CVS stops selling PayPal My Cash cards


Overnight, it seems that CVS pharmacies have stopped selling PayPal My Cash cards. Points, Miles and Martinis posted about this change this morning and Stefan of Rapid Travel Chai has since reported a Flyertalk thread with further data points.


While there was one commenter at Flyertalk reporting success in buying a card today, all other reports indicate that the register will not ring up the PayPal My Cash card, suggesting that this is something hard-coded into the register system. Several people have also called the number on the back of a PayPal My Cash card and been told that CVS has stopped selling the cards overnight.

Final Word

This is a disappointing development as it was one of the easy ways to increase credit card spend and get most of it back. It seems that this is a firm decision by CVS to stop selling these particular cards. As Stefan suggests, that move is more likely the result of security concerns with the cards rather than a larger policy shift with regard to gift cards. Still, we will continue to monitor this situation for any further updates.

H/T: Points, Miles, and Martinis and Rapid Travel Chai

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I’ve been happily using PayPal cash cards all year in San Francisco. I went into several Walgreens this past week looking for them and none were to be found in any location. Completely removed from the gift card displays . such a disappointment. we can never have nice things in this world.


You can buy a Visa or MC gift card and then create an a PayPal button link to pay yourself. I do this now that PPMC is no longer available. Yes the fees suck but it works.

I was told by a reputable source that there was too much money going across the border to Mexico and other Latin countries via the PP loads since so many illegals are being paid in cash only. I guess we all got Trumped


1. Can you share how to create a PayPal button link ?
2. Does a Vanilla Visa GC work?



I have tried to do this before but was denied because the name and address on the card I was using was the same as the information on my paypal account. So basically you cant pay yourself. It will work if the card has someone else’s name and address so keep that in mind too.

D. Davis

Thanks for the information I will definitely keep that in mind.

[…] It used to be easy to buy and liquidate up to $4,000 per month in PayPal My Cash cards:  Buy My Cash cards at CVS, pay with a credit card, load funds to your PayPal account, then liquidate those funds in a variety of ways.  For those who somehow avoided getting shut down by PayPal, this was an easy way to manufacture spend.  Now, however, CVS has stopped selling these cards altogether. […]


I have been getting the run around all day today with these paypal my cash cards. I went into Walgreens where I normally buy them they had none. The clerk told me they haven’t been getting any in for a couple of months now. I went into 7-11 same situation. So then I went to cvs to use the moneygram they usually let you load a debit card and it was totally deactivated at that location you could only moneygram money for someone to pick up. So then I went to walmart and it got even weirder. They never had the PPMC cards there but before I was able to add money to my account easily by filling out a form and providing the email associated with my account they no longer do it. They also no longer allow you to swipe your card and add money. I called the PPMC customer service line and was basically told as of May 9th the PPMC cards have been deprecated. they no longer use them but i could reload an old card if I had one which I do, however I have tried to reload an old card in the past at walgreens and the clerk could not do it. I explained this to her and asked if there was another option. She gave me a link to to a Paypal CASH page where you select a location and it gives you a barcode to scan only thing is the page doesnt work it doesnt let you select a location and from my phone it just kept redirecting me back to my accoutn summary page. I called the regular paypal line twice neither of the people could help or explain what the issue is. Its really annoying to call a customer service line and none of the employees have answers or a solution. I rarely need to load my account in this manner but I wanted to purchase something online and my account did not have enough funds. I do not want to use my bank or want to connect my bank to anything I have on my phone/online I had a horrible experience when I lost my phone and my account was drained so I learned my lesson. Paypal s just making this extremely difficult and their employees are not informed. i figured the cash page they directed me to is something no longer in service and retailers have decided not to allow paypal for security reasons. Just sad people mess it up for the rest of us.

is there anyway i can load cash onto another card like green dot etc and get the money to my account? I’ve seen people mention that but I don’t have an “add money” button under my balance just a “transfer money” with an option to add/select a bank.


Agreed with D.Davus, but PPMC is only loadable with cash now which I can confirm as of two days ago at CVS (anyone has success with CC purchase?).


Thanks for the answers guys! So if I understand correctly, I can load PayPal cash card at a CVS with cash only? We only have one family credit card and DH doesn’t want more cards or me to share my social or his so the Green Dot would not be an option for me. Can I print a bar code, present it to the cashier and the cashier would know what to do? Would I do it from​ PayPal? I’m so confused! I don’t have data plan on my phone so I can’t really use my phone for the bar code.




Do you absolutely need to enter your social security number to add money with Green Dot? Do you absolutely not recommend? Thanks in advance!


Hi Angie only in the beginning when you initially registering your card. The down side is you can only load 6 moneypaks a month and a total of $1000.00. The monthly fee is higher and to me paypal has more options. Check into it, I don’t like it and I would not recommend it.


I found all the above to be true here in the SF bay area. Can not find or reload ppmc any where. Had to purchase green dot.BAAAD is all I can say wish they bring back ppmc SO MUCH BETTER.


I found all the above to be true here in the SF bay area. Can not find or reload ppmc any where. Had to purchase green all I can say wish they bring back ppmc SO MUCH BETTER.


I have been to several wal greens in the florida area, CVS, Gas stations, If I did find them they cannot be ringed up. they kept saying expired.

[…] Reserve  shutdowns within the first two weeks based on gift card purchases. Hey — at least CVS made it easier to avoid that shutdown. Still, as some doors close, new ones that surprise us a little always open, reminding us that we […]


Tried at Dollar General last night. All cards come up as “cannot be sold.”

[…] Miler reports that CVS has stopped selling paypal cash cards. This was an important tool for many manufactured spenders, although, to be honest, I never really […]


I’ll add this DP for any military churners. It looks like AAFES is no longer selling these either. I see the post above about the new way to load so I will try that in the next few days and see how that works with AAFES.


Any luck with AAFES?

Note that the post above says “presented with options for stores that will do this for you”, for me, there are only three retailers in the drop-down (7-11, CVS, RiteAid), is this region specific? anybody get any other retailers?

Brandon Broderick

This sucks CVS is no longer using PayPal my cash cards anymore.