(EXPIRED) Get Fee-Free Plastiq Payments When Using Masterpass


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If you weren’t fortunate enough to win Greg’s offer of $10,000 in fee-free dollars with Plastiq, your luck might’ve changed. For the next few months, Plastiq is offering fee-free payments of up to $500 when using Masterpass and paying with a Mastercard.

Plastiq Masterpass No Fee

The Deal

  • Pay up to $500 in bills and invoices using your Mastercard on Masterpass and pay no Plastiq fee.

Key Terms

  • Expires September 30, 2018.
  • Can only be used up to the first $500 on each transaction.
  • Customer needs to have made $500 in payments in their account history to qualify.
  • They need to use a MasterCard that they added to their MasterPass Wallet.

Quick Thoughts

Fee-free payments of $500 will save you $12.50 per transaction. This is a great deal as there’s not – as yet – any limitation as to how many payments you can make during the promotion period.

I find it hard to believe that this promotion will continue for the next 4.5 months in its current format though. Many people cycling $500 transactions every single day until September 30 would presumably be unsustainable for Plastiq. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this promotion, I’d therefore advise jumping on it ASAP in case they make changes. This could come in the form of placing an upper limit on how many $500 transactions each customer can process or perhaps pulling the promotion in its entirety.

Thanks to Amol in the Frequent Miler Insiders group for a heads up about this promotion earlier this afternoon.

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[…] 10) (EXPIRED) Get Fee-Free Plastiq Payments When Using Masterpass […]

[…] promotion to make $500 Plastiq payments fee-free using a Mastercard linked to Masterpass (See: Get Fee-Free Plastiq Payments When Using Masterpass). Stephen predicted that the promotion was a bit too generous to continue unchanged for 4.5 months, […]


How are people cycling $500 transactions every single day ?
Unless they are funneling through someone’s business account ??


Looks like you can only do one transaction per Plastiq account. I did it the first time and the option to apply Fee Free $ was available but not subsequent times?


Ideas on best card to use to maximize on this promotion?


I used citi double cash. Don’t know if any other better cards exist other than sign up bonus.


Any way to be allowed to make use of this if I’m just signing up now for a Plastiq account?


Does anyone know how to add non-CapitalOne cards to the Masterpass CapitalOne Wallet? It seems to me that Plastiq only allows Masterpass CapitalOne Wallet, which does not allow non-CapitalOne cards…


Use another browser or delete cookies. I had the same issue.


Sweet! It works! Thanks a bunch!


Thanks! I had this question as it always went to Capitalone Masterpass. Open in incognito mode and I get Masterpass instead, which allows me to add any Mastercard.


In my case I only get Citipass Materpass. I goes there after I enter my email address. How do I remove that dependency? I did delete cookies.


Incognito mode works