inKind quintuple stack: 2x inKind bonuses + Citi Offer + SimplyMiles + TrueBlue


There are currently five different inKind offers that – provided they all track correctly – can make for a very rewarding quintuple stack.

inKind SimplyMiles deal

The Deals & Key Terms

  • Sign up for InKind through a referral link. You don’t have to sign up through a referral, but if you do, you’ll get a $25 reward to use on a dine of $50 or more (and so will we). Feel free to use one of our links with our thanks:
  • Spend $50 at inKind & get $25 back as a statement credit with a Citi Offer.
  • Spend $50 at inKind & earn 1,160 American Airlines AAdvantage miles + 1,160 Loyalty Points when paying with a linked card with SimplyMiles.
  • Spend $50 at inKind & earn 975 JetBlue TrueBlue points when paying with a card linked with the JetBlue shopping portal.
  • Get a bonus when buying inKind credit:

Quick Thoughts

Let me start off by saying that I can’t guarantee that all five of these offers will stack with each other or that every single one will track. However, I am fairly confident that they should – in theory – stack with each other, so it’s up to you as to whether or not you want to do the deal in case it doesn’t work out as expected.

In case you’re not familiar with inKind, it’s an app that’s signed up many restaurants around the country. You dine in participating restaurants and then pay for your bill using the app. We’ve written about it a few times in the past; this post was the original deal when it came out which I’d subsequently updated to share my experience of using inKind to pay for meals.

The first layer of the stack is signing up for an inKind account if you don’t already have one. If you have an account and your partner doesn’t, you could refer them and make this a sextuple stack (not to be confused with upside down pineapples). You need to get all your other ducks in a row though before actually spending anything with inKind.

The next layer is the inKind Citi Offer which gives $25 back when spending at least $50. If you have that offer on any of your Citi cards, that’ll presumably be a Mastercard. That means you can then link it to your SimplyMiles account if you’ve not linked it in the past and activate the inKind SimplyMiles offer. SimplyMiles deals can sometimes be targeted, so hopefully you’ll see that offer on your account. There have been instances in the past where loading a Citi Offer removed a corresponding offer from someone’s SimplyMiles account or vice versa, but there were data points of people being able to stack those two deals a month or two ago and so hopefully that hasn’t changed in the meantime.

You can then link that same payment card to the TrueBlue shopping portal and activate that inKind offer giving 975 bonus TrueBlue points.

Once all that’s in place, it’s time to spend at least $50 with inKind. You can buy credit with them and they’ll often give a bonus. There are all kinds of different landing pages to add credit to your inKind account; the best I’m aware of is $70 for $50 (thanks to Kaza in the comments for the link).

This is where the stack has a chance of toppling over. The Citi Offer, SimplyMiles offer and JetBlue offer each list specific landing pages in their terms. The Citi Offer and SimplyMiles both list the same landing page, so that should be fine. However, the JetBlue deal has a slightly different landing page. It should also be noted that the $70 for $50 landing page also has a different landing page to those mentioned in the other terms.

There’s a chance that that’ll mean that one or more of these elements won’t track as a result. However, my belief is that transactions processed by inKind should trigger any and all of these offers and that they don’t have different payment processing procedures for each slight difference in landing page that would cause things to code and track differently. Like I said previously though, I can’t guarantee that.

Provided this plan of attack does track and stack, here’s what this hack should get you back:

  • $95 credit for $25 ($70 credit bought for $50 and $25 bonus from being referred, plus $25 statement credit from Citi Offer)
  • 1,160 AAdvantage miles
  • 1,160 Loyalty points
  • 975 TrueBlue points

Many would value 1,160 AAdvantage miles, 1,160 Loyalty points and 975 TrueBlue points as being worth at least $25. If that’s the case, the $95 of inKind credit is the cherry – and, let’s be honest, an entire sundae – on top.

Let us know in the comments if you end up going for this stack and if it all tracks as expected/hoped for.

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Stacked with citi offer for me using the spend 50 get 70 credit. However no jetblue miles and didnt have the AA offer.

