(EXPIRED) Ibotta/Walmart Offering Free Thanksgiving Dinner With 9 Free Items Including Turkey

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Ibotta and Walmart have teamed up to offer 9 free food and drink items for Thanksgiving including a turkey, stuffing and more. If there’s more than one of you with a phone in your household, that’s a whole lot of free food.

Ibotta Walmart Free Thanksgiving Food

The Deal

  • Earn 100% cashback on the following items purchased from Walmart with the Ibotta app:
    • Butterball Turkey Roast – 3 lbs or whole turkey ($9.98)
    • Great Value Flavored Stuffing Mix – 6 oz ($0.82)
    • Great Value Cranberry Sauce – 14 oz can ($0.98)
    • French’s Original Crispy Fried Onions – 2.8 oz ($1.92)
    • Great Value Fine Green Beans – 12 oz frozen bag ($1.34)
    • Coca-Cola – 2 L bottle (excludes Diet Coke, but other varieties like Coke Zero are eligible) – $1.89
    • McCormick Gravy Packet – 0.87 or 0.88 oz pouch ($1.12)
    • Idahoan Mashed Potatoes – 8 oz family size ($1.88)
    • Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup – 10.5 oz ($0.98)
  • My Ibotta referral link.

Key Terms

  • Redeem up to 1 time per receipt per item.
  • Limited offers available – redeem yours while supplies last.
  • Offer must be added to your list to get cashback.

Quick Thoughts

If you manage to snag all 9 of those items, that’s $20.91 of free food. While some will turn their nose up at some or all of these items, getting more than $20 of free food for Thanksgiving is a great deal, especially seeing as it’s a bunch of quintessential Thanksgiving dinner items.

Ibotta only allows you to have one account per person/device, but it doesn’t seem like they have any rules per household. I think you need a phone number to activate an Ibotta account, but if you’re a family of 5 who each have your own cell phone line, that’s more than $100 worth of food you can pick up for free if you set up an Ibotta account on each person’s phone. Seeing as the turkey is frozen, that’s a whole lot of leftovers provided you have space in your freezer. If you refer each other for new accounts, that’s even more cashback you can earn.


Update: Lisa commented on Facebook that this is a great way to gift another family a Thanksgiving meal. That’s a fantastic suggestion if you don’t want/need to take advantage of this for yourself. I’m sure there are also homeless or domestic violence shelters which would greatly appreciate people using this Ibotta offer to help donate free food.


If you’re not familiar with how Ibotta works, the app has a few different features. We’ve written before about how you can buy gift cards in the app (although that functionality isn’t currently available on all accounts), with them currently offering some accounts 10% cashback on Walmart gift cards.

The more traditional usage of Ibotta is for you to add what are effectively digital coupons to your account. You then go shopping at your grocery store and scan your receipt. Ibotta then adds cashback to your account when you’ve bought qualifying items.

Scanning your receipt can take various forms. With some grocery store chains, you can link your loyalty account with Ibotta so that you automatically earn cashback without needing to take photos of your receipt. While that’s convenient, it means you have to have the offers loaded to your Ibotta account before checking out.

With other grocery store chains, you have to take photos of the receipt in the app. Depending on how long the receipt is, you might have to take several photos. Or if you’ve shopped at CVS, multiple photos will be required even if you only bought one item 😉

Walmart receipts work easily with Ibotta. At the bottom of your receipt there’ll be a barcode; all you have to do is scan that barcode in the Ibotta app and they’ll automatically pick up any qualifying items that you purchased and add the cashback to your account accordingly.

Another nice feature of the Ibotta app is that you can verify that you’re buying an eligible item beforehand. Simply tap on the item you’re unsure about and you’ll see a button saying ‘Check Product Barcode’.

Ibotta Check Barcode

Tap that button and scan the item’s barcode in-store and the app will immediately tell you whether it’s eligible or not. You’ll either get a green sign saying ‘Offer matched!’ or a red sign saying ‘Does not match!’

Ibotta Offer Matched

This offer has me tempted to try to make an entire Thanksgiving dinner in our hotel room this year. We usually get our turkey from Golden Corral or Cracker Barrel and make a few sides for ourselves (stuffing, green beans, gravy, garlic mashed potatoes, etc.) using our electric kettle and a hotel microwave. The fact that Walmart and Ibotta are giving away free food including a turkey which should fit in the Instant Pot from my portable kitchen means we can save money and not have to find an open restaurant on Thanksgiving Day. It doesn’t look like there’s a Golden Corral or Cracker Barrel near where we’re staying, so this’ll save the hassle of finding somewhere else to get food from.

The bigger issue is that we’ll be staying at a Hyatt Place. We likely won’t be able to fit the turkey in their mini fridge, which means we’d have to defrost it at room temperature which isn’t ideal, unless the hotel is willing to let us store it in their kitchen fridge which is unlikely.

Anyway, enough about my Thanksgiving dining plans. This Ibotta/Walmart deal is a great offer, especially seeing as each person in your house with an Ibotta account can get the same deal too.

Ibotta also offers some spending bonuses, such as buy x number of items & get $2 bonus cashback. These 9 items will presumably count towards those types of offers which can make this an even more worthwhile deal. If you pay with a Walmart gift card you purchased in the app for 10% cashback, that makes it even sweeter.

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