Here’s what Richard Branson thinks of our hobby


On my recent trip to Richard Branson’s Necker Island (paid for with 1.2 million Virgin Atlantic miles), I was delighted to find that Richard frequently spent time with guests.  He greeted us when we arrived by boat, stopped in the middle of a tennis game to chat briefly with my wife and I, joined the entire group for several meals, and more.

Richard left the island for several days, but as soon as he returned he was once again regularly present.  He played tennis every morning, at minimum.  And he actively participated in a guest tennis tournament.  During breaks, he graciously posed for photos.


Clearly I said something funny right here:


And, on Friday he put on a kite surfing show:


Probably due to the upcoming US elections, most conversations I participated in with Richard were about politics.  He told us a story about meeting Donald Trump, for example.  Soon after, he published the same story on his blog: Meeting Donald Trump.  I don’t know whether he had already written the post and it was therefore on his mind, or if the conversation spurred him to write the post.  I’d like to think the latter.

On Friday evening Richard joined guests for our final Celebration Week party.  And, I finally had a non-awkward moment to ask him about points & miles.  I told him that I blog about how to earn frequent flyer miles without flying, and that I had booked this trip without ever having flown Virgin Atlantic.  He was surprised and said something like “I’d like to know how you did that!”  I explained that the major US credit card issuers offer huge signup bonuses and that they (Amex, Chase, Citi) have transferable points programs which support point transfers to Virgin Atlantic.

I told Richard that some readers had asked what he thought of me writing about how to get to Necker Island on miles.  He immediately said that he saw it as a “win-win”.  He elaborated a bit and then joked “at least you didn’t use the miles to fly for free!”  Then he asked if I’d like a few photos with him “for the article.”  The photos make clear what he really thinks of my blog…

Richard Branson with Frequent Miler

Richard Branson chokes Frequent Miler

We tried to get a video of this, but my wife backed up and fell over another guest!

Regarding miles for Necker Island stays

When I first considered earning enough miles for this Necker Island trip (see this post for details), I thought I would be the first person ever to book a stay on the island with miles. But then I called the Virgin Limited Edition desk and asked, among other things, if they’ve processed these awards before. I was told something to the effect of “yes, people do so all the time”.

The island is normally hired exclusively for up to 34 guests sharing 17 bedrooms on an all- inclusive basis. Rates start from $78,000 per night. The island can also be shared with others during Celebration Weeks; these are held several times each year and allow guests to book individual rooms as opposed to hiring the entire island. Prices for Celebration Weeks start from $30,000 for a 7 night stay.  It is only during Celebration Weeks that miles can be used to book a stay.

On the island, a popular conversation topic was to ask why people chose Necker Island for their vacation. From these conversations I learned that one couple won the week in a charity poker tournament, two couples had winning bids in charity auctions, and at least three couples (including my wife and me) booked the stay with miles.  It turns out that using miles to book your stay is not at all uncommon.

There was absolutely no discernible difference in treatment between those who booked with cash or with miles other than the fact that those who book with cash can choose which of several houses they can stay in.  Those of us who booked with miles were in the Great House.  And, actually, while I didn’t see inside the other houses, I think that the Great House is the best place to stay.  All breakfasts and many other meals are hosted in the Great House.  And while some guests had issues with mosquito bites, those of us in the Great House (which is higher up), had far fewer issues.  Bug spray is provided in all rooms and almost all public areas but I only had to apply it a couple of times the entire week.

Finally, in my conversation with Richard Branson, it was clear that he welcomes those who spends miles for the week.  It’s too bad that Virgin Atlantic is considering raising the award price

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[…] It wasn’t the same as when Greg from Frequent Miler got to tell Sir Richard that he paid for a trip to Necker Island with point…. And while Sharon wanted to photo bomb this scene to add to her collection, we passed on the […]

[…] Here’s what Richard Branson thinks of our hobby […]

[…] Here’s what Richard Branson thinks of our hobby […]

[…] Here’s what Richard Branson thinks of our hobby […]


“Rates start from $78,000 per night. ”

Perhaps an error.


That’s for the whole island… not a mistake. I would imagine companies and sports teams use that. Insane though!


Great post!

[…] the Frequent Miler shares what Richard Branson thinks about the Miles and Points hobby. Of course the price for a week at Necker Island is soon to go above the 1.2M miles that Greg […]


@Alex Why would Sir Richard care? The credit card companies pay for those miles and in turn offer them up to consumers on a Wheel of Fortune. Sometimes you hit “bankrupt” and lose!! You should see my fees from my recent one day late payment… later waived!!!! and I’m never late! Also, I don’t want to do auto-pay. Anyway, funny trip. I’ll hit the Great Barrier Reef soon and enjoy myself for a few less miles though.


@Jo I don’t know what Sir Richard has on his mind but any time you alert higher-ups about this game, you introduce the risk. Next time he sees BofA CEO at the golf club, he might mention that “funny” game Greg is playing. It may not sound as funny to BofA.
You can argue your way with the clerks but 9 times out of 10 when your call the Corporate, the deal gets shut down. They simply don’t want to deal with loopholes.


Greg, you’re better than that. Why would you openly tell high level management how you game the system and introduce high risk of ruining the deal for everyone???


Sure. Until he learns most of your points are earned via CC signups and decides to limit redemptions to those miles earned exclusively thru flying…


would have been worth the points just to hang out with crazy rich bastard (our loving nickname for Sir Richard, after watching his TV game show)…the island vacation would just be icing on the cake…did you ever find good snorkeling?


This was amazing. Love your blogs and getting your emails.


Great post…lived vicariously through your posts. Kudos and well worth your effort.


Well done, Greg. Very well done.

Suzanne Parkes

Fabulous blog Greg. I didn’t realise so many had got to Necker via air miles & auctions. It’s so inspiring.


Love the blog, but yikes…..please correct the grammar….. I looked for a link to email you privately, but couldn’t find one…sorry!

“He greeted us when we arrived by boat, stopped in the middle of a tennis game to chat briefly with my wife and I, joined the entire group for several meals, and more.”



Tammy, are you really commenting on a grammar mistake in a blog comment with the incorrect use of ellipses? I love the internet ….. and irony.