Brian C

The “$65 for $52” link worked for me previously for the Citi Offer. However, the latest round with 4/30 exp date appear to not have worked (no credit for 3/17 purchase as of yet on 2 separate cards). Possibly the Citi Offer is requiring use of the MasterCard link inside the offer now. Also, I’ve never been able to stack with the True Blue points.

Last edited 24 days ago by Brian C

I don’t have it in my Citi offers BUT wouldn’t it be possible to stack with Bilt dining rewards? Any card registered to the Bilt rewards would get Bilt points if a restaurant is participating. For example, Ambar restaurant in DC’s Shaw area and VA’s Clarendon is part of inkind. Using Bilt MC would get even more Bilt points.


InKind is the greatest deal in DC bar none. If you signed up for the Amex offer in Dec and receive the subscription for free, then each month, I receive assorted promos including $50 off $150 each month. I highly recommend MITA in DC. I head to Mini Bar at the end of the month. There are so many Michelin or Michelin quality restaurants. Thanks for the tips.


No dice, I have the SimplyMiles offer but did not get the Citi Merchant offer to stack.

I did some testing with other offers that showed up in both SimplyMiles and Citi Offers and it’s very inconsistent what it let me add to both to double dip. Vera Bradley, Cole Haan, Rack Room Shoes, and Ashley Furniture worked. For all of the others as soon as I added the offer to one it would fail to load on the other even though the offer still displayed as available. I did this with two browser windows side by side clicking less than a second between them. Lugless, Emergency Assistance+, Ancestry, and French Connection all failed.


There’s a link for a $20 bonus after spending $50, giving you $70 in credit.

Big Jeff

The offer isn’t available on my SimplyMiles. :\ Which is annoying because I just spent 20 minutes signing up for a JetBlue account that I’ll never use…


If i have zero use for inkind, and don’t plan to use it at all – Im thinking this still might make sense?

If i buy the $50 for $60-
Triggers $25 back from Citi
Triggers 1160 LP (~$13.92)
Triggers 975 TB (~$14.63)

So if i understand correctly, my $50 spend should yield-
$85 Inkind credit (useless to me)
Net gain of $53.55


Yes, $3.55 net gain.
Honestly i would be doing it for the LP…could always use more LP!

I havent been able to find any kosher restaurants on there…which is why i would never use it


How do you “claim” the gift? I see it in my history but it’s not showing in my wallet.


Nvm, figured it out… also check your Inkind accounts. Seems many were hacked last week.


Just to be clear, the 1160 AA miles through simply miles are miles that you can fly with but also count towards loyalty points? There aren’t an additional 1160 towards loyalty that I’m missing


My inKind account was hacked this week and someone drained my entire balance in Chicago. I reached out to the company (you can contact via email only) and there has been literally no response at all.

I know the account was hacked at their end because I never log in to their account in last few months.

The company will soon announce a hack news so please be aware.

The password change also does not work since a person is already logged in-app and the password reset won’t kick him out soi the person kept using my account even after I had changed the password.


I just noticed this on my account ugh….


Sorry, your account is drained as well. were you not getting transaction emails? I got immediate notice and changed my password but it was not much help. The person kept using my account and the company did not take any action.


I got a $100 off when you spend $100+ offer from inkind. Check your email and/or app.


I got this text from them, too:

inKind: Here’s $100 to dine Sunday-Thursday by April 30th, in celebration of inKind passing 1,000,000 app downloads! Thanks for being part of our journey—we couldn’t have done it without you: our VIP diners.

View Reward: link?]

Valid through 4/30. $100 min. spend required.

Text STOP to opt-out

But it just opens the app when I click it, and nothing else happens.


There’s a place you can check promotions in the app. It should be showing in there.

Last edited 1 month ago by Yifty

It’s not a scam


They texted me a personalized link advertising this offer. But the promo isn’t there when I click it or go to the Rewards tab in the app.

With the false marketing texts they are at least spamming if not scamming.


This. Going to use my 10x Amex referral bonus on dining for any cost overrun. Free(ish) meal, depending on venue + 10x seems like the play if you’re targeted.

Last edited 1 month ago by EruptingLoowit

I believe that lately you have not been able to stack Simply Miles with Citi Merchants offers.