Hyatt’s new Lindner hotel collection has these exciting options


Back in October 2022, Hyatt announced that Lindner Hotels AG would become part of Hyatt and would start to participate in the World of Hyatt program.

Most of those properties are now bookable with Hyatt – with both cash and points – although a few still aren’t bookable with points. I’d filed this away for future reference, but when updating this post about earning 500 bonus points per night at new (and new-to-Hyatt) properties, I took a closer look at the Lindner portfolio and got excited at what I found.

Hyatt Lindner properties hotels

One of the positive features of these properties is that a significant number of them are category 1 or 2 which means they can be booked for as few as 3,500 or 6,500 points respectively. Many of them are in great locations, with several being of interest for sports and/or racing enthusiasts.

Many of the properties also have standard and premium suites available which can be booked with points and, with standard suites, with suite upgrade awards as well.

Here are some of the highlights I found with Lindner hotels.

Lindner Hotel Nürburgring Motorsport

Direct link to property

a room with two beds and a red carpet
Rock am Ring bedroom at Lindner Hotel Nürburgring Motorsport (image courtesy of Hyatt)

The first one that caught my eye was the Lindner Hotel Nürburgring Motorsport. In fact, there are three Lindner properties at or near the Nürburgring, but this one is right opposite the race track.

As a Formula 1 fan, that made me particularly excited until I realized that there’s no longer a German Grand Prix (it used to be held at the Nürburgring). Still, it’s somewhere that I’d still love to visit because you can drive your own car (or a rental car) around the 12.9 mile long Nürburgring. The bigger question is how daring I’d want to be driving that fast in a rental car as that kind of activity likely wouldn’t be covered under credit card insurance!

The Nürburgring is also where the Rock am Ring festival is held each year, so if they open award availability for that it would be a comfortable place to stay for the weekend if you don’t want to camp.

Lindner Hotel Nürburgring Ferienpark

Direct link to property

Another of the properties near the Nürburgring is the Lindner Hotel Nürburgring Ferienpark. While not quite as close as the property above, it’s only a ~5 minute drive away.

The reason this one stands out is because every single “room” is actually a 3 or 4 bedroom villa. The standard 3 bedroom villa is 914 sq ft, has two double bedrooms and one single bedroom, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, a balcony and terrace and more.

Lindner Hotel Nurburgring Ferienpark villas (image courtesy of Hyatt)
Lindner Hotel Nurburgring Ferienpark villas (image courtesy of Hyatt)

Something crazy about this property is the pricing. It’s only a category 3 property which means it costs 9,000, 12,000 or 15,000 points per night depending on if it’s at off-peak, standard or peak pricing. That itself seems like it’d be incredible value considering you’re getting a 3 bedroom villa, but what’s even more crazy is that booking with points doesn’t necessarily represent good value!

That’s because paid rates can be incredibly cheap considering the size of the property you’re getting. I found rates as low as EUR130 (~$142) per night, although it might be that you can book these villas for even less than that because those dates were at standard award pricing (i.e. 12k points per night). This base 3 bedroom villa sleeps five people, so if a group of five people stayed there it works out to be only $28.40 per person per night.

Lindner Hotel Prague Castle

Direct link to property

This Lindner hotel is a category 1 property and so costs 3,500, 5,000 or 6,500 points per night depending on if it’s at off-peak, standard or peak pricing. The description on the website says it’s in the historic center of Prague; when checking its location on Google Maps, it looks like it’s on the western edge of the center of Prague. That said, it’s only a 10-15 minute walk to both Prague Castle and Petřín Tower, while it’s a 30 minute walk to Old Town Square.

Location of Lindner Hotel Prague Castle
Location of Lindner Hotel Prague Castle

The property itself looks cute and they have standard suites bookable with points. With it being a category 1 property, standard suites can be booked from as few as 6,500 points per night during off-peak dates.

One bedroom suite at Lindner Hotel Prague Castle
One bedroom suite at Lindner Hotel Prague Castle (image courtesy of Hyatt)

Cash rates for standard rooms (not suites) seem to be in the $100-$125 range, so you should always get a solid 2cpp of value on award stays, if not better.

Lindner Hotel Berlin Ku’damm

Direct link to property

This hotel is on the western side of Berlin within walking distance of the Berlin Zoo and Tiergarten Park. As with many other Lindner hotels in Germany, this one is a category 1 property in the World of Hyatt program.

Premium suite at Lindner Hotel Berlin Ku'damm
Premium suite at Lindner Hotel Berlin Ku’damm (image courtesy of Hyatt)

It has both standard and premium suites available, so with it being category 1 premium suites can be booked for as few as 7,000 points per night. What you get for that price is a little unclear though; the premium suite name is ‘1 Bedroom Suite with Balcony’, but the description states that the suite (my bolding) “is divided into two elegant bedrooms, with a bathroom and a guest toilet.” That premium suite normally costs $300+ per night, so getting it for 7,000, 10,000 or 13,000 points per night can be good value.

