(EXPIRED) Earn 10% Cashback On IHG Stays Through Several Shopping Portals

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Cashback rates on shopping portals when booking IHG stays have been consistently high over the past year. Rates have hit 10% at times and they’re currently that high on several different shopping portals.

IHG 10% cashback rate

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Ibotta expires April 21, 2022, expiry date of 10% rate on other portals is unknown.

Quick Thoughts

Earning 10% cashback for paid IHG stays is a great return, especially if the updates to their revamped IHG One Rewards program are encouraging you to stay with them more frequently.

Note that your IHG stays only have to be booked while the shopping portal you use is offering a high rate like this – the stay can take place at any point during IHG’s booking calendar and you’ll still earn 10% cashback.

If your stay will be taking place before May 17, be sure to try registering for this targeted promotion.

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Which of these second / third tier portals do you think will be most likely to accurately track / pay out for IHG bookings? Any hope topcashback or rakuten will match?

IIRC IHG tracking in particular is poor across all portals inc top tier ones so this may be more of a concern than usual.


Thanks for the fast & thorough response. My experience is that TCB / RAK10 are good about paying out when there are tracking issues and Swagbucks et al are not. Zero issues with Swagbucks when things track.

Haven’t used Ibotta though. Would you opt for Ibotta over a Prodege portal (inc Swagbucks)?