a New Freedom card. Then I applied few days later to the New Sapphire for the 80k bonus. (please verify)


In the past when Chase has increase the sign-up bonus offer have they given the increase to those that recently signed up? P2 signed up last week at the 80K offer. We thought at the time was spectacular offer, but now we have buyer’s (credit card sign-up) remorse.

Greg The Frequent Miler

They used to do so but they don’t anymore unfortunately


Does Chase offer match anymore? My spouse is still in the initial spend period for the 80k offer.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Early datapoints say no


Will Chase match people who were recently approved for the CSP $80k +$50 offer to this higher 100k offer?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Apparently not unfortunately.


My wife is over 48 months since last sign up bonus for a Sapphire Card, but currently holds CSR. Were we to cancel/downgrade it, would you mind reminding me of how long to wait before applying for CSP?

Greg The Frequent Miler

We usually recommend waiting a week, but people have had this work much faster (like maybe 2 days or so).

Joel T. Bell

This is interesting. If I’ve held my CSR for 48mo, what would I downgrade to that would allow me to apply fir the CSP 100k offer? My wife has CSP so would I need to transfer all of my points to her for safe keeping before I downgrade?


Is household points transfer working again? I have CSR but my wife is not an AU on it and has never had a Sapphire card.

Greg The Frequent Miler

It never stopped working. What stopped was the ability online to add your wife’s account as a target for you to combine points. You can still call Chase and have them add it.


They told me you can change it only once per year.


I assume the solution here would be to move the points from Sapphire Reserve to your wife’s new Preferred, where you could be an authorized users for $0.00.


FWIW, being added as an AU counts against the AU’s 5/24.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Only sort of. If you get denied due to AU cards, you can call and get your app reconsidered to bypass that issue


Good to know, thanks.


Does a call to Chase work to bypass being an AU on a spouse’s account in community property states where spouses are generally responsible together for debts acquired after marriage? I’ve heard that questions about financial responsibility to pay the account sometimes come up in the reconsideration call.

Mo Rose

What’s the easiest way to check if I’m eligible and not stuck with the chase sapphire 48 month rule.
I got the reserve 100k offer right before it expired a fee years back.

Greg The Frequent Miler

You should be safe. I think the 100K CSR offer died in Feb 2017, right? If you applied then and if you earned the bonus by May 2017 then it has been just over 48 months

Jeremy Macht

Greg, I applied for Sapphire Preferred in June 2017 (subsequently downgraded to Freedom Flex) and the bonus hit in my July 7th statement. Do I have to actually wait to apply until July 8th? Is it that strict?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes I believe it is that strict. Wait until July 8

Jeremy Macht

Hi Greg
For what it is worth I have a good data point for you. I waited to apply until July9th for good measure and was not approved. When I called the reconsideration line the woman told me the 48 months is based on the month of receipt not down to the exact day. I was told to reapply in August (not to call the reconsideration line). Hope this helps.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Wow, that’s even more strict than I expected! Thanks for letting us know. By the way, on August 1, if the current offer is no longer as good as when you applied, you can call Chase and ask for the application you previously submitted to be reconsidered. They should be able to put it through the approval process again at that time with the offer terms from the time you applied.


Call Chase up they TOAD me the day to apply to be Under 5 . I got 80k last month and they even TOAD me when I would get the 80K before hand .
But really all cards should be @ least 120K to make up for value lost.


I just went under 5/24 today, though I read somewhere that you need to wait until the 1st of the next month (is this true?). In any case, might be worth it to go for it now and worst case recon on the 1st.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes my understanding is that you need to wait until July 1, but yes you can lock in the offer by applying earlier and asking for recon in July.


Waiting till the 1st is not true. You can apply 1 day after falling under 5/24. I have been doing this the last few times in the past 2 years and has always been approved by Chase.


Looks like you can’t refer people to this offer. I checked my referral and only 80,000 points comes up.

Greg The Frequent Miler

In the past it has taken a while (I think a couple of weeks maybe?) with enhanced offers before you could refer others