Hilton for Business double elite nights promo – useful even if you have Diamond status


Hilton for Business has launched a new promotion that’s offering double elite night credits on all stays through the end of 2024. While that might not sound worthwhile if you already have Diamond status, there are a few aspects to this promo that could make it worth having on your radar nonetheless.

Hilton for Business double elite nights promotion

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Offer is limited to owners and employees enrolled in the Hilton for Business program. Owners and employees who have successfully been accepted into the Hilton for Business program will automatically be added to this promotion. To register your business for Hilton for Business, you must first connect your Honors account here and then successfully create your business profile here https://www.hilton.com/en/business/login/.
  • Offer valid for stays that occur July 1, 2024, through December 31, 2024 (“promotion period”) at any hotel or resort within the Hilton portfolio. Enrollment in the Hilton for Business program must occur prior to stay checkout for the stay to be eligible for double night credit.
  • Double night credit means one additional, tier qualifying night credit will be awarded for each night stayed in the promo period. Owners and employees of the Hilton for Business program will receive double night credit for all nights that occurred in the promotion period, regardless of a check-in date before the promotion period begins or a check-out date after the promotion period ends.
  • Double nights will count towards Hilton Honors members’ 2024 night count and will be eligible for rollover night credit. Double nights do not count toward Hilton for Business milestone bonuses or fast track promotions.
  • There is no limit to the total amount of double night credits that may be earned during the promotion period with this offer.
  • This offer may be terminated without notice. Please allow six to eight weeks from completion of your stay for night credits to appear in your Hilton Honors account. A ‘stay’ is defined as the total number of consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, whether or not a guest checks out and checks back in again.

Quick Thoughts

I wrote about Hilton for Business here at the start of the year and concluded that it was worth registering for. There’s seemingly no downside to doing so as elite benefits aren’t affected, but there’s the potential to gain access to lower room rates, additional points earnings, etc.

This latest promotion gives even more incentive to enroll in the program. You’ll get double elite night credits on all stays through the end of the year, with that being the case for both paid and award nights. If you’ve already enrolled in Hilton for Business, there’s no need to register for this double elite nights promo – it’ll already be attached to your account.

If you have Diamond status, perhaps courtesy of being a Hilton Aspire credit cardholder, you might question the necessity of earning additional elite nights. After all, you already have top tier status, so why earn elite night credits that’ll go to waste? Well, they won’t necessarily go to waste.

Lifetime Status

For starters, the bonus elite nights you earn will count towards earning lifetime Diamond status with Hilton. To earn that, you first need to have earned Diamond status for 10 years. Those 10 years don’t have to be consecutive and Diamond status received from the Aspire card does count towards that.

You then need to fulfill one of the following two requirements:

  • Stay 1,000 paid and/or award nights
  • Earn 2 million base points

With this double points promotion being valid through the end of the year, someone with quite a few Hilton stays could find themselves racking up elite nights towards lifetime status at a good clip.

Milestone Bonuses

Although the elite nights you earn from this promo won’t count towards Milestone Bonuses in the Hilton for Business program, they will count towards Milestone Bonuses on your personal Hilton Honors account.

Hilton’s Milestone Bonuses aren’t as lucrative as Milestone Rewards from Hyatt and IHG, but can be rewarding nonetheless. You earn 10,000 bonus points for every 10 nights you stay starting at 40 nights, then at 60 elite nights you earn 30,000 bonus points. That means that with this promotion, staying 20 nights will get you to that first tier, while staying 30 nights will earn you a total of 50,000 bonus points (10k at the 40 night level, 10k at 50 nights and 30k at 60).

Rollover Nights

When you earn elite nights beyond what’s required for the status you earn by the end of the year, any excess nights get rolled over to the next year. That will be a moot point if your status is earned solely via credit cards, but if you earn status organically then that can give you a useful head start each year.

Gift Status

Once you reach 60 elite night credits in a year, Hilton lets you gift Gold status to another Hilton Honors member. If you earn 100 elite night credits, you can gift Diamond status. With this Hilton for Business promo, you could therefore gift Gold or Diamond status when staying as few as 30 or 50 nights respectively this year.

The Unknown

The terms of the promotion state that the bonus elite night credits can take 6-8 weeks to be credited to your account. What’s not clear is if those will be, in effect, backdated to your actual stay dates, or if they’ll count towards the elite calendar year in which they’re actually credited.

As an example, let’s say you already earned 32 elite night credits in the first half of the year. You then spend a couple of weeks at a Hilton property at the start of December. You’d earn your standard 14 elite night credits at that time which would put you on 46 nights – enough for Gold status. If the 14 bonus elite nights from this promo are credited this year, you’d hit 60 nights – enough for both Diamond status and the 10k and 30k Milestone Bonuses at the 50 and 60 elite night tiers respectively. However, if those bonus nights don’t post until the new year, will they be backdated to 2024, or would you start 2025 with 14 additional elite night credits?

Update: I reached out to a Hilton rep and they confirmed that all stays with a checkout prior to or on December 31, 2024, will count toward the Double Night Credit promotion and your 2024 tier tracker.

Stack This Promotion

In addition to the bonus points you can earn by paying for stays with a Hilton credit card, there are various other opportunities to stack this promo.

One is by clicking through from a shopping portal. TopCashback is now only offering 4% rather than the 9% rate they had recently, but there’s still no exclusion for Diamond members (in the past, most shopping portals didn’t provide rewards on Hilton stays for those with Diamond status).

There are several Hilton Amex Offers:

  • Get 5% back on purchases, up to a total of $100 back (i.e. $2,000 spend)
  • Spend $1,000 or more at Hilton All-Inclusive Resorts and Vacation Hotels & get $200 back
  • Spend $180 or more & get $40 back

Not to mention three other promos that each have the potential to stack with this double elite nights promo and each other:

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I checked out of a Hilton yesterday and the double elite night credits posted today alongside the standard credit. It seems you can ignore the 6-8 weeks thing.

The points for the stay included a line: “Hilton for Business Double Nights Credit – 0 points’.


Did you have to sign up for this promo or were you a part of Hilton for Business before this promo?


Was already a member,


Hilton website requires providing a valid business website as part of registration but I currently just have a “business” (i.e. like Nick says it on the podcast) but have not yet started a business that requires a website. Any suggestions on either 1) a quick and easy way to provide a URL that passes the Hilton Website validation or 2) maybe some basic suggestions for a very beginner business wanting to create a website?