Earn 500 Hyatt bonus points per night at select properties


Hyatt offers an extra 500 bonus points per night at select new hotels around the world. They update this list periodically with new properties and the latest batch is now available when booking stays for the next few months.

It’s always great to earn some extra points, but this one could be especially nice since it stacks with Hyatt’s latest promotions if you have a stay that lines up with the dates for two or more of those offers.

The Deal

  • Get 500 bonus Hyatt points for each qualifying night when you stay at select Hyatt properties
    • No need to register (bonus points post automatically)
    • Check back on the promo page for new additions
  • Direct link to this promotion

Key Details

  • Both paid and free night awards count
  • Stacks with other promotions
  • Checkout date must be during the offer period
  • Allow 3-4 weeks after travel is completed for bonus points to post

Quick Thoughts

At debut, there were only 9 properties participating in this deal, so it was of limited use unless you happened to be fortunate enough to have upcoming travel planned to one of those nine destinations. However, the promo has expanded over the past year or two and so the page is worth checking periodically. At the time of republishing this post, there are 35 new properties eligible for 500 bonus points per night.

Furthermore, this offer is available on both paid stays and award stays, so that gives some added flexibility in how you can book if you want to take advantage of this bonus point opportunity.

While 500 extra points per night wouldn’t be enough to get me to pick one of these properties as a destination in itself, earning 500 bonus points per night might be enough to influence my booking behavior if location, price, amenities, etc. of other hotels were fairly similar.

Some of the eligible properties include the Park Hyatt Jakarta, Thompson Madrid, UrCove Beijing Forbidden City (particularly useful if you need UrCove for your Brand Explorer), Magma Resort Santorini and the Fuji Speedway Hotel which features an auto museum covering three floors of the hotel and is next to the brand new Fuji Speedway race track.

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No Hyatt loyalists outside China will get their UrCove brand explorer light up for a few years

kathy (willrunformiles)

HA HA! The promotion for the Grayson Hotel is scheduled to end before the hotel opens!!!


I’ve stayed at Hyatt Regency Dehradun. Beautiful property. Highly recommend.


I’m currently scheduled to stay at the HR Lisbon for several weeks in July/August, but they keep pushing the opening date. Now it’s not even showing up on this list anymore! Seems like a bad sign 🙁

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I think there are a lot more than 9 properties. That’s just the initial displayed list. Click on View More. In total, 98 properties show up, though I’m not sure they are all included. The ones with blue “Offer dates” banner/bar are the ones, apparently.

Greg The Frequent Miler

Yes, that’s why we reposted this article. There were only 9 properties originally. “the promo has since expanded quite a bit and the page is worth checking periodically.”

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Hyatt promos are usually great — money (or points) for nothing. Especially since they usually award points on free stays. I’m currently milking the current promo (1500 points on Hyatt Houses and Places, some of which cost only 5000 points to start with, is terrific). But this offer is beyond needle in a haystack. Everybody is going to click on this story — and almost no one will benefit!