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There is an increased referral bonus out on the Amex Everyday Preferred. If you have the Everyday Preferred, you may be able to generate a referral link for your friends that gives you 10K Membership Rewards points for each friend you refer who is approved and gives your friend 20K Membership Rewards points after making $1,000 in purchases in the first 3 months.

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Note that you can earn a max of 55K points per year for referring friends

How to generate a referral

In the past, you had to input your friend’s name and email address on the Amex site to have a referral generated and sent to them. Now, it’s very easy to generate a referral either via the Amex web interface or the Amex Mobile app. We’ve previously written about how to create easy referral links via mobile app – see that post here for instructions. Instructions for how to get an easy referral link from the web interface follow.

Generate a referral via web interface

Log into your Amex account (shouldn’t matter whether you use the new interface or the old interface — I did this with the new interface today) and pull up your Everyday Preferred account. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you should see a link that says Refer a Friend as shown below. Click that.

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That link brings you to the following page, and you will find your short link in the box highlighted at the bottom here. That’s a much more manageable short referral link than the old ones via email and it’s much easier to share this via social media, etc.

a screenshot of a credit card

Find friends with whom to share

The next step is to find friends with whom you can share. If you’re looking for interested friends, head over to our Facebook group, where you can share your referral links with friends old and new. Note that you do have to answer a question to join in order to weed out spammers.

Bottom line

This isn’t the best historical offer on the Everyday Preferred, but it’s better than the standard 15K and the referral bonus is increased from the usual 7.5K points per referral. Note that you can earn a maximum of 55K points per year for referring friends, so your sixth referral will only earn 5K and I’m not sure if there is a way to know once you’ve reached 55K apart from counting it in your account.

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[…] Increased referral bonuses: Not sure exactly when these will end, so refer friends while you can. […]


20K + 10K = 30K.
Exactly the same as the 30k sign up I got in incognito for the EDP. Granted there was no referral bonus, but why offer someone your referral so they can get a lower bonus just so you can get the referral bonus when they could potentially sign up for a higher bonus by trying incognito?


I’m seeing an increased referral on the Everyday card. Just to make sure, the MR points with this card are REAL MR points correct? Not the fake MR points like from the green Amex?

Stephani Romans

I need 200 dollars added to my pay pal to get. My home contract to get out of trouble