Freedom may be the only product change path to Freedom Flex


Greg wrote this morning about whether or not you should consider applying for the Chase Freedom (Visa) card right now given that applications for this card will no longer be available after September 14th — in fact, in our most recent email, it was worded that Chase would stop accepting applications on September 14th (no idea what time of day). One of the key points in Greg’s post was considering whether you would like to have more than one card with rotating categories in the future. We’ve since received another pertinent update from Chase: according to what we’ve been told by Chase, not only will it be impossible to have more than one Freedom Flex card (even via product change), but crucially important: the Freedom Flex will only be available via product change from an existing Chase Freedom Visa. That second part is hugely important: we are told that it will not be possible to product change from a Sapphire or Freedom Unlimited card.

Baby Yoda Chase Freedom

It’s worth noting that official information does not always match what is actually possible in the real world. It is possible that the information we’ve received is incorrect and that it will indeed be possible to product change to the Freedom Flex from other personal cards that earn Ultimate Rewards.

However, with the new Freedom Flex being a Mastercard rather than a Visa (as all of the other currently available Ultimate Rewards cards are), I think it is more conceivable that Chase will in fact limit product changes to existing Freedom cardholders. Again, we asked directly whether it would be possible to product change to the Freedom Flex from a Sapphire or Freedom Unlimited card and we were told in no uncertain terms that it would only be possible to product change to the Freedom Flex from an existing Chase Freedom card.

Furthermore, we were told that it will not be possible to product change from the Freedom Flex back to the Chase Freedom Visa.

The specific wording on product changes said that the Freedom Flex would be available as a product change to existing Freedom customers only. We don’t know for sure whether Chase will still allow product changes to the Freedom Visa after 9/14, but based on the way this is worded and the clarity with which they’ve said that customers will not be able to have two or more Freedom Flex cards, my instinct is that the Freedom Visa won’t be available for product change after 9/14. I hope I’m wrong, but I recommend preparing as if it won’t be possible to get the Freedom Visa from that date onward.

The two important takeaways here are:

  1. If you want to have a product change avenue to the Freedom Flex when it debuts, you should make sure you have a Freedom card by 9/14 (whether by new application or product change). For those over 5/24, the only path to a Freedom Flex will be to secure a Freedom card now via product change.
  2. If you want to have more than one card with rotating bonus categories, you probably need to product change to Freedom Visa cards now

Again, keep in mind that it’s possible for real world experience to differ from written terms, but it is worth taking this information into consideration as you plan your approach.

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Kyrie English

Looking for an update, I have held a CFF (no PS on the card ever), is PSing to Freedom Visa still possible?


Can you product change CFU –> Freedom…wait x # of months… –> then product change the Freedom to the Flex?

Captain Greg

Hmmm, I wish I had read this more closely before I switched to the flex. Called chase today to try to switch from the flex to the CSP, but they wouldn’t let me.


Hi Nick,
I’m so glad to happen to see this pose. I’m a novice here. Can I apply for Freedom if I currently hold a Freedom card but as an authorized user?

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes, no problem


Just got approved for the Freedom. It took several days to get approved. Already have the Bus. Ink and Freedom Unlimited. We may go for the Flex in a few months.

This was for my wife and she was 2/24 so I was surprised it took a week or more to approve her. Anyone have the same experience.

Michael P

Hi. If I product change my Freedom for a Freedom Flex on the 14th, how long before I would be able to pickup a referral bonus for referring a friend? Thanks

[…] 9/5/20: FM reports being told that it will only be possible to product change from the Chase Freedom to the Freedom […]


I think it’s a misguided assumption to think the Freedom card won’t be available for product changes after Sep 14, even though Chase will stop taking applications for it, because Chase hasn’t accepted applications for the Sapphire card for several years yet is still available for product changes.


Do you think you can product change from a Sapphire to a Freedom Unlimited after 9/14?


Actually, I meant Sapphire Reserve

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes, I think so


 it will not be possible to product change from a Sapphire or Freedom Unlimited card.”

If so, the reverse is also true. It’s impossible to product change the flex Freedom card to a sapphire or unlimited card. With other cards offering similar or better earnings at drugstores and restaurants, I’m inclined to keep the Freedom Visa card.


Great point


The freedom unlimited just updated its bonuses. Travel, dining, and drugstore. I was wondering why they would do that. Drugstore is now 3% all of the time.

Larry K

Nick — sorry if this is too detailed of a question, but I’m curious what you would advise here. Two players. Player 1 has 1 Freedom Unlimited, 1 Freedom, 1 Sapphire. Player 2 has 1 Freedom Unlimited and 2 Freedoms. Player 1 plans to downgrade Sapphire in January of next year — plan previously was to Freedom but I guess that won’t work now. It seems to me that if Chase will let us, we should both product change our Freedom Unlimiteds to Freedoms now. Both are over 5/24 and so only way to get Flex will be product change.

Last edited 3 years ago by Larry K

“plans to downgrade Sapphire”
How do you downgrade a Sapphire? It’s already a downgraded card. Do you mean product change it to a Freedom? I believe that’s still available. Is it not?

Larry K

Sorry, Sapphire Reserve. I am going to downgrade in January.


Hello, Nick and Greg,

I really appreciate for your report. I am wondering whether the $200 bonus plus 5% cash back grocery store offer would be unavailable if you did a product change to get the chase freedom visa. One representative told me that it will be unavailable.


Will you be able to apply for the Flex if you have a Freedom?


Yes, the reports indicated that it is a completely different product so one could theoretically hold all 3 freedom “flavors” simultaneously without risking the loss of a new applicant bonus, etc.