IHG Business Premier card: Best-ever 175K Welcome Offer (last call)


Update 5/3/24: This increased offer on the IHG Premier Business card will be ending at midnight on 5/15/24, meaning there’s two weeks left to grab it if you want it.

Today, Chase increased the bonus on the IHG Premier Business card to a whopping 175,000 IHG points. We’ve been at 140K on this card for quite some time, a good haul in its own right. Now, the intro offer is split into two tiers: you earn the same 140K after spending $4K within the first 3 months, then add on an additional 35K points by completely a total of $7K spend within the first 6 months.

This new offer is the best that we’ve ever seen on the IHG Business card and puts it squarely within the top ten of current business card offers on our Best Offers Page.

Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives - Garden View Villa outdoor seating area (image courtesy of IHG)
Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives – Garden View Villa outdoor seating area (image courtesy of IHG)

Key Card Details

Card Offer and Details
140K points ⓘ Affiliate
Earn 140K points after $4K spend within the first 3 months
$99 Annual Fee
This card is expected to be subject to Chase's 5/24 rule (click here for details).
Recent better offer: Up to 175K points: Earn 140K points after $4K spend within the first 3 months and an additional 35K points after a total of $7K spend with in the first 6 months [Expired 5/16/24]
Earning rate: 10X IHG ✦ 5X travel, gas stations, restaurants and dining, social media and search engine advertising, office supply stores ✦ 3X on all other purchases
Base: 3X (1.89%)
Travel: 5X (3.15%)
Dine: 5X (3.15%)
Gas: 5X (3.15%)
Office: 5X (3.15%)
Brand: 10X (6.3%)
Card Info: Mastercard World Elite issued by Chase. This card has no foreign currency conversion fees.
Big spend bonus: 10K bonus points + $100 statement credit after you spend $20K in a cardmember year + make one additional purchase. ✦ Diamond status after $40K in purchases + one additional purchase in a calendar year ✦ Free night certificate (up to 40K points) after $60K in purchases + one additional purchase in a calendar year
Noteworthy perks: Anniversary free night e-certificate good at IHG properties up to 40K points per night ✦ Ability to add an unlimited number of points to a free night certificate to book a higher-level hotel ✦ Fourth night free on award stays ✦ 20% discount on points purchases ✦ Platinum elite status ✦ Up to $50 in United TravelBank cash per year (must register your card with your United account)

Quick Thoughts

We recently redid our Reasonable Redemption Values for IHG points and found that they went up slightly in value, to .63 cents each. That would make this welcome offer worth ~$1000, one of the most valuable for a Chase business cards on our Best Offers Page.

While that’s the value you can expect when not cherry-picking awards, I find that I’m often able to get much higher value by doing exactly that, and can usually get around .8cpp-1.0cpp. Regardless of how selective you are, this is a terrific welcome offer and absolutely worth going for if the IHG program suits your needs.

In addition to the welcome offer, the Premier Business card also comes with an annual free night certificate that’s awarded every card anniversary. IHG increased the utility of these certificates for Premier cardholders last year as part of an overhaul of their rewards program. Now, you can “top off” the certificates by adding an unlimited number of points as necessary in order to book a standard room reward at a property with a higher point redemption level.

I did this in Seville, Spain, where I redeemed 40K certificates for a property that was 70K points/night by adding an additional 30K pts/night from my account. This is a great feature and makes it much easier to max out the value of these certificates. To me, the cert is easily worth the $99 annual fee, making this card a keeper even after the the first year anniversary.

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I have both the personal and business version of this card. They are both coming up for renewal. If I have to cancel 1, which 1 should I cancel? Seems like a toss up.


I recently opened this card, with the bonus of 140k after $4k in spending and an additional 35k points after $7k in total spend. I spent over $7k in the first statement and received the 35k points along with the 3 points per dollar for the spend. However, I did not receive the main 140k point bonus. The points are listed on the Chase statement as having been earned. I contacted IHG via chat and of course they said it could take up to 8 weeks. Any have ideas or experience with this? 


