How to find the Amex Business Gold 150k offer [Video]


There’s a terrific targeted welcome offer for the American Express Business Gold card: 150,000 Membership Rewards after $10K in spend. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to try to get targeted for this offer.  You can read the step-by-step process in our post here or watch the quick video tutorial below.

We’ll summarize the steps below as well.

How to find the Amex Business Gold 150k offer

  1. Start by copying this hyperlink. (You can right click then select copy link address).
  2. Open a fresh “cookie-less” browser. If you’re using Chrome for example, you’ll click “File” then “New Incognito Window.” In Safari, it’s “New Private Window” instead. Each browser should have a similar option when clicking “File”, though they may be titled differently.
  3. Once in this fresh browser, paste the hyperlink to visit the landing page for the Business Platinum card. Keep doing this until the welcome offer on this page shows 170,000 Membership Rewards points. (If you continue to see a lower offer even after many new attempts, try another browser, or try using a VPN service. Sometimes using your phone’s hotspot instead of your wifi will work as well.)
  4. Once you see the 170K offer on this page, click the small menu icon in the top right corner of the page and select “Most Popular Cards”.
  5. Then, click on the American Express Business Gold Card. This should show the 150K offer.
  6. Do a happy dance – you finally found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Again, you can find more details in our original post here.

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Anyone seeing offer for 150k on the Biz Gold? I’m seeing 190k on the Platinum on many incognito attempts (and other described means), but not the 150k Gold- is that offer dead?

Tim Steinke

Nope, it’s still around. We’re seeing daily dp’s on the original post of folks getting it.


Okay, thanks for that update. I’ll keep trying on different browsers and see if I get any more than 125k. Best regards

Last edited 7 months ago by Nwong
Abhishek Sangal

Did you get it? I’m seeing 125k but not 150k.


I’ve been trying multiple means/browsers and even with VPN, seeing 190k Platinum frequently, but only the 125k Gold and not 150k offer. Any further suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks


Looks like there’s a new(?) referral offer for the Biz Gold: 25k for the referrer and 130k for the referee — might be better for some in 2-player mode vs. this offer (Unless you consider tax on the referral bonus?)


Anyone know if this is dead? I was able to easily get the offer this morning but now that I’m ready to sign up I’m not getting it via any methods.


Found it on first try, but then got the PopUp – probably too many cards recently.


able to pull it but pop up for both me and P2


worked for me, 150k points yes please and Thank you!


I tried all of the different browsers. I even used a VPN … but as Greg pointed out … it seems random to just keep trying … but he was right – and I did finally get the 150K Business Gold offer with a VPN and an Edge browser. This is why Frequent Miler is so awesome – Thanks, Greg, Carrie, and the FM Team!


Was also able to get this after a bunch of tries. Adds to a 60k green card and 200k biz platinum card and it has been a good Amex year for us.


P2 just got this offer in the mail!

So now I have the opposite challenge, because I’m greedy… if I refer her, I wonder how I can get it to show up.

Scott H

No joy. Tried 50+ times with various combinations of Firefox, Chrome, and even Edge! Tried a couple of Nord VPN exit nodes and my phone hotspot. Always get the 120K Plat offer.


Tried 4 techniques for a month including VPN but no luck. Finally I logged in using my gym’s wifi and it showed up. Amex wants you to exercise first.

I kind of feel like the 170k platinum is better though unless you’re a reseller.

Also I love these how-to videos.

Last edited 8 months ago by Nun

Great info and found it on following instructions (took a few tries)

David C

I just got approved for my 2nd gold business card 100K bonus with $10K spend, 2 days ago via snail mail offer (still have the 1st card gold business). Happy to say that it was a No Lifetime Limit offer! I went to FM’s other link where I added 5 users (spend $4K for each authorized user and get additional $20K bonus per user) to make it 200K bonus pts with $20K spend. You could easily just add 3 users through that link and spend $12K for 160K bonus amex points. I know the offer works because I did it for my platinum business (3rd platinum business card with NLL offer) and my wife’s business platinum card a month ago. Thanks again for all the helpful tips and link, FM family!


according to Tonei Glavinic ~5 hrs earlier, this one (150K) does not have NLL, so your snail offer is NLL

David C

I wanted to let people know that there are still hope for those who have had or have the business gold card that all is not lost. Also, I wanted to thank FM for the link to give those who wanted to increase their bonus offer with their new card, by adding additional users for 20K bonus with $4K spend on each additional user. You do not need to use your main card to hit the $10K spend. It can be done with using the additional user cards. Those who get the 150K offer can still add new users for the bonus and potentially getting 250K total bonus offer with 5 additional users added with $20K spend. Hint: Do Not add new user(s) on the application, but right afterward (using FM link). I added the additional users right after I got approved for the 2nd business gold card and the gold busines card showed on my online account, even though it’s still being sent out. I timed it so all 6 cards (main card and 5 additional user cards) comes in the mail at the same time by adding the additional users on same day as the approved business gold card.


no luck using that FM add employees link. even tried incognito. only response for both plat & gold is “We’re having trouble finding the page you’re looking for etc….”

David C

Just when it was going good, AMEX pulls the rug from under. Smh. Keep the faith.


Can’t find the link, any pointers? Only see references to calling in, thanks

David C

The link is not working at the moment. However, since you asked, please scroll up to Related Articles More From Author (right before this comment section), and click on article, on the far right, that says, “Amex Business Card Offer: Earn up to 100K points with employee cards”.


Thanks David, appreciate it


Can you hold multiple of these at once?

Nick Reyes

Yes. My wife and I both have more than one right now.

King Emil

I keep getting the 170 platinum offer then 125 gold…gonna keep trying


Is this an NLL offer??

Tonei Glavinic