3 out of 5 ain’t bad: A quick guide to Daily Getaways 2017 week 3 (out of 5)


There are some excellent deals this week!  Not only is this week 3 out of 5 for the Daily Getaways, but also three out of five deals this week have earned my thumbs-up.  And, I’ve added a new feature to the guide: info about how many deal items are available.  After all, in my opinion, when there are fewer than 50 available in-total, it’s not even worth bothering with those at all.

Daily Getaways 2017 Week 3
The Daily Getaways are a set of travel deals available in limited quantities. Each day, for the next three weeks, a new deal becomes available at exactly 1 pm ET. The most popular deals will be sold out before any mere mortal can click the “Buy” button. The best way to grab these deals is to be at your computer minutes before the deal goes live and refresh your browser continuously like your life depends on it until the option to “Buy” appears. Then, click the button and hope not to see the dreaded sold out message. There are often multiple deals available on the same day. To increase your chance of getting one you can try first for the deal that has the most items available and that you think will be less popular than the rest.

Are any of these deals worth this craziness? In general the answer is… it depends. For most deals, you can save money by buying them if you were planning to spend more money on similar travel anyway. Many deals, though, will only encourage you to pre-pay for things you might never actually want to use.

Daily Getaways 2016 Thumbs Up

To save you time, I’ve summarized each deal for this week below and rated the ones I consider particularly deal-worthy with a thumbs up icon.  I’ll follow up with weeks 4 and 5 in later posts.

NOTE: With any deal that you’re interested in, please read the deal’s terms carefully. Some have severe restrictions that are not obvious in the summary description.

Date Available Deal Frequent Miler’s Review
Monday April 24

$100 Carnival Cruise Line Gift Card for just $85

2500 Available

Daily Getaways 2016 Thumbs UpIf you plan to sail Carnival, this appears to be a great way to save $15 per $100. These gift cards can be used to purchase cruise tickets or as deposit to an onboard account.  Limit 3 gift cards per purchase.  Note this very important detail: Gift cards will expire on November 30, 2018. So, don’t buy unless you’re planning to cruise (or purchase a cruise) before then!
Tuesday April 25

One-Day Avis car rental for $30

800 Available

Daily Getaways 2016 Thumbs UpI like this one.  Sure, it’s often possible to rent cars for $30 or less per day, but definitely not always.  This is an opportunity to lock in a low $30 rate for a premium car. Up to 7 free days can be used with one car rental.

Some disadvantages: Rental must be completed by May 15, 2018; You will have to pay the usual extra taxes and fees (but % fees will be less); Your credit card won’t cover rental insurance (but your regular car insurance probably will); and there are only 800 available.  I think these will sell out quickly.

Wednesday April 26

Vegas package deals ranging from $150 to $2000

Only 39 available in total

Does it really matter whether or not these are good deals?  There are only 39 available.  So, if there are any good deals here, you won’t get them anyway.
Thursday April 27

Vegas package deals ranging for $495 or $608

Only 26 available in total

Same as above. If there are any good deals here, you won’t get them since there are only 26 available in total.
Friday April 28

Buy Choice Privileges points for .4 to .45 cents each

1030 available in total

Daily Getaways 2016 Thumbs UpThe current Reasonable Redemption Value for Choice points is .67 cents each, so the ability to buy points for around .45 cents each is terrific!  I just spent a night at a perfectly fine Comfort Suites hotel where I paid 10,000 points for a room that would have cost $110 after taxes and fees.  With this deal, you could get the same room for just $45 all-in.

Even though there are over 1000 of these available, I predict they’ll sell out fast.

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[…] I pulled to the side and opened the Daily Getaways website in my iPhone browser.  Last week, there were several good Daily Getaway offers, but the one I was most interested in was the chance to buy Choice Privileges points at .45 cents […]

David L

For the Choice points it’s only showing “204 Available.”

Any idea that’s the number and not 1030?

Nick Reyes

You have to click on the images on the right hand side — they label them as a “Cambria Hotel for 3 nights” and a “Comfort Inn for 2 nights”, etc — but they’re all really just point packages.

There are 204 of the Cambria hotel packages (40k points for $160), 308 Comfort Inn packages (36k points for $155), 310 Comfort Suites packages (32,000 points for $220), and 208 Sleep Inn packages (20k points for $180).

David L

Thanks Greg and Nick!