I’m in the same boat. Did you ever get the 140k?


Yes! One week later! Contacting IHG didn’t do anything. I contacted Chase via secure message. They said give them 5 days. A few days later they responded and said I’m eligible for the bonus and I should wait 30 days, but the points appeared a few hours after the message, so I’m guessing the Chase message worked.

Arthur Leyenberger

Does having this IHG Biz card keep my IHG points alive?

Last edited 22 days ago by Arthur Leyenberger
Arthur Leyenberger

thx Tim. I think a (great) idea for a future post would be to have all the ways to keep points alive in various hotel and airline programs.
I know the info is available here and there, but I think it would be a useful resource to have the info all in one place.

Repeat Offender Captain Greg

Referral offer is still 140k. Do we expect this to change? Or can someone apply through the referral and get matched?


I find your RRV useful when evaluating a redemption. However, I would not use the RRV in determining the value of the card. I am using $.005 in calculating the value of the card and the return on category spend. I use the lower of RRV and what I can purchase points for in my calculations.

PS IHG sells points for half a cent a couple times a year.


824 credit score and denied due to 5/24



I am seeing the first tier of the SUB at $4k of spend rather than $3k as the article says. Are there different offers out there?
I’ve been waiting for an improved offer on the Business card for awhile. Perfect timing as I just dropped under 5/24.
I applied and, for once, got the application approved without having to call recon. Very happy! 🙂


So tempting as well as the 100k United Biz – the IHG is an easy extra SUB since its a MC and we can use Plastiq to pay mortgage to meet SUB. Got the personal premier last fall and.have 170K – planning a trip to EU.fall 2025.


I have had the IHG Select and IHG Premier personal cards for years. Am I still eligible for the Premier Business card? I do have a small business.

Dave Hanson



Thanks, instantly approved.

Dave Hanson

Congratulations David!

Like you, I have the Select and Premier. If I hadn’t just received the Hyatt Business card, I’d likely follow your lead.


I use IHG a lot for domestic travel. I can make good use of free nights from all 3 cards. I’ve really enjoyed the Hyatt free nights too. Don’t have the Business card yet. I had to chill a long time to get below 5/24. Wasn’t sure if I was there yet actually, but I guess I am.

Dave Hanson

I feel similarly. 10-year top-tier Hyatt elite, and I love their program. But IHG is a terrific, underrated option which I use all the time.

I also would have no problem using that third night. If I didn’t have Premier already, I’d have prioritized the IHG business over Hyatt business.


How did you manage to get the Premier while holding the Select (I think this is the old $49 AF card) – I thought that was explicitly prohibited for the Premier.

“IHG Rewards’ personal credit cards have somewhat strict eligibility requirements. You’re not eligible for the welcome bonus on the IHG Rewards Premier Card or IHG Rewards Traveler Card if:

You currently have any IHG Rewards personal credit card (including the Premier, Traveler, or Select)
You’ve received a new cardmember bonus on any IHG Rewards personal credit card in the past 24 months (business cards don’t count toward this limit)
In other words, you can only pick up either the IHG Rewards Premier Card or IHG Rewards Traveler Card, but not both. And if you have the IHG Select Card, you’re unfortunately not eligible for the bonus on either of those cards.”

(from OMAAT)

Mark P

I have both too. It’s possible if you got both before the restrictions came into being.


I got the Premier several years ago when it was first issued and the above restrictions were not yet in effect. Holding onto both of them for the annual free nights etc.


And yes, the Select AF is still $49.

Kyle Gifford

Are there data points on Chase allowing you to change to the new offer if you recently applied for the old offer and have already hit the 3k spend/140k points bonus?

Last edited 1 month ago by Kyle Gifford
Oscar Church

Send them a secure message and see if you can get the better deal. I have, a few times, received the better deal after sending them a message.