(EXPIRED) Chase Marriott Cards: Earn 10x At Gas Stations & Restaurants On Up To $3,500 Spend (Ends 9/30/20)

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Update 9/4/20 from Nick: Chase has sent an email indicating that this offer has been extended to 9/30/20. You still must activate by September 15, 2020 – so don’t forget to do that.

Update 8/11/20 from Nick: Many people have been unable to register for these bonuses, but we received a report today in Frequent Miler Insiders that the following link is working for registration: chase.com/mybonus. I have personally been trying to register since this promotion began and have been regularly trying both that link and the one within this post with no success as recently as this past weekend. However, today I was suddenly able to register all of my cards. We’ve since had further success reported in Frequent Miler Insiders. If you were previously unable to register, it’s worth trying that link today.

Original post follows.


Chase Marriott and Ritz-Carlton cardholders can register to earn 10x on up to $3,500 of spend at gas stations and restaurants for the next couple of months.

Outdoor restaurant

The Deal

  • Earn 10x Marriott Bonvoy points per dollar at gas stations and restaurants when paying with the following credit cards:
    • Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Credit Card
    • Marriott Bonvoy Premier Plus Business Credit Card
    • The Ritz-Carlton Credit Card
    • Marriott Bonvoy Credit Card
    • Marriott Bonvoy Premier Credit Card
    • Marriott Bonvoy Business Credit Card
  • Direct link to registration.

Key Terms

  • Offer valid July 15 to September 15, 2020.
  • Valid on up to $3,500 of spend.

Quick Thoughts

Note that unlike the recent 3x/5x grocery bonuses on many Chase credit cards where the bonus points were earned automatically, you have to register for this promotion. Chase announced this promotion a week or two ago, but Greg, Nick and I haven’t had any success registering any of our Marriott or Ritz-Carlton credit cards since then. This isn’t a targeted offer – all primary cardholders with accounts in good standing are eligible to register for this offer, so there seems to be some kind of issue on Chase’s end. They’re aware of this problem and advised us that it had been fixed, but we’re still unable to register.

Chase has assured us that you can register any time up to September 15 and you’ll earn bonus points retroactively on any eligible spend since July 15, so if you have the same issues registering right now, you should be fine using your Chase Marriott cards at restaurants and gas stations from today provided you remember to register by September 15. We believe Chase is still working on the registration issue, so we’ll repost this post once it’s fixed to remind you to try registering again.

In terms of the offer itself, 10x points at gas stations and restaurants is a great offer and means my Chase Marriott cards won’t be leaving my wallet once they stop earning 6x at grocery stores at the end of this month. The restaurants category also includes food delivery like Grubhub and DoorDash, so it’s not only restaurant-specific purchases which are eligible.

The spending limit is $3,500 per card, so if you have more than one eligible card for this offer, you can spend $3,500 at eligible locations on each card to earn 10x. That won’t be applicable for many people, but if you have 7-Eleven stores that code as gas or Speedway gas stations near you, spending $3,500 per card might be more easily achievable.

If you wouldn’t normally use Chase Marriott cards for dining spend, be sure to link those cards in apps like Dosh and also airline or hotel dining programs to make sure you don’t miss out on earning additional cashback and/or bonus points and miles.

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[…] Chase Marriott 10X bonus for restaurants and gas: July 15th – Sep 30. […]

[…] Earn 10X at restaurants and gas stations on up to $3,500 spend.  You must register by 9/15/20.  Promotion ends 9/30/20. […]


Finally able to register my Ritz card today (9/7/2020) – Wish this had triggered earlier and I would have moved more spend.


Have the Boundless card, but still no luck registering. “ The offer you are attempting to access is not available for the card account you entered.”


When did you get the card?
Is it new?
I think cards opened after promo started aren’t getting targeted… Anyways that’s my theory

Robin Banks

I think you’re right. I opened Boundless shortly after the promo started and haven’t been able to activate it through the link, SM or call.

[…] While not necessarily the deal of the week, I also wanted to highlight in this post that the Chase Marriott promotion for 10x at restaurants and gas stations is now working for registration for those of us who were previously unable to do so. See: [Update: Now working] Chase Marriott Cards: Earn 10x At Gas Stations & Restaurants On Up To $3,500 Spend (Ends 9/15/20). […]

[…] then, we were finally able to successfully register for the Marriott 10x promotion at gas stations and restaurants. I therefore decided to try registering all our different Chase […]

Adam Jones

You mentioned Speedway as a good option to rack up the $3500 in spending. How do you accomplish this at Speedway?

Stephen Pepper

They sell all kinds of gift cards and don’t have any problem accepting credit cards as payment. Their Speedy Rewards program also offers 20 points per dollar when buying third party gift cards, so that can be worth 1.5-2% back depending on how you redeem the points.

Stefan Krasowski (Rapid Travel Chai)

Using the new link, my business card registration work, my wife’s personal worked while her business didn’t.


I got a Marriott Boundless card 2 weeks ago. The link didn’t work for me at that time. I sent a secure message to Chase and they said I was not targeted. Tried the link just now and still could not register. Maybe because it’s a new account?


Still a no for me


Same here


Have you managed to get this offer attached yet? No luck for me on my Marriot Boundless.

Stephen Pepper

I haven’t been able to register any of my cards yet. We’ve reached back out to Chase to see if there’s any progress their end.

Robin Banks

Have you received an update from Chase since you reached back out? Still not able to activate the offer on my Boundless.

Stephen Pepper

We’re still trying to get clarification as to what’s going on. They’re making it sound like it’s only isolated incidences, but when we polled the Frequent Miler Insiders group recently, ~45% of people had been unable to register.

Robin Banks

Sounds good, thanks for the reply. I’ll keep spending for those categories on this card since it should be retroactive.

Robin Banks

Seems like this may be a targeted promo after all. Or Chase still hasn’t rolled it out properly. This is what I received in response to my SM: The offer you are attempting to enroll is not available for the card. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.

Stephen Pepper

It might be worth giving Chase a call to double check the address on your account. When logging in to my wife’s account online, it showed our correct address, but she wasn’t able to register for the offer. When calling Chase, apparently they had our old address showing on this one card even though that wasn’t being displayed online for some reason.

Mark L Hoffman

My Bus Premier Plus card would not work, FYI. My personal Boundless went fine.


Registered Boundless, Premier Plus Business. Issue with RC

Thomas Zook

I just signed up from the link on this post. First it redirected me. I entered the information again and was accepted. I used the business card.


No go here on my Ritz card.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Bonvoy Boundless registration worked, but I couldn’t register my Ritz card or my Bonvoy Premier Plus Business card

Parts Unknown

Try this link instead of the one you guys linked to above

Traveler Mike

My Bonvoy Premier Plus Business card registration worked!


Worked. No problem registering.


I first tried registering my RC from your link & said not available but then redirected me to a similar sign-in & it took it.

Traveler Mike

10x Marriott vs. 5x Ultimate Rewards … which do you pick first for gas?

Stephen Pepper

That’d depend on how you value the points, but I’d personally choose UR first. We’ve nearly maxed out the $1,500 spend on my wife’s CSR already due to an auto repair coding as gas, but if you’re UR-rich and Bonvoy-poor, it might make more sense to collect Marriott points.


If you have a lot, 10 Marriott points is worth about 4.166 airline miles, so I’d take that over 3 UR but probably not 5. Personally.


I was able to register my boundless card

Janet Weiden

I was able to register.


Still no go here, tried an Ritz and a Marriott card.


Update: Worked today, thanks!