A different kind of Delta upgrade


Delta Upgrade Different

Yesterday morning, as I waited to board a small Delta jet (a CRJ200 for those keeping score), I was called up to the desk.  I had no idea why.  This flight had no first-class, and I was already seated in Comfort+ so I wasn’t expecting an upgrade.  But, I did get an upgrade of sorts.  The desk agent asked if I’d like to sit by myself.  Apparently in the time since I checked in, someone had filled the seat next to me.  So, the agent moved me up to 2B, where 2A sat empty.  In a single stroke, she upgraded two people.  I got to stretch out across two seats and presumably so did my original seatmate.

Of course I could have used the Delta mobile app to change seats myself, but I hadn’t thought to even look at the seat map that morning.  While it’s a minor thing, it certainly helped make me a more loyal customer.  Thank you gate agent lady!

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Can’t change seats once the airport takes control of the seating chart but it is a good idea to check your seat before that. Not fool proof but it can help.

Jake from MSP

Can’t change seats on the app if they’ve touched the upgrade / standby list…