Lindner Hotel Leverkusen BayArena

Direct link to property

If you’re a soccer fan, this next one might be of interest. The Lindner Hotel Leverkusen BayArena is right next to BayArena – the stadium where Bayer Leverkusen play in the German Bundesliga.

2 Twin Beds Deluxe room at the Lindner Hotel Leverkusen BayArena (image courtesy of Hyatt)
2 Twin Beds Deluxe room at the Lindner Hotel Leverkusen BayArena (image courtesy of Hyatt)

What’s surprising considering its location is that it’s a category 1 property and has both standard rooms and standard suites bookable with points. What’s even more surprising is that on many matchday weekends awards are at standard pricing. For example, the 2023/24 Bundesliga season kicks off on August 18 and Bayer Leverkusen are playing at home against RB Leipzig who finished third last season. You can book a stay that weekend at the Lindner Hotel Leverkusen BayArena for only 5,000 points per night for a standard room or 8,000 points per night for a 1 bedroom standard suite. That said, cash rates are only $100 for a standard room and $130 for a standard suite, so the cents per point value isn’t as good as you might expect it to be.

From what I can tell, none of the bedrooms look into the stadium, but the conference room there does:

Conference room at the Lindner Hotel Leverkusen BayArena (image courtesy of Hyatt)
Conference room at the Lindner Hotel Leverkusen BayArena (image courtesy of Hyatt)

Lindner Hotel Frankfurt Sportpark

Direct link to property

Last season Bayer Leverkusen and Eintracht Frankfurt finished level on points. Eintracht Frankfurt is another club with a Lindner Hotel right next to its stadium.

As with the property next to Bayer Leverkusen’s ground, the one next to Eintracht Frankfurt’s Sportpark stadium is a category 1 hotel. Cash rates could be the way to go though, even on matchday weekends. Eintracht Frankfurt are playing at home against Wolfsburg on February 24; award nights are 5,000 points but cash rates are only ~$87 per night.

a room with a table and couches
Common area at Lindner Hotel Frankfurt Sportpark (image courtesy of Hyatt)

Lindner Hotel Oberstaufen Parkhotel

Direct link to property

Let’s step away from the city and out into nature. The Lindner Hotel Oberstaufen Parkhotel is a category 3 property and is described in the following way on their website:

A magnificent landscape with gentle hills, wide valleys and picturesque lakes with an Alpine backdrop – for relaxation and taking strength from nature, there is no place better than the Allgäu region. Oberstaufen, in the Oberallgäu region, is known among holidaymakers and locals for its Schroth detoxification therapies. Our hotel and spa in the spa town combines the traditional charm of the area with a modern lifestyle. Modern design and rustic Allgäu cosiness have been skilfully combined here with a great deal of attention to detail. At the Lindner Hotel Oberstaufen Parkhotel, you can experience the Allgäu as an original source of energy, with fantastic wellness specialists, culinary delights and a lovable, contagious attitude towards life.

It sure looks picturesque:

a resort with a pool and trees
Lindner Hotel Oberstaufen Parkhotel (image courtesy of Hyatt)

This property has standard rooms, standard suites and premium suites all bookable with points. Standard suites are one bedroom suites with a mountain view and balcony, while premium suites are two bedroom suites with a mountain view and balcony.

2 bedroom suite with mountain view and balcony at Lindner Hotel Oberstaufen Parkhotel (image courtesy of Hyatt)
2 bedroom suite with mountain view and balcony (image courtesy of Hyatt)

As always, you should compare cash rates to points prices because depending on your dates, this hotel doesn’t always represent great value when booked with points.

Lindner Hotel Frankfurt Main Plaza

Direct link to property

Back into the city. If you want to stay in downtown Frankfurt, the Lindner Hotel Frankfurt Main Plaza could be a good option. It’s a category 2 property, so standard rooms range from 6,500-9,000 points per night, standard suites from 11,500-14,500 points per night and premium suites from 13,000-19,000 points per night.

I’ve never spent any time in Frankfurt and so I don’t know the city, but it looks like it’s in a great location for exploring the city.

a map of a city
Location of Lindner Hotel Frankfurt Main Plaza

Standard suites are one bedroom suites 990-1,076 sq ft in size, while premium suites are two bedroom suites with a skyline view and are almost 1,200 sq ft. Room rates seem to be pretty high, so all points options can provide great value, but be sure to check for your particular dates.

Living room of two bedroom suite at the Lindner Hotel Frankfurt Main Plaza (image courtesy of Hyatt)
Living room of two bedroom suite at the Lindner Hotel Frankfurt Main Plaza (image courtesy of Hyatt)

Lindner Hotel Antwerp

Direct link to property

The majority of Lindner hotels are in Germany, but there are a few in other countries. One such example is the Lindner Hotel Antwerp in Belgium. This property is right next to Central Station and is a short walk to the Antwerp Zoo, Plopsa Station theme park and only a 20-30 minute walk downtown.

