[Update] Good availability: Secrets Impression Moxché (all-inclusive via Hyatt)


Update 3/11/23: Availability has been back again on many dates through the end of the schedule. I didn’t have much difficulty finding several consecutive nights in January:

At 21-29K points per night, this property looks to be an incredible deal versus cash rates.

This property is scheduled to double in price — to 50K points per night for a “standard” award — when category changes kick in on March 28, 2023. However, booking now locks in the current award price. If you have this property in mind, it makes sense to lock it in right away.

Our original post follows.

Thrifty Traveler this week flagged good award availability at what looks like a very nice all-inclusive resort that’s bookable for a reasonable number of World of Hyatt points: Secrets Impression Moxché. Award availability was reported to be excellent through February of 2024. While I didn’t check a huge number of dates, I had no difficulty finding availability on the first several sets of dates I checked.

This calendar shows award pricing if available, it is not an availability calendar.

Secrets is an adults-only all-inclusive brand, so this deal is going to be for people traveling in a party of 2 (or possibly 3). Standard awards cost 21,000 off-peak, 25,000 standard, or 29,000 peak. Those standard awards cover occupancy of 2 adults — adding a third adult bumps rates up an additional 10K points per night when available.

Award rates compared quite favorably to cash rates on each of the sets of example dates that I checked. Cash rates can sometimes be a couple hundred dollars more yet.

Google reviews of this property look to be quite good and the pictures make it seem like it certainly wouldn’t be a disappointment at the current award cost.

While I can’t speak from experience, this does indeed look like an intriguing opportunity if you’re looking for an adults-only all-inclusive getaway. According to Thrifty Traveler, award availability had been fairly scarce until this week. I haven’t tracked that myself, but regardless this looks like a good place to use some World of Hyatt points.

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Can’t find any availability to book with points. I find this happens All.The.Time with Hyatt points. Sitting on almost 200k points and the only time I’ve been able to use them was when my backpack (I was hiking for 2 weeks) never showed up in Reno and I had to crash at the Hyatt airport hotel across the street (it *was* perfect for that) 2 nights waiting for it. Hyatt either doesn’t have properties where we travel or you can’t book the hotels (cobrands with no award space)

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There’s zero availability. I just checked midweek for every week through the end of Feb 2024. Sigh.


Cash rates of $800 to $1000 for these all inclusive hotels are ridiculous.


I am unable to book this property for 3 people. I also try calling and no luck. I booked the Secrets next door for a stay of 3 adults on points. Any DP on booking Moxche for 3?


If you go to Mexico, well, nice knowin ya.


$50 cancellation FYI even if you cancel early. 2 nights if canceled within 4 days of the stay


moxche available!! i had been watching secrets impression moxche since the deval was announced. today i received an alert about some nights in november but i found that november and december were pretty much wide open. i quickly grabbed five nights @ 21k per nite then five minutes later i checked and all availability was gone. i checked now and it is back. i think there is a problem with their system because all along there has been only 1% of the nights available. if you want it, i would grab immediately!!


Where do you watch for the availability, trying to book November or December


maxmypoint.com – as of this writing, 63% of the whole calendar year is available, weird…


Thank you! will keep checking, hopefully some more dates will open up.


I’m checking 2 nights at a time, sometime between mid-October and mid-December and have found zero availability so far. Ultimately I’m looking for a 5-7 days but I figured trying smaller bites would help. Not so far though.


Try longer periods because they might have minimum stay requirements


Bumping up to 7 nights did the trick. Thanks!


I checked and no availability for 7-8 nights. What are the dates that you booked?


Actually, I screwed up in my comment. Apologies. I found availability for the regular Secrets, not the Impression. What throws me off is that rooms are showing available for sale with cash payment but not points. I thought about asking my Hyatt concierge to check into it but frankly it’s probably not worth the hassle. My wife and I will likely just go back to the Zilara Rose Hall in Jamaica since it’s pretty awesome.


Secrets is better. Trust me I’ve been to both.


I am using Staywithpoints.com Flexible alerts feature. I am seeing for the month of October for 5 nights.
Checkin dates 10/1, 10/3, 10/4, 10/5, 10/6, 10/7, 10/23, 10/26. 10/27 available


What a great tool to use. Thanks so much!


I setup alerts on Staywithpoints.com and was able to secure my booking!!


Nick how did you access that calendar in the first photo. Looks very helpful for determining best dates by price ( not award availability as you mentioned). I’ve never seen a calendar like that for hyatt.


When you are in the process of booking a room on points, there is a points calendar link near the top of the choose room page.


Anyone tried looking at this property today? I looked at a bunch of dates but couldn’t find any availability. Is it really all gone already?


Same here, nothing on several dates.


I would note that Hyatt now controls an insane number of all-inclusives along the Mayan Riveria. I’m not sure if this deal is better than others. It kind of depends on your personal preference. I will say that Hyatt all-inclusive redemptons are terrific deals for less frequent Hyatt customers who don’t have high status. Globalists (like me) can go to a fancy Hyatt resort and get plenty of stuff for free, while ordinary customers get “room only” redemptions. Some Hyatt all-inclusives give you a few modest perks to Globalists, but status is really not “necessary” at these properties.

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Did I miss where the location was mentioned?


playa del carmen


Reviews are mixed. Seems to be one of those places that attracts points junkies just because of the high sticker price.


I suspect that’s right. I’ve been following some of the commentary about this property and there are a lot of red flags. My biggest concern is that it’s a “hotel within a hotel.” As a Globalist, I was upgraded to something similar at the Dreams Tulum a few months ago. The extra benefits are reasonably nice — like access to a better bar and an “exclusive” beach area — but they’re not earth-shattering. I’m not sure if Secrets is higher end than Dreams (I thoght the difference was that at Dreams kids are welcome and at Secrets they’re not), but my Dreams experience was definitely not 5 stars. That seems to be what the (limited) reviews are reporting at this property.


Agreed! I noticed most reviews about the beach itself are fairly or very negative. Also saw multiple mentions of hard sales pitches. Pass!


Not a good beach resort. Not at all. Also pools are cold. It’s good for big rooms and “decent “ food. It doesn’t even come close to the Altiere which can be booked for less if you are paying cash. Issues here again. Cold pools and terrible beach

Marc Veverka

Have you been here? I went in February. Pools were fine and NOT COLD. Beach is not that great but it you don’t care, (like me) then it does not matter.


I keep getting this error when I click “view rates” for anything in October.

Unfortunately, this hotel is not accepting World of Hyatt points or award during those dates. Explore our other rates or modify your search.


that’s not an error, just saying rooms are not available for point booking. always start with 1 night at a time. Oct could be the best time to visit Cancun I don’t know. I just booked 4 nights at end of August… it will be freaking hot but no choice… a week before kids school starts. Next opportunity is winter break but no offpeak availability.


I think it’s the Secrets Impressions Moxche that everyone is worked up about. Same category, same resort, but the impressions side is extra fancy 😉