DoorDash DashPass Free On Chase Sapphire Cards, $5 Monthly Credit Added For Sapphire Reserve


Chase has announced that they’ll be continuing to give Sapphire cardholders a free DoorDash DashPass membership, while also adding a $5 monthly credit for DoorDash on Sapphire Reserve cards.

DoorDash Scooter DashPass Food DeliveryFree DashPass Benefit

The free DashPass membership will be valid through December 31, 2024, so that’s almost three free years of the benefit if you keep your Sapphire Reserve or Sapphire Preferred card open that long and used as the payment option on your DoorDash account.

If you’d previously cancelled your DashPass membership due to the previous benefit  seemingly expiring, you can re-enroll and continue receiving the benefit. Chase has advised that the minimum length of time you’re eligible for the DashPass benefit is 12 months, so if you happen to come across this post in 2024 and haven’t already enrolled, you can still get DashPass for another year by enrolling your eligible Sapphire card, even though that’ll take you beyond the official December 31, 2024 end date.

Doctor of Credit notes that cardholders of the no annual fee Chase Sapphire card are also eligible for this benefit. The press release we received about this only mentioned the Sapphire Reserve and Sapphire Preferred card, but that might be simply because the no annual fee Sapphire card isn’t available for new applications.

DashPass can be a useful benefit for DoorDash users because it offers a $0 delivery fee when spending $12+ on food deliveries or $25+ on grocery deliveries. Even if you prefer to pick up your food rather than have it delivered to save on driver tips, DashPass can be beneficial because you get 5% back in DoorDash credit on eligible orders.

$5 Monthly Benefit

In addition to the free DashPass benefit, Chase Sapphire Reserve (but not Sapphire Preferred) cardholders will receive a $5 monthly in-app credit for DoorDash. You’ll be able to accumulate credits for three months before they expire which makes it a little more useful if you’re not a regular DoorDash user. That’s because you can therefore place one $15+ order every three months to take advantage of the credits rather than it being use-it-or-lose-it each month.

This new $5 monthly DoorDash credit will start in April 2022 and will run through December 2024.

Quick Tip

I’m not 100% sure that this still works, but it hopefully does. In order to take advantage of your free DashPass benefit, you have to pay for your order with your Chase Sapphire card rather than a different credit card that earns more on dining purchases.

However, paying with DoorDash gift cards bypasses that requirement but still allows you to receive DashPass benefits. That can be particularly useful seeing as DoorDash gift cards frequently go on sale for 10-20% off (e.g. from Meijer online even if you don’t live in an area with Meijer stores), so you can save on your orders while also taking advantage of DashPass. Sort of like having your cake delivered and eating it too.

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Worked on my hyatt card last week through 2022. I previously had it on my CSR but canceled prior to monthly charge.


So, I have the CSR and just looked at my DoorDash app and noticed that I only have $5 available in credits. I did not use DoorDash during the month of April. Do I not get the additional $5 (for May) until I spend the April credit? Or do they expire at the end of the month? —Confused??


Same here. Doesn’t seem to be rolling over at all.


This is good if you use DD the issue I have is all the menu prices are jacked up so I never use them


Hard pass


This new $5/month benefit is just embarrassing for a so called premium credit card.


Especially so for a $550 annual fee card.


Yes, it’s “embarrassing” to get free $60 a year in additional value that you weren’t getting before. How terrible.


Lmao, enjoy your premium, high class coupon book. All affluent people love to track monthly chump change credits. BTW, DD $5/month credits that expire in 3 months aren’t actually worth $60 a year, especially when you are prepaying $550. If you think otherwise, I have some great gift cards to sell you.

Retired Gambler

WR2 – you obviously realize the $550 isn’t the actual cost. Anyone that doesn’t have at least $300 in travel they would otherwise pay for shouldn’t have this card. That drops it to $250. That being said I am considering downgrading to the CSP before my renewal in August since I rarely use my CSR except for hotels (where I don’t have an affinity card with better return) or car rentals. I have the Amex Platinum (another “high cost coupon book” I’m sure in your opinion) but DEFINITELY get more value than $695 a year from it (even without considering the Centurion Lounges and International Airline Program discounts). Yes it takes a little work to keep up with it but I am retired, have spreadsheets and reminders to use certain credits and frankly don’t mind. If you do I understand but to each his own. BTW, I am definitely in the category of “affluent” many times over – just because I’m rich doesn’t mean I’m not looking for value


Actually, they are worth precisely $60 per year. You know how I know that? Because $5 x 12 = $60. If you don’t use DoorDash, then of course you aren’t capturing that value, but that’s a separate issue. How hard is it to place a food order once every 3 months (by your own logic). Have a Big Mac.


You are economically illiterate. You would pay $60 upfront for a $5/month annual DD subscription? No? Then it’s not worth $60. Go take an econ class before making a fool of yourself.


What do you think about this as a way to maximize benefits (assuming no CSR)…

  1. Register for Dashpass with a Chase MasterCard (before the end of March) to get free DashPass, and $5 off two orders each month (until September)
  2. October, switch to the CSR or CSP to get Dashpass until Dec 2024. With the CSR, you get that $5 monthly credit (with a 3 month expiration).
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