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This Saturday, April 10, 2021, I will be speaking at Frequent Traveler University’s next virtual / online event. Shirley Lim and I will discuss Gift Card Reselling — both discounted sourcing and resale avenues and best practices. FTU Online membership is currently being offered for $69 for one year, which is actually a decent deal for those who would ordinarily attend an FTU event or two considering that the online membership comes with both a discount for in-person events as well as free access to online events for the next year (including on May 22nd, which I believe will feature Greg and I both speaking and on June 26th, which will be an event that I emcee).

a man holding a microphoneThe Deal

Quick Thoughts

I enjoyed FTU events long before I worked here at Frequent Miler. In fact, I saw Greg speak at my first FTU event around 2014 and that totally changed things for me regarding rewards chasing. I became instantly hooked on Frequent Miler. I attended several live events before winning the employment lottery and beginning here back in 2017. FTU is an opportunity for those of us who enjoy immersing ourselves in loyalty programs, credit card rewards, and elite status to connect with other folks who have the same passions.

The online events this past year have brought a greater array of speakers into the fold and this weekend’s lineup includes some faces that are new to the FTU realm. Saturday’s speakers include:

A fun aspect of these online events is that there is a virtual happy hour at the end. It’s basically like speed dating — the system pairs you up with someone for 4 or 5 minutes (I can’t remember which it is) and then gives a countdown timer at the end so you can say goodbye and then re-matches you with someone else (you’ve got a minute or so in between each time to grab a drink or whatever). I’ve really enjoyed getting a chance to chat with some familiar faces with whom I’ve connected over the years as well as blog readers and podcast listeners I hadn’t previously met. I always hang around for that portion at the end. Last time I matched up with 16 different people, some of whom I’ve known for years through these events.

a screenshot of a video chat

As noted at the top, FTU Online membership is currently being offered for $69. For that price, you get :

  • Free access to the online events for the next year, which are normally $25 each (I don’t know the schedule beyond June, but I believe the intent after these next 3 monthly events is to do them quarterly, so you should get at least a handful of online events).
  • Access to FTU’s online courses (they currently have 25)
  • Complimentary access to all Travel & Adventure Shows where FTU is presenting on-stage (these events have been subject to change over the past year, but there are several on the calendar for later this year).
  • A $49 discount code for any FTU in-person event.

Whether or not that’s worth $69 to you is really a matter of personal preference. The Internet is obviously full of good resources (this blog and our multi-media platforms clearly being my favorite :-). Still, I learn something new each time I attend one of these events. This weekend, I am particularly interested in the session on Error Fares as Avery Campbell shared a brilliant tip about those at a live event a few years ago and I’m interested in hearing what else Avery and Anshul have to say on the topic. I know almost nothing about home exchange and house sitting, so that’s the topic where I stand to learn the most. Zach Abel has a fun Tik Tok presence, so I’ll be interested in checking out what he has to say about hotel programs. And my partner-in-crime for Saturday’s presentation has a wealth of knowledge about gift card resale that could easily fill the entire day, so we’ll squeeze what we can into 45min. It should be a good time overall.

Our gift card presentation will be at 1:30pm Eastern. You can see the full schedule here. Hope to see some readers there!

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Wow some of the blogs you linked are incredibly stale. For example I checked out shirleys blog just now and her last post was about amazon prime day in 2019. A couple others on your list are similar. Is there somewhere else these folks are posting that gave them their reputations to speak at this event?


Hey Nick, looking forward to seeing you and Shirley talk about GCs this weekend 🙂