This is another category 1 property and when picking dates for a random two night stay it turned out to be off-peak. That meant standard rooms, standard suites and premium suites were 3,500, 6,500 and 7,000 points respectively.

a living room with a couch and coffee tables
Living room & kitchenette of premium suite at Lindner Hotel Antwerp (image courtesy of Hyatt)

That 500 points difference between standard and premium suites is minimal and it looks like the differences between the two types of suites at this property are fairly minimal too. The premium suites have a city view, but standard suites are actually a little larger (850-1,120 sq ft for standard suites versus 700-1,065 sq ft for premium suites). Both types of suites can take four people thanks to a sleeper sofa in the living room – something that’s not very common for Europe. Both types of suite also feature a kitchenette which can be particularly useful if traveling as a family.


Have you stayed at any Lindner hotels before, or do you have your eye on a different property to those listed here? Let us know in the comments below.

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Frankfurt Main property was quite good. Slightly dated, but very clean, fully functional and comfortable (especially the bedding), and spectacular views and large rooms. Very friendly staff, very walkable, easy S-Bahn to the airport. Sauna and small pool (that I didn’t have a chance to try). Great local restaurants in this area (that are CHEAP/locals places). Would recommend.

[…] with this chain, but some of the properties look quite interesting. One in particular, mentioned in recent Frequent Miler post  caught my eye: Lindner Hotel Prague […]


Stayed last week in Lindner Am Belvedere in Vienna. Booked a wellness suite for 9000p, while the basic room was just 5000p. Andaz on the same street is 15,000p for a basic room.

Lindner was a bit tired i.e. aged but everything was functional. Indeed, a great location and superb value! I wouldn’t say it was 3x times worse than Andaz.

A/C was there and worked well although a bit noisy.


For the Wellness Suite is the sofa bed in another room than the bedroom?


There is a sofa but I doubt it can be extended into a bed. Even if it could, there is no room there to do that.


I see thanks. Do you think the room will not feel crowded with a rollaway bed in the living room?


The living room is quite small, all the space is in the bedroom which is one big open space with the jacuzzi and sauna bathroom. Can’t recall if a rollaway bed would fit into a hallway. Maybe you can reach out to a hotel and ask.




How was the location for visiting the touristy areas? I am a first time visitor to the city and trying to decide if the location is good, especially with a toddler in tow.


I’m still wondering exactly what the standards are for Lindner hotels. As Stvr points out if none of the places have air conditioning it could be pretty brutal to stay there in the Summer. A press release of some sort with standard amenities and synopsis for the chain would be very welcome.

Brenna Fleck

I’ve booked for next June in Vienna and Prague and both list air conditioning as an amenity.


First off, please accept my sincere thanks for letting me know. That means that it’s likely that other properties in the chain should have ac as well.

I guess I was a little vague about the rest though. I know what to expect from a Courtyard or a Park Hyatt or a n Embassy Suites. Outside of geography I really have no idea what to expect from a Lindner hotel (except air conditioning thanks to you) and was just hoping that the chain’s homepage would tell some more on what they’re about and what we can expect.


I think these hotels don’t have air conditioning which would be a dealbreaker for many


The Lindners that are part of WoH all have AC. It’s a Hyatt chain-wide standard.

I’m active on a German FF forum and some people from there are very familiar with Lindner’s portfolio. They’re pointed out that Lindners without AC in every room will only join WoH after they’re been brought up to the standard.

Dr. Jay

Thanks. Wonderful write ups. It really piques some interest in a Germany-based trip.


Booked Prague Castle for 3500 each for 4 nights and used an SUA for next May


Wait, you can use confirmed suite upgrades there? Nice.


Absolutely. Confirmed by my MHC yesterday.


I’m staying at the Lindner Cologne Am Dom in September. For a Cat 1, it seemed to be pretty nice and centrally located.

I’ll also be in Frankfurt and am considering the Lindner Frankfurt Main Plaza. Its actually off-peak for all my nights and I’d be staying during the other promo, so it would be a net cost of 6,000 pts/night. But I’m planning to do several day trips by train, so I’d like to be a little closer to the Hauptbahnhof.

Larry K

I was hoping sportspark would have availability on nights of the Euro 2024 games in Frankfurt, but they seem to have figured that out, although the Hyatt Place at the airport (one S-bahn stop away) does have cheap points rooms.

Larry K

Some just opened up! Check it out if thinking about Euro.


Timely post – I just booked the Prague Castle property yesterday and couldn’t believe it was only 3500 v. the Andaz in Prague that was 22,000! I wonder if these properties will go up several categories once they are more assimilated into Hyatt.


I wonder if any are near the Sachenring? If you like F1 you’d love MotoGP and the German GP is held there.