(EXPIRED) Happy Cards Amex Offer: Spend $100 & Get $15 Back Or 1,500 Membership Rewards

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A new Amex Offer appeared a few days ago which is offering $15 back or 1,500 Membership Rewards when spending $100+ at HappyCards.com. While the benefit for gift card resellers is limited right now, these can be good for personal use and can help reduce the risk of being left with worthless gift cards in the coming weeks and months.

Happy gift cards Amex Offer

The Deal

  • Spend $100+ in one or more transactions at HappyCards.com & get $15 back, or
  • Spend $100+ in one or more transactions at HappyCards.com & get 1,500 Membership Rewards
  • Direct link to offer.

Happy Gift Cards Amex Offer Spend $100 Get $15

Key Terms

  • Expires July 5, 2020.
  • Offer valid online at HappyCards.com US website only.
  • Excludes authorized retailers, purchases shipped outside of the US, gift cards purchased in bulk and other Blackhawk Network brands.

Happy Gift Cards Amex Offer Spend $100 Get 1,500 Membership Rewards

Quick Thoughts

Saving 15% on Happy gift cards (or more depending on how you value Membership Rewards) is a decent deal. In case you’re not familiar with Happy gift cards, there’s something like a dozen different versions of the cards, each of which have a theme. For example, there’s Happy Bride, Happy Student, Happy Graduation, Happy Dining, etc.

Each Happy brand has a selection of different retailers the card can be used at. Some cards are focused on restaurants, others on retailers and others have a mix of the two. Saving 15%+ at many of these brands can provide greater savings than you’d get simply by buying discounted gift cards for a specific brand, while simultaneously opening up how many different places you can use the card.

That latter point could be particularly useful right now. It seems somewhat inevitable that some retailers and restaurants will go under due to the current shutdowns. If and when that happens, their gift cards will likely become worthless. If you’re holding those brand-specific gift cards, you’ll lose out.

Happy gift cards are presumably a little safer on that front due to their ability to be used in multiple locations. For example, let’s say you bought a Happy Treats gift card because it could be used at GameStop and Regal Cinemas. Both of those companies will be under severe financial pressure right now. If both happened to go out of business (while obviously hoping that neither do), you’d still be able to use that Happy brand at Ulta Beauty, Sally Beauty, Yankee Candle and Cold Stone Creamery. That’s not ideal, but at least you’d still have options. If you’d bought a GameStop or Regal Cinemas gift card, you’d probably be out of luck if they go out of business.

What’s also nice about this Happy gift card Amex Offer is that there are two versions of it – one offering a statement credit and another offering bonus Membership Rewards. If you have both versions of the offer available to you, you can add one of each version to different cards, so you can double up on the offer. If you’re not seeing either offer on any of your cards, try using the link provided under ‘The Deal’. That’s a link to the statement credit version of the offer on the Amex Connect site and will hopefully enable you to load it to one of your cards.

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I bought one of these, but am having trouble redeeming it online (and needless to say, I don’t want to go to physical stores during a combination of covid and black friday). Any tips?


Please don’t mind me, I was being an utter dumbass and trying to place an order for something over $100 with a $100 gift card. Which would have worked fine if it was a Macy’s gift card, but happy cards are run as credit cards, and obviously can’t be charged for more than is on them. I think my brain went a little fuzzy as a result of all the Black Friday shopping (things I’ve put off buying until now), but let this be a data point for other readers.


Does it have to be >$100 or will exactly $100 trigger the credit?


Thanks Stephen, I added this to my NF AMEX Hilton card, but just got approved for the Hilton Aspire card. I’d like to spend on my new Aspire card, but when I try to add the offer, it says I have it on my other card. Any way to “transfer” the offer to my Aspire card or remove the offer from my NF Amex hilton card?


Gosh I took a look at the cards. Very unmotivated as most outlets are closed. Even my LA Fitness card, they are closed. I think we need a bigger discount for these types of deals to make sense in this day n age.