How to find and book Preferred Hotels with Choice points [Video]


I’m sure you’ve heard by now that participating Preferred Hotels & Resorts can now be booked online via Choice Privileges. Perhaps you also thought that viewing the availability calendar for a specific hotel seemed to require having enough points in your account, just as we thought. A reader recently shared with us however that simply clicking on a hotel from the Map View gets around this.

In this video, we demonstrate how to find your way to the availability calendar via the map view on Choice Privilege’s Preferred Hotels landing page.

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Dugroz Reports

Is there a way to be logged into both your preferred login and choice at the same time so you get it recognized in both programs?

Greg The Frequent Miler

I don’t think so. But in my experience if your email address on the reservation matches your iPrefer email, a few days after booking they send an email to link your reservation to your iPrefer account. That way you should get iPrefer benefits during the stay. If that doesn’t happen you can also submit a missing stay to iPrefer to get it linked.


I am excited to book these hotels in Switzerland. I matched Hyatt to iprefer Titanium, but I’m not sure what perks, if any, the hotels will grant.


I get “0 hotel results” every time (in multiple browsers).


I followed the steps and the video exactly to find points and availablity at Preferred Choice Hotels. All worked perfectly until the last step with new URL AND NUMBER. WEBSITE said “you don’t have access to this page”. Tips?


It seems that YMMV. Or perhaps I missed the point?

In any case, I just booked some rooms at Villa Copenhagen, which was on Greg’s test list. I logged into my account on the choicehotels site. With just 3000 points in my account, I could easily find dates with availability. Once I found the date that I wanted, I transferred points from Citi to Choice and booked the rooms.


Thanks for summary!

Does Greg have a trick to make the Lefay Lago di Garda and Dolomiti properties available for booking by points?


Henderson in Destin is 67522 and it comes up with a, “We’re sorry, you don’t have access to this page.”


I’ve just found that switching to map view didn’t work for me in Safari — no little brown hotel pins appeared. In Chrome it worked properly.