Dear Santa, Please Bring These 14 Changes To Hyatt Place


The Hyatt Place brand sometimes gets a bad rap from Hyatt loyalists, but I love it. We’ve spent ~150 nights in their properties around the US over the past couple of years, so they’ve become like a second home (or more like our only home).

Hyatt Place Dallas Garland Richardson Texas

The rooms are spacious, we always sleep soundly on their beds, staff members are pretty much always great, most properties are pet-friendly, breakfast is good, there’s always a large corner sleeper sofa, lots of them only cost 5,000 points per night, etc.

It’s therefore one of my favorite hotel brands as we have a consistent experience at all their properties. Some people understandably prefer boutique over cookie cutter, but I like knowing what we’re going to get seeing as we spend so many nights in them each year.

Despite all the features I love about Hyatt Place, there are also numerous ways that they could improve. Seeing as it’s the holidays, I figured I’d ask Santa if he could bring about some of the following changes to the Hyatt Place brand over the coming year.

1) Add 1 Bedroom Suites

We travel with pretty much everything we own, yet it never feels crowded when staying at Hyatt Places as the rooms are so spacious, especially compared to brands like Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, etc.

Having said that, it would be nice if they offered 1 bedroom suites in addition to 1 king or 2 queen rooms. I tend to stay up working until 3-4am, while my wife often teaches online at 6am. We therefore both have to go work down in the lobby so that it’s not bright and/or loud while the other person is sleeping. Having a 1 bedroom suite helps solve that issue, but there are very few Hyatt Places that have that room type available.

2) Improve Globalist Benefits

Globalist status is fantastic, but most status benefits are moot when staying at a Hyatt Place. There are no suites to be upgraded to, breakfast is already free, there are no lounges, etc.

Based on the nature of the brand, there’s not much that Hyatt Place can offer Globalists. However, there are a few small things they could do like offer 250 bonus points per night or something like that.

3) Microwaves In Rooms

All room types have a wet bar or dry bar with a mini fridge, a feature we rely on. It would be nice to have a microwave in the room too though, rather than having to go down to the breakfast area where the keep the property’s one lone microwave when we want to reheat something for dinner.

4) Laundry Facilities

We’ve stayed at a few Hyatt Places that have guest laundry facilities, but more often than not they don’t have them. Most Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn Express properties we’ve stayed at have coin washers and dryers on site and it’s an amenity that we really value.

One of the few Hyatt Places we've stayed at with guest laundry
The Hyatt Place Austin/Round Rock is one of the few we’ve stayed at with guest laundry facilities

5) Cheaper Pet Fee

We travel full-time with our dog, so the fact that the majority of Hyatt Place properties are pet-friendly is a huge benefit for us. They also have consistent pet fees – $75 for 1-6 nights and $175 for 7+ nights.

While not extortionate, $75 is quite a lot if you’re just looking for a 1 or 2 night stay. Similarly, we’ve deliberately restricted past stays to 6 nights instead of 7 so that we wouldn’t have to pay an extra $100 once you hit the 7 night threshold.

My preference would be something like a $15 per night pet fee with a maximum of $150. That would likely increase how often we stay with them as it would make 1-3 night stays more economically viable.

Truffles loves the attention she get from front desk staff at Hyatt Places
Truffles loves the attention she gets from front desk staff at Hyatt Places, like at this one in Lexington, KY

6) 24/7 Coffee & Tea Station

Many hotel brands offer free coffee and tea 24/7 in the lobby. Not Hyatt Place though. Their caffeine center gets packed up as soon as breakfast is over.

7) More Plugs In Living Area

This is actually one of my main pet peeves when staying with them. When I’m not working in the lobby at night, I prefer working while sitting on the sofa. This can be tricky though as remarkably few properties have power outlets in the living area that are easily accessible.

The corner sofa is always pressed up against one corner, while on its other end there’s a side table which is usually right up against the wall as well. Even when pulling the table or sofa away from the wall a little, there are no power outlets. We therefore have to either rely on battery power or have our cables dangling across the room from the TV – if they even reach from there.

We recently stayed at a Hyatt Place where there were all kinds of outlets all around the living area – it was a thing of beauty.

All the power outlets we could hope and dream of at the Hyatt Place Chantilly Dulles Airport South
All the power outlets we could hope and dream of at the Hyatt Place Chantilly/Dulles Airport South

8) Larger Mugs

The coffee/tea mugs they provide in the room are teeny. You can fit maybe a cup of water in them, so I just grab a disposable cup at breakfast to use later on as they’re larger. That’s not great for the environment though, so a slightly larger mug would be appreciated. Being British, the ability to make a proper cup of tea is essential.

9) Later Breakfast

As you might’ve guessed by the fact that I stay up until 3 or 4 am, I’m a night owl. I therefore love staying at Hampton Inns as they always offer breakfast until 10am. That’s a policy I’d love Hyatt Place to implement so that I don’t have to be downstairs before 9am at some properties.

10) Trash Can Liners

Hyatt Place offers two good-sized trash cans in every room. They never provide liners in them though, meaning food and drink waste can quickly make them messy.

11) Non-Frozen Fruit

Hyatt Place properties keep their milk, water and freshly cut fruit on frozen slabs to keep them cold. That seems to work fine for the milk and water, but all too frequently the fruit seems like it got into a fight with Elsa from Frozen and lost.

The Hyatt Place Topeka - the biggest culprit of frozen fruit
The Hyatt Place Topeka – the biggest culprit of frozen fruit

12) Different Toiletries

The Barney Kenet M.D. toiletries offered at Hyatt Places aren’t that great. The soap is fine, but the shampoo never seems to lather up well, so it’d be nice to have them provide a different brand in the future.

Your standard Barney Kenet M.D. toiletries
Your standard Barney Kenet M.D. toiletries

13) Revert Back To The Old Breakfast Policy

Hyatt Place used to offer free breakfast to all guests regardless of how they booked their stay. That policy changed in late 2018, so now only World of Hyatt members who book directly (rather than through an OTA like get breakfast free.

That’s the official policy, but it’s not one that seems to get adhered to. Other than the first few weeks of this being rolled out, I don’t think we’ve been asked to provide our room number when going for breakfast so that they could verify if we were eligible for it being free.

I imagine that there are properties that do strictly enforce the policy though. That can create an inconsistent experience for guests, so it’d be good if they reverted their official policy back to providing free breakfast for everyone regardless of how they book their stay seeing as so few properties abide by the new policy anyway.

Hyatt Place Topeka Kansas breakfast - Bacon, scrambled eggs, potatoes & green chile corned beef hash
Hyatt Place Topeka Kansas breakfast – bacon, scrambled eggs, potatoes & green chile corned beef hash

14) Make The Bathroom Doors Smaller

OK, so this is a weird one, but it’s a quirk I notice at pretty much every Hyatt Place we stay at. Their bathrooms have such large doors that you have to wedge yourself between the toilet and shower in order to close the door. There was one we stayed at (I think in Columbus/Dublin, OH) where the door was so large that it actually scraped against the toilet seat when opening and closing the door.


If you could ask Santa for a change at Hyatt Place, what would it be? Let us know in the comments below.

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[…] While we stay in Airbnbs and hotel brands (e.g. Residence Inn, Candlewood Suites, etc.) that include kitchens in every suite fairly often, at least half the year we stay in regular hotel rooms with no kitchen facilities. I always make sure they have a mini fridge, but sometimes that’s it – not even a microwave in the room (I’m looking at you Hyatt Place). […]

[…] One of my pet peeves about Hyatt Place bathrooms is that they usually have strangely oversized doors that mean you have to pretty much get into the shower in order to close the door. On the positive side, the Hyatt Place Biloxi had a sliding door into the bathroom and so that wasn’t an issue. […]


Most of the items you reference can be solved by staying at an extended stay hotel. Breakfast time is built around providing the greatest benefit to the most guests. Keeping breakfast until 10am would result in cold and stale product to complain about. For the free breakfast policy it is all about cost management. With the commissions paid to OTAs the costs get out of hand quickly. I know as consumers we all want the most value for the lowest cost. I have a perspective of also seeing the P&L of hotels, including some HP properties. I often see comments that include “that is a cost of doing business.” There is also a cost that needs to be paid by customers to be able to keep a business open.

I am now ready for the beatings to begin via responses. Please be gentle.


HP Minneapolis downtown, best one I ever stayed at. They have 1 and 2 bedroom suites. Bathroom is awesome. Separate sleeping area in normal rooms with a door way (without a door). Still the breakfast is the same with not so great eggs.


I’m amazed no one has suggested that they make the closets deeper than the coat hangars. It’s the only place with such a poorly laid out closet.


My most common complaint about hotels is lack of power outlets. Two on each side of the bed. Two by the desk. Not sure why this is so hard.


Ur correct a table light by the bed with 2 plug in’s CHEAP to do ..I’m truly amazed what hotels have done the others just need to look. It’s not so bad today I have 4 USB ports on LT and use them.


Most of this list didn’t really apply to me on my past stay but #14 definitely did.
I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get into the shower/toilet room without having to step into the shower itself or wedge myself in between the wall and toilet to get the door to fully open/close without hitting me. Also the door wouldn’t open or get stuck if I left the bathmat on the floor since there’s no space under the door either. An improvement would be making the door swing outwards (although this would hit anyone using the sink at the same time), or just knock that wall with the door down and place a divider between the bed area and the sink area.. a sliding door would be good here and would give tons of room to undress for the shower.

Also microwaves on each floor at least would be a nice addition.


I love the Kenet shampoo & conditioner!
I often stay for work at the Portland ME HP and it’s been great; also it was new-built, not converted from something else.


Yes on no. 14!!!!


Lather is a sign of fillers, not good shampoo.


You Bloke’s are a tad bit Spoiled I bet u believe ur 5* right ? Jump up and grab up the towels before like I do and place them on the WC . A lot of this stuff was built thinking it was Cool (wood floors in a hotel room humm) or a new idea however gone wrong . Shower drains are poor maintenance a cup of Bleach and Shut the drain overnite or a week Perfect . As far as the TV I bring a bag of cables but my 14″ is better then most TV’s for sound too. I also carry a 220v 1 cup water heater (never used) with 5* coffee and tea . When u Check in make sure they know ur a Nice person not an Elitist .
As always like the Boy Scout’s teach u ” Be Prepared ” !!
Merry Xmas


yes, bring all your amenities to a hotel cause you can’t expect them to have any. Ok, sure.


Have you traveled before ? Of course all the free stuff is the best of the best and always works .

J s

How about more than 40 watt light bulbs. These rooms are always very dark. Also, the breakfast is one of the worst of any brand hotel, powdered eggs-yuk.


Make all future Hyatt Places with central heating and a/c. Those units in the room are too noisy for sleeping.

Point Chaser

Amen! 100% all very accurate


In room safes. Simple request.

Kathy (will run for miles)

That’s my request too. So many Hyatt Houses and Hyatt Places lack in room safes.