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Along with Spirit’s new Free Spirit loyalty program, there are now two new Free Spirit credit cards: Free Spirit Travel Mastercard (fee free) and Free Spirit Travel More Mastercard (Free first year, then $79).  Those with the old $59 Bank of America Spirit Mastercard will be transitioned to the $79 Travel More Mastercard (I don’t yet know the timing for this).

1) These credit card programs are issued and administered by Bank of America, N.A. Mastercard, World Mastercard and World Elite Mastercard are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated and are used by the issuer pursuant to license. 2) Requires $10,000 spent on purchases the prior year. 3) Requires $5,000 spent on purchases the prior year. 4) $10 spent on purchases = 1 SQP. 5)  Food and drink only

Both credit cards give you the ability to create a points pool so that you can combine points with family members and friends.  I think that’s a great feature that ought to be available with every loyalty program, but it’s rare.  It’s nice that you can get this ability with Spirit’s fee free card.  Both cards also keep your points from ever expiring.  Without a Spirit credit card, your points will expire after a year of no activity.

In my opinion, neither card is particularly valuable for spend unless you’re interested in earning elite status with the Travel More card.  With that card, you will earn 1 SQP (Status Qualifying Point) for every $10 of spend.  This means that you can earn elite status without flying, as follows:

  • $20,000 spend = 2,000 SQPs = Silver status. Silver status includes perks like free seat selection at check-in, shortcut boarding, and same-day standby.
  • $50,000 spend = 5,000 SQPs = Gold status.  Gold status includes all Silver status perks plus things like free seat selection at booking, free drink & snack on board, free 1st checked bag, and free carry-on bag.

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Can’t believe you beat The Onion to the punch here? Or did you plagiarize them?


So, you’re saying, all I have to do is spend $50K on a Spirit Airlines credit card and I get a free checked bag, free carry on, free Coke, free seat choice? All that and a bag of chips? Unbelievable! How can they afford it?


shareholders money


I got burned on the previous BofA Spirit CC, so fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.




As much as I like Spirit and have the old card I can’t imagine spending $20,000 or more on “this” credit card to get status. I’m not even sure $5k for the companion voucher is worth it as it still has a $100 fee and many of the routes are cheap anyway. Seems odd. I’d rather they just give out the 5,000 points annually like Flying Blue does on that card from the same bank.