(EXPIRED) Hy-Vee: Buy $500 Mastercard gift cards & get $30 off (Ends 5/23/23)

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Hy-Vee is back with what should be a wildly profitable Mastercard gift card deal as you can get $30 off every $500 card you buy.

Hy-Vee $150 Mastercard $10 off gift card deal

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Expires May 23, 2023.

Quick Thoughts

Hy-Vee normally runs these kinds of deals on Mastercard and/or Visa gift cards leading up to Thanksgiving, so it’s great to see it making a return 6 months earlier than normal.

Provided this latest iteration works the same as past offers, it’s an even better deal than Hy-Vee advertises it. They list it as a $10 discount when buying $150+ Mastercard gift cards, but it’s actually $10 off every $150 spent on Mastercard gift cards. As a result, you get a $30 discount when buying a $500 card. I’m not sure if the cards at Hy-Vee come with a $5.95 or $6.95 purchase fee, but either way you’re making a $23-$24 profit per card before liquidation costs which is an excellent deal, particularly because that’s before taking into account rewards earned by paying with a card that earns more at grocery stores.

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Here come the Annual Holiday Hy-Vee deal! Prepaid Mastercard Offer

Spend $150 or more on Prepaid Mastercard and get $10 Off Instantly
11/06/23 – 11/12/23 (Minneapolis Market Stores 11/05/23 – 11/11/23)
Prepaid Visa Cards

Spend $150 or more on Prepaid Visa cards, Get $10 Off Instantly
11/13/23 – 11/23/23 (Minneapolis Market Stores 11/12/23 – 11/23/23)


The ad says nonstackable this time – did anyone try a $450+ card and see if it took $30 off or just $10?

Joshua Stevenson

At my local Baker’s and Family Fare I’m able to liquidate these but I get hit with metering when I try to get the full value out of them. Any suggestions of work arounds? I was going to try to pair each $500 card with a pair of $200 cards I got from an Office Supply store. That way I could get $450 money orders (or $449) at 2 nearby stores. However the $500 card meters me if I try to do it in short succession. Does anyone know how long I’ll have to wait to get that last $250 off the card?

Dugroz Reports

It’s the best Mastercard deal … of the year!

  • Andy Williams

Expired! Just tried at Maple Grove MN HYVEE


Worked yesterday

Dugroz Reports

Based on the DoC post, it seems some stores run Wed-Tues, and a very few run Sun-Sat. Perhaps you ran into one of the minority?


Hi Stephen,

Are you tracking the dates for how often this special is run like you do with certain other stores? Might prove helpful to see the history/patterns for future planning. Thank you!



Confirmed $30 off $450 variable with 6.95 fee. No issues paying with CC, cards located behind customer service in my store.

No loyalty info needed, so only limits would be store enforced.

Note: no Fuel Saver points on these.


Looking at the ad right now. No such offer.


I haven’t tried this for a few years, but in the past I’ve had trouble using a credit card at my local Hyvee to purchase VIsas or Mastercards. The system isn’t hard coded to stop it, but most cashiers and managers won’t allow it. The only time that I’ve had any luck is when the store is busy and they call up a shelf stocker to run a checkout lane.


I’ve checked the ad for my local HV in Wisconsin, as well as other locations in the state, and a few out-of-state location ads, and I have yet to find this deal in an ad. Are there specific states where it is or is not available?


Stephen, I found it now. These aging eyes didn’t catch it when viewing the ad on my phone. Thank you.

Irene S.

Does the $10/$150 off directly apply when you check out or do you have to use their member app like how this kind of deals usually run at Meijer?


Confirmed Instant. No loyalty/ app needed.


We’ve confirmed up and running. Time to make money.