(EXPIRED) Green Chef: $63 or 2200 AA Miles for at-home meal shipment (Chase Offer back)

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Update 3/13/23: There is another Green Chef Chase Offer out with an expiration date of 3/31/23. This should be plenty of time to stack it with the portals. (h/t: reader Josh)

The meal-delivery service Green Chef currently has a boosted rate on several shopping portals. Topcashback (TCB) is offering $63 back, Rakuten is 20x and the American Airlines portal is offering 2200 AAdvantage Miles and Loyalty Points when paying for one order on a new sign-up.  There is also a stackable Chase offer that gives 15% back on up to $100 in purchases.

The cheapest plan is 3 meals for 2 people which comes out to ~$40 after discounts and including free shipping.  With the Chase/BOA Offer, the total cost is ~$34, making the TCB offer a ~$30 moneymaker.

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The Deals

  • Earn $63 cash back when ordering from Green Chef after clicking through from the Topcashback shopping portal.
  • Earn 20% cash back or 20x Membership Rewards points when ordering from Green Chef after clicking through from the Rakuten shopping portal.
  • Earn 2,200 American Airlines AAdvantage miles when ordering from Green Chef after clicking through from the American Airlines shopping portal.
  • Stack with targeted Chase/BOA offer for 15% off up to $100 of Green Chef purchases.

Key Terms (similar across all portals)

  • Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site.
  • Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents. Purchases made with a gift card may be ineligible.
  • Valid for first-time subscribers only
  • Valid one-time per portal member

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Quick Thoughts

Green Chef is a meal kit delivery service that provides a variety of options for various dietary preferences like keto, paleo, etc. It’s a certified organic company that emphasizes its commitment to sustainability and green practices, noting that its meals produce less waste than grocery store meals. It claims to be the only meal kit that offsets 100% of its direct carbon emissions and plastic packaging.

I personally haven’t had any issues with clawbacks of cash or miles earned through a portal for Green Chef, but it’s worth noting that some have. It’s also worth noting that many folks have been able to get portal payouts even though they’ve signed-up in the past, although the terms exclude it.

It currently has a promotion for new sign-ups that automatically stacks and provides 50-65% off and free shipping off of the first order.  I chose the cheapest option of three meals, but you can certainly choose larger orders if you want to try more options.

You can easily skip as many deliveries as you’d like through the online portal.  My usual drill is to stay signed up but skip deliveries until the miles have posted and then cancel.

There are usually several portal offers with meal-kit services, my wife and I did Sunbasket and quite enjoyed it. I value these meals a little more than some will, as they will legitimately provide three meals for my wife and I (that we don’t have to shop for).

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Not apropos of this in particular but has anyone else had issues with TopCashBack not actually honoring what they advertise? I don’t mean totally ignoring purchase but I would say that over 75% of the items I purchased via TCB which were touted as being anywhere from 4-25% cb came in t 1. A message to complain was greeted with stock “see terms and conditions, not all purchases qualify . . . .” In other words, nearly half the time I have used them, I’ve been screwed. This is especially galling because a lot of these purchases factored in the cb and would never have been made but for that money. I’ve pretty much abandoned them and only use rakuten and airline shopping portals now.

Mr. Seg

Chase is up to 2,300 points


I can’t find 15% chase offer, most certainly don’t have it. I can see 20% for home chef, not green chef.


Word to the wise: if planning to cancel, cancel a couple days BEFORE the first box arrives. If you wait til the day of, you’ll get charged for the next shipment.


15% off chase offer too now, still 2200 miles on aa


How long does it take for the order to begin to process? Ordered a few hours ago and still does not appear on my credit card.


Still hasn’t post on my credit card as well but the miles have posted


Got confirmation of miles yesterday in the PM, and showed up on my credit card as a pending charge this morning.


looks like tcp has the best offer at $63 cb. 2pp/3meal plan comes up to $32 for me, so a $31 money maker via tcp – beats the 40% rakuten and aa miles offer.

Cannot make it via chase 15% as it expires in 3 days, but only missing ~$4.xx on the $32 meal plan.


Chase offer I have expired in 3 days. I have my doubts that any of the charges would post in time


it actually doesn’t have to post, just process then (for chase offers). I have done deals on last day before. Amex offers should work that way too. Only issues are with like Dell if they decide to not ship your item for 2 weeks


It’s also $53 back through capital one offers ( not to be confused with capital one shopping)


I thought Green Chef was one of the better meal kits. What’s anyone’s experience trying this a second, third, fourth time?


That’s interesting. I’m a really picky eater and I made the mistake of signing up before trying to look at the menus. I’ve switched weeks several times and cannot find a single meal I would eat. Unfortunately, I chose the Rakuten route so I didn’t make $ on the deal but after Rakuten MR points and my Chase 15%, I’m still out over $20 for what will amount to a few chicken “cutlats” and some pork tenderloin.


I’ve got my Rakuten acct tied into Amex points. But I also can’t figure out how to get 8,000 MR points without spending $400.


Rakuten is up to 40x now.


Sorry if I’m misunderstanding – how does this net 8,000 MR points? Wouldn’t you have to spend $400 to get that with 20x on Rakuten?


yeah I think it should be $40 x 20x = 800 MR points


40x on Rakuten today


Yeah I